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A Canon Tale of Solhara

Middle Eastern Folktale

Locations:Black Sands, Cave of Wonders, Zabier
Characters:Abu, Aladdin, Cassim, Flying Carpet, Genie, Iago, Jafar, Jasmine, Mozenrath, Rajah, Razoul
See Also:
Tsukumogami, The Five Corners
Aladdin is a Middle Eastern folk tale included in the The Book of One Thousand and One Nights, otherwise known as The Arabian Nights. It was added to the collection in the 18th century by Frenchman Antoine Galland. Adapted into many different media, its most famous adaption is the Disney Animated Feature of the same name.

It is from the Disney version that Once Upon a Nightmare draws much of its inspiration. On our site, the desert kingdom of Solhara become the setting of the story of Aladdin. Much of Solhara has been displaced to Xehacora and Caerleon, but the desire to return Solhara to its former splendor has many seeking the Cave of Wonders and the power and wealth that lies within.

Canon Tale

The desert nation of Solhara was once a proud kingdom of great wealth with a long and storied history. All of this came to an end with the Blight that consumed Solhara and left its surviving residents fleeing to Caerleon and Xehacora.

With the Sultan dead in the Blight, Jasmine has taken up residence in the Solharan sector of the Five Corners with her shapeshifting personal guard, Rajah, and the Grand Vizier of Solhara, Jafar, who desires to force her into marrying him to give him a claim to the Solharan throne. She frequents the kingdom of Caerleon in disguise, preparing to run away before Jafar can carry through with his plan.

Aladdin had no idea that he was the son of Cassim, the 'King of Thieves' in the Black Sands. He was only a beggar in Solhara but he managed to escape the Blight and join the refugees in Caerleon. If only it had been an improvement on his life, sadly he was only a beggar in Caerleon as well. He is desperate to find a way to improve his place in life whether it's in Solhara or Caerleon or somewhere else entirely. Though the rest of the world seems to be distrusting magic more and more by the day, Aladdin finds himself coming to the realization that it may be his only way out of the life he's always known....



  • Abu - A skinwalker and childhood friend of Aladdin.
  • Aladdin - Son of a gypsy and a thief, he is a 'diamond in the rough' who seeks a way to better his station.
  • Cassim - Considered the 'King of Thieves' he was the 'ruler' of the Black Sands before the Blight.
  • Flying Carpet - A Tsukumogami who befriended Aladdin.
  • Genie - The leader of the Jinn army during the war, they were imprisoned in a lamp during the final battle and interred with the Cave of Wonders.
  • Iago - A servant of Jafar.
  • Jafar - Grand Vizier of Solhara, he has designs on the throne of Solhara and Jasmine's hand in marriage.
  • Jasmine - Princess of Solhara, determined to find a way to help her people and return them to Solhara.
  • Mozenrath - Sorcerer of the Black Sands, the Hal-Fae seeks the Cave of Wonders for his own reasons.
  • Rajah - Jasmine's skinwalker bodyguard.


Aladdin is a plotline still being explored on OUAN.


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