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 Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

A Canon Tale of Dokrayth

Beauty & the Beast
A French Fairytale

Locations:Magoffin Castle, Xehacora
Characters:Beast, Belle, Chip, Cogsworth, Fifi, Gaston, Lumiere, Maurice, Mrs. Potts
See Also:
The Blight, Cult of Veritas, Curses
Beauty and the Beast is a much beloved French fairy tale written by French novelist Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont and published in 1756. This popular tale was told throughout Europe in a plethora of variations, and has been adapted into a television series, movies, and a Disney animated and live action feature.

For Once Upon a Nightmare, to maximize interaction between tales and make this adaption of Beauty and the Beast unique, it was decided to utilize the selfish and spoiled Mordred of Arthurian mythology as the Beast of this tale.

Canon Tale

Mordred, the illegitimate son of the High King of Ga'leah was brought up by his mother, Morgana, to be consumed by his own desires. Selfish, treacherous, unkind, he ran afoul of one of the Pantheon just before the beginnings of the plagues that now run rampant throughout the kingdoms. Transformed into a beastly creature whose outward appearance directly reflects the monstrosity of his soul, he was abandoned by his mother to their countryside home in Dokrayth where the shame of his current condition would not be discovered by anyone in Caerleon. But Mordred was her son, and so Morgana provided him with a cursed staff whose often shocking conditions were caused by her experimentation with magic.

Belle was a young woman who lived in the one remaining settlement in Dokrayth, the town of Aeswick. The small community managed to survive the Walking Starvation by working together and protecting the town to the best of their ability. What food they managed to find was scavenged in the Yarrow located very near the village. Belle had been tasked with foraging for food and herbs in the surrounding countryside. Her explorations brought her closer and closer to the abandoned castle Mordred commandeered and shored up against attack. Taken prisoner by Mordred, she was forced to remain by his side even after the Beast's castle was destroyed by the Blight.

Forced to relocate, the Beast kept Belle his prisoner, leading her away from the Blight ravaged land of Dokrayth to the kingdom of Xehacora where he and his mother once had a home he frequented when human. Bound by the magic worked upon them by Morgana, his servants too found themselves drawn to follow their master to Xehacora and continue serving whatever dastardly plans the man may have in mind.



  • Beast - Mordred, son of Morgana and King Arthur, he was cursed for his brutish behavior and now bears the visage of a beast.
  • Belle - A young woman of Aeswick who finds herself the unwilling companion of the Beast.
  • Chip - A servant of Morgana who was subjected to her horrific experiments.
  • Cogsworth - A servant of Morgana who was subjected to her horrific experiments.
  • Fifi - A servant of Morgana who was subjected to her horrific experiments.
  • Gaston - Former resident of Aeswick and potential suitor of Belle's who has become an outspoken advocate for the antimagic Cult of Veritas.
  • Lumiere - A servant of Morgana who was subjected to her horrific experiments.
  • Maurice - Belle's father.
  • Mrs. Potts - A servant of Morgana who was subjected to her horrific experiments.


Beauty and the Beast is a plotline that has yet to be fully explored on OUAN.


Related Stories

King Arthur - The Beast is also Mordred, the son of Morgana and Arthur Pendragon.
Goldilocks - Belle and Gaston are from the town of Aeswick, the same town in which Goldilocks grew up.
Rapunzel - Morgana is not just the mother of the Beast (Mordred), but also the sorceress who imprisoned Rapunzel in a tower.

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