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 Swan Lake

Swan Lake

A Canon Tale of Dokrayth

Swan Lake
Where it comes from

Locations:The Yarrow, Dokrayth, White Court of Allutheria, Themyscira
Characters:Odette, Dokraythian Crown Prince, Odile, Larissa, Alistair,
See Also:
Odette, Amazons, Alice and Wonderland, Allutheria, Frog Prince, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty

Swan Lake is a Russian folktale made famous by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky in 1875 and was first performed by the Bolshoi Ballet in 1877. Now one of the most recognizable and beloved ballets in the world, the tale of Odette, turned into a swan by a sorcerer's curse has also inspired animated and traditional motion pictures.

Once Upon a Nightmare chose to make Odette a Princess in one of the two most populous faery courts in the faery land of Allutheria. The character of Odile and Rothbart have been combined into one person.

Canon Tale

Once upon a time the White King and Queen of Allutheria had a baby girl. They named her Odette and she was their pride and joy. Odette was quite spoiled and grew up wanting for nothing. She had servants, dresses, riches, and anything else she might want. Her whole life would change on her birthday when Odile as her alter ego Rothbart lured Odette away from her ball and cursed her to be a swan.

Odile, an Amazonian half-fae, was always jealous of the full fae and their stronger magic. If she could she would have killed herself long ago so she might choose to become a full fae, but death always seemed to evade her. So Odile chose to get power in other ways. First she got into Hippolyta's good graces so the Amazonian queen might give her the magic of the male fae. Then when that didn't suffice she began using a glamour to disguise herself as a man named Rothbart and stole fae magic that way from within the Red Court itself. Knowing Odette was the daughter of such powerful fae she decided to take her magic.

Now Odette is cursed to be a swan by day and a fae by night. The curse allows Odile to access Odette's magic cutting Odette off from it.



  • Odette
  • Dokraythian Crown Prince
  • Odile
  • Larissa
  • Alistair


So far Odette has returned to Allutheria with the prince of Dokrayth. Odile has yet to reveal herself, but she is not happy the princess is back in Allutheria.


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Frog Prince - The Dokraythian prince of Swan Lake is the older brother of the Dokraythian prince of Snow White.
Alice and Wonderland - Odette is a princess of the White Court
The Frog Prince - The Dokraythian prince of Swan Lake is the older brother of the Dokraythian princess in Frog Prince.

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