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 The Musketeers

The Musketeers

Royal Guard of Dokrayth

Musketeers are the former royal guards of Dokrayth tasked with protecting the royal family from any and all threats.

Musketeers are the royal guard of Dokrayth, sworn to protect and serve the rulers of Dokrayth. The King and Queen, along with most of the Musketeers themselves, were slain during the Blight. Only a few Musketeers remain alive. With the kingdom fallen and the Vauclain heirs all missing, they are adrift.


The Musketeers are sworn to serve the Vauclains and the kingdom of Dokrayth. Not all of them may hail from Dokrayth directly, but must nonetheless swear their allegiance to Dokrayth above any other ties when becoming a Musketeer.


The Musketeers were founded as an elite guard to watch over and protect the Princess Aurora after she was cursed to sleep for a hundred years. They were selected from the best and brightest of the knights and guardsman of Dokrayth and saw this assignment as a great honor.

However, as time passed and no one was able to wake the princess from her slumber, the line of succession continued without Aurora and those who replaced her parents on the throne were of a distant relation who were not as concerned with the princess’ well being. In time, the new royals determined that the Vauclains who sat upon the throne deserved the best and brightest of the knights and guards of Dokrayth and reassigned the Musketeers from their position at Briar Keep guarding Aurora, to the royal palace in Soristine where they began to guard the royal family and others in the line of succession.

Most of the Musketeers died in the fall of Dokrayth. Only four managed to survive. A newly appointed Musketeer helped the princess of Dokrayth to escape after witnessing her parents’ deaths, while the other three who were in charge of his training in the Musketeers were instructed to evacuate as many of the important people of the Dokraythian Court as possible. Though they gave their best efforts, few, if any, survived. Now these four Musketeers are thought to be all that remain of their famous and well respected guard.


The Musketeers selected their members very carefully. Those considered for entrance into the Musketeers had to prove their worth with a sword by besting (or in some cases merely enduring) a duel with some of the most experienced members of the regiment. They were also carefully interviewed and observed to determine that their morals and beliefs were of the utmost quality.

After proving themselves worthy with skill and integrity, the would-be Musketeers were assigned to small units with the guard. These older members observed the newest recruits carefully and it was only with their unanimous approval after a brief but often intense trial period that new members were welcomed into their ranks.

At the time of the fall of Dokrayth, no woman had ever been admitted into the Musketeers.

Current Leader

The Musketeers have no leader, though Adviser Richelieu is attempting to become their leader by declaring himself the most worthy candidate to lead Dokrayth after the loss of the Vauclains and the Blight. He seems to have the full support of the Cult of Veritas which is helping him earn the people's favor.

Members of Note

Aramis - One of only four known Musketeers who survived the Blight.

Athos - One of only four known Musketeers who survived the Blight.

D'Artagnan - One of only four known Musketeers who survived the Blight he also helped the Princess Anastasia to escape.

Porthos - One of only four known Musketeers who survived the Blight.

N/A - One of two unknown Musketeers who survived the Blight. (Original Concept opportunity.)

N/A - One of two unknown Musketeers who survived the Blight. (Original Concept opportunity.)

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