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 Jason and the Argonauts

Jason & the Argonauts

A Canon Tale of the Maritanis

Jason & the Argonauts
A Greek Myth

Locations:Dokrayth, the Maritanis, Treasure Island
Characters: Atalanta, Castor, Euphemus, Eurydice, Heracles, Jason, Orpheus, Peleus, Pollux, Telamon
See Also:
Amazon, the Argo, The Blight, Golden Fleece, Half Fae, The Ocean Blight, Pirates
Jason and the Argonauts is a Greek myth made popular by a 1963 Colombia Pictures film directed by Don Chaffey with special effects by Ray Harryhausen. It has been ranked as the second best monster movie of all time, among the top ten fantasy films of all time, and was called 'the greatest film ever made' by Academy Award winning actor Tom Hanks.

Once Upon a Nightmare sought to include this story to help expand the mythos of the Maritanis. In some mythology, the Argo is constructed with magical wood from the forest of Dodona, and so for Once Upon a Nightmare the ship would be constructed with wood from the Yarrow. The Golden Fleece was also determined to be a magical object which could combat the Hauntings affecting the land after the Blight and could potentially have important ramifications for the culmination of these plot lines.

Canon Tale

When the first effects of the Blight began to take a toll upon Ga'leah, the King of Dokrayth commissioned the creation of a ship from wood harvested from the magical trees of the Yarrow. A special crew was handpicked by a mysterious young man named Jason who claimed to be distantly related to the Pirate King. Among their ranks was Hercules, a Half-Fae on a quest of his own; Orpheus, a gifted bard; Atalanta, a former Amazon; and the twins Castor and Pollux who were destined to be separated by inordinately unequal lifespans.

The Golden Fleece, according to legend, was a magical object whose creation remains largely unknown. Said to be able to cure any ailment or injury, the King feared that only the Fleece could stop the spread of the Walking Starvation and save Dokrayth. Sadly, it was not found in time to save the kingdom. Nor was it found before the Blight claimed the Maritanis and the Argonauts were grounded. Though the plague was defeated, the land was far from healed. With the former Kingdom of Dokrayth and the Maritanis now haunted by the souls of those lost in the Blight, the Argonauts once more took up their quest to find the Golden Fleece in the hopes that it could exorcise the spirits and allow the land and sea to be free at last.

Maui was the demigod son of the Huntress, goddess of animals and the hunt. Born to her from a Powhatan father, the Huntress knew that the rest of the Pantheon would kill the child the moment he was discovered. So, she set him adrift on the open sea to be consumed by some animal not of her own creation, thinking it kinder than leaving him to the wrath of the gods. But he was found by the goddess of the sea, Lyrielle, and taken beneath the waves to be raised as her son. To protect him from the Gods, Lyrielle confined his power within a magical fishhook. So long as it was within his possession, he could transform into any animal he wished with but a thought and the Gods would never be the wiser. But Maui was not a seafaring soul by nature and soon found himself drawn to the land. When he left his adoptive mother behind, he broke her heart, and now that the Maritanis is gone he has sworn never to set foot on the sea again. However, he may be the only one with the knowledge to combat the spectral monsters that now populate the ocean and stand between the Argonauts and the Fleece.

Moana was one of the Powhatan, a young woman who felt her destiny was not confined to the Oasis that her people called home. She longed to sail the open waters and was devastated by the loss of the Maritanis and her own Oasis to the Blight. Just as the ocean was cured of the Blight, a wave brought her a special gift. The glowing object is powerful, more powerful than she knows, for it is the Heart of Lyrielle, the now dead goddess of the sea. It may well have the power to restore the Maritanis to its former glory by repopulating the sea with living, breathing creatures, but only if it is returned to her altar on Treasure Island. Desperate to find a way to the fabled Island, her destiny may well find her on the seas alongside Jason and the Argonauts.



  • Atalanta - A former Amazon, she left her 'sisters' and found her way to the Argonauts.
  • Castor - Human twin brother to Pollux.
  • Euphemus - Half-Fae with an affinity for water.
  • Eurydice - A Reaper of the Soul Reaper who once loved Orpheus the minstrel when she was live.
  • Hercules - See Hercules Canon Tale.
  • Jason - One of only a few with claim to the Pirate Throne, he is also the captain of the Argo.
  • Orpheus - A magical minstrel who believes his love Eurydice is lost to him.
  • Peleus - Friend to Hercules and brother to Telamon.
  • Pollux - Half-Fae twin brother to Castor.
  • Telamon - Brother to Peleus and friend of Hercules.


Jason & the Argonauts is still being explored on OUAN.


Related Stories

Hercules - Hercules is sometimes a member of Jason's crew and is also Jason's cousin. Atalanta is also a former Amazon.
The Little Mermaid - Jason is a relative of Eric Flint, most likely a distant cousin.
Moana - Moana possesses the Heart of Lyrielle which must be returned to Treasure Island to help heal the sea. The Argonauts are also seeking Treasure Island for the Pirate Throne and the Golden Fleece.
Peter Pan -Captain Hook was formerly known as Long John Silver and also seeks Treasure Island.
Treasure Island - Jason is a relative of the Flint family, the royal family of the pirates, and therefore like Eric (Jim Hawkins) and has a claim to the Pirate throne on Treasure Island.

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