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 The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid

A Canon Tale of the Maritanis & Caerleon

The Little Mermaid
A Fairy Tale

Locations:Mahrielle, Maritanis, Sea of Lyrielle
Characters:Adella, Alana, Andrina, Aquata, Ariel, Arista, Attina, Eric, Jetsam, Flotsam, Flounder, Sebastian, Scuttle, Ursula
See Also:
Amazons, Demigods, Flint's Compass, Merkind, The Ocean Blight, The Pirates
The Little Mermaid is a fairy tale recorded by Hans Christian Andersen in 1837 and adapted into a popular Disney animated feature in 1989. It has since been used as inspiration for movies, musicals, and television shows, as well as a statue which can be found in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Once Upon a Nightmare sought to adapt the tale with a typical dark twist while maintaining as much of the inspiration as possible. To allow Ariel's player maximum interaction and ease of plotting, it was decided that she would be enslaved to the sea witch rather than losing her voice and being rendered mute while her period of servitude would be within the past of the game and beyond her recollection to help the player plot beyond it and avoid god modding. In addition, to help flesh out the mythos of the Maritanis, Eric was combined with Jim Hawkins to provide his character a plot outside of the romantic one given to him in source material. The Amazons were added as aid to the Mermaid revolution against the patriarchy to provide further plotlines for Ariel's sisters, and Ursula was made the demigod daughter of the Coming Tide to explain her power and involvement with Merkind.

Canon Tale

Eric was just an innkeeper’s son until one of the guests at the inn changed his life forever. After listening to the man’s tales of sailing with the Pirate King, he witnessed the man’s death at the hands of a pirate with a hook in the place of one hand. Knowing the pirate sought the magical compass he had helped the guest to hide, Eric retrieved it and escaped, determined to find his way onto a ship where he could find Treasure Island himself and crown himself the Pirate King...but sailing the seas now is more dangerous than ever, and finding anyone willing to brave the Maritanis is difficult.

Though the plague of the Walking Starvation ended, the aftereffects of the undead still plague both land and sea. Like other areas of the world that were Blighted, the seas are haunted by the Shades of those who died at its hand. Merkind, Pirates, and even Monsters of the deep still stalk the seas in spectral form and pose a terrible danger to anyone who crosses their paths. The Sea Witch, Ursula, has promised the Merkind protection and an immunity to the Hauntings that plague the sea, but that protection comes at a terrible cost.

Many months ago when the Blight was ravaging the land, it was time for Ariel’s ‘Breach’, a ritual that allowed the Merkind to spend a single month on land with legs among the humans. At the end of the Breach, the Merkind would choose whether to return to the sea or remain on land for all time. Triton feared his daughter’s obsession with the land dwellers would cause her to forsake her people. So, he used the Blight as an excuse to cancel all upcoming Breaches and keep all Merkind confined to the sea. Angry over the decision, Ariel made a deal with the Sea Witch to be granted legs to venture onto land. For Ariel, this deal required that she serve Ursula the Sea Witch's interests until her debt was paid in full. Ariel did not know that this would require a year of service as the Sea Witch's slave, nor did she know that she would not remember any of the terrible things the Sea Witch made her do when her servitude was over.

Desperate to find and save the princess, her dearest friends among the Merkind were granted human form by King Triton himself using the magical trident given to him by the Coming Tide. Sadly, before Ariel could be found and returned home, the Blight began an assault on the Maritanis. In a final effort to save her beloved seas, the Coming Tide, Goddess of the Ocean, gave her life to create the mystical Sea of Lyrielle inland, to grant her Merkind the limited ability to walk on land, and to move the Merkind capital of Mahrielle into the Sea of Lyrielle now located next to the capital of Ga’leah, Castle Caerleon. King Triton died protecting his people from the Ocean Blight.

The Merkind could afford no time to acclimate themselves to their new home in the Sea of Lyrielle. Instead, they joined forces with the High Court to fight the Blight and save the world. Now the Blight has ended, the dilemma of who will succeed Triton as King of the Merkind has become the primary problem for Merkind. Mermaids are merely warriors, foot soldiers taught to protect the much more rare Mermen and their Mersociety from threats. None of Triton's daughters are permitted to succeed him as ruler, and for this reason, the Mermaids have begun whispering about revolution... whispers the Amazons have promised to turn into a battle cry.



  • Adella - A princess and warrior of the Merkind plotting revolution against the patriarchy with the help of the Amazons.
  • Alana - A princess and warrior of the Merkind plotting revolution against the patriarchy with the help of the Amazons.
  • Andrina - A princess and warrior of the Merkind plotting revolution against the patriarchy with the help of the Amazons.
  • Aquata - A princess and warrior of the Merkind plotting revolution against the patriarchy with the help of the Amazons.
  • Ariel - The youngest of Triton's daughters, her thirst of knowledge about humanity and father's attempt to keep her from experiencing life on land resulted in her ill fated deal with Ursula.
  • Arista - A princess and warrior of the Merkind plotting revolution against the patriarchy with the help of the Amazons.
  • Attina - A princess and warrior of the Merkind plotting revolution against the patriarchy with the help of the Amazons.
  • Eric - See the Treasure Island Canon Tale.
  • Jetsam - One of Ursula's two servants and co-conspirators.
  • Flotsam - One of Ursula's two servants and co-conspirators.
  • Flounder - Ariel's childhood best friend and part of the rescue mission to bring her home.
  • Sebastian - Triton's trusted adviser, he has been representing the Merkind in Caerleon with the High Court since the creation of the Sea of Lyrielle.
  • Scuttle - See the Treasure Island Canon Tale
  • Ursula - The Demigod daughter of the deceased Coming Tide, she uses her power to grant the wishes of the Merkind at the cost of their free will.

Deceased Characters

  • Triton - The former king of the Merkind, Triton sent a rescue party after his missing daughter and died trying to protect his kingdom from the Blight.


The Little Mermaid is still being explored on OUAN.


Related Stories

Hercules - The Amazons have begun plotting with the Mermaids to help them revolt against the patriarchy.
Moana - Moana has the Heart of Lyrielle which can help locate Treasure Island, and Maui is the Coming Tide's adoptive son and therefore Ursula's adopted brother. Treasure Island - Captain Flint was Eric's father and Treasure Island is the location the Pirates seek to crown a new pirate king.

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