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 House Vauclain

House Vauclain

Former Ruling House of Dokrayth

House Vauclain
No Reward Without Toil

Sigil:A white moon on a gold sun suspended over an orange disk on a green field.
Words:No Reward Without Toil
Title:Formerly King/Queen of Dokrayth
Current Lord:None
Heir:Eldest Prince Vauclain
Allegiance:House Pendragon
See Also:
Anastasia, Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Swan Lake
House Vauclain was the most recent ruling family in Dokrayth. Originally artisans, the Vauclains rose to wealth and power over the quality of the fabrics they produced which were considered by most to be the best in all of Ga'leah. They would eventually use their wealth and power to rise beyond their laborer roots and help to build a kingdom that smiled upon the tradespeople of Ga'leah and gave them a place to better their crafts.


As the creators of some of the best and most beautiful fabrics in Ga’leah, House Vauclain gained wealth and prestige through their mastery of textiles. Briar Keep was their original House seat, a castle that was considered large and ornate for the 8th century AH Dokrayth.

During the Dokyth Fever, a plague that swept throughout Ga’leah in the 8th Century AH, the Vauclains suffered great losses both to the disease itself and to the closed trade routes that prevented their fabrics from making it to the bazaars in Solhara. Due to the sickness, Frederick Vauclain became the patriarch of the household. Otherwise known as Frederick the Cruel, he set his sights upon ruling over Dokrayth as King by whatever means necessary. He was able to conquer the town of Aeswick with relative ease due to deaths from the Fever. When his sister, Thalia, dared to question his methods, he locked her in Briar Keep and turned their family home into a prison. Though Thalia escaped from her prison two years later, it would be five years before she returned with aid from Xehacora to overthrow her brother in a two week long battle for which a memorial once stood in Soristine. Unable to have children of her own, Thalia Vauclain adopted her nephew, Eddard, and raised him as her own. Due to her influence, he became a kind ruler and began the dynasty of just Vauclain kings.

It was not until over a thousand years later that the Vauclains again became worthy of note. King Stefan and his wife Leah were unable to provide an heir for the kingdom. Although King Stefan had a brother with children of his own, the King was determined that he should not fail his kingdom in such a way. All manners of magic and prayer were attempted, but nothing sufficed. Finally, Maleficent, a dark figure from Allutheria, promised to provide them with a baby so beautiful and powerful that Stefan’s legacy would be assured even if she was not of his blood. Desperate, he agreed to her terms.

Aurora was the demigod daughter of Selene the Moon Maiden taken by Maleficent as extortion against the Goddess of the Night to keep her silent about Maleficent's true identity, for if the babe was ever discovered as a Demigod, the Pantheon would have her killed. All seemed well, until Maleficent was not invited to the baby’s naming celebration. Furious, she attended anyway and cursed the girl to prick her finger on a spinning wheel and sleep for a hundred years. Hoping to thwart her plan, Stefan sent his child away with Priestesses to hide and protect her and outlawed the textile industry within the borders of Dokrayth, but, alas, the curse found her anyway. Aurora was laid to rest in Briar Keep, there to remain for one hundred years, and her cousin Hubert, ascended the throne upon Stefan’s death.

Members of Note

King Stefan Vauclain (Deceased) - Aurora's father. He was a kind king who was perverted by the overwhelming weight of his failure to create an heir that would serve as his legacy. The stress of this and the curse placed on Aurora took him from a robust man with thick dark hair and warm eyes to a much thinner man with a balding pate and deep dark circles beneath his eyes at his death.

Queen Leah Vauclain (Deceased) - Aurora's mother. - She was a devout and generous queen but was overcome with grief when the baby she had gone through so much to acquire was taken away to be raised by strangers. She died locked away in the royal quarters and was rarely seen by the Dokraythian people following Aurora's 16th birthday.

King Rudolfo Vauclain (Deceased) - A tall, thin man with golden hair, Rudolfo was widely considered to be handsome even in his advancing age. He was well known for his sense of humor which was not always considered proper for his station.

Queen Iliana Vauclain (Deceased) - Illiana was easily recognizable for her remarkable beauty and trademark red hair. She was a somewhat cold woman who put a great deal of focus upon duty and honor over happiness and fulfillment.

Eldest Prince Vauclain - See the Swan Lake Canon Tale.

Princess Vauclain - See the Anastasia Canon Tale.

Youngest Prince Vauclain - See the Peter Pan Canon Tale

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