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 Snow White

Snow White

A Canon Tale of Calladahn

Snow White
A German Fairy Tale

Locations: Allutheria, Calladahn, Dokrayth, Neverwood Forest
Characters:Dwarves, Evil Queen, Huntsman, Prince, Snow White
See Also:
Changelings, House Vauclain, House White, Xehacora
Snow White is a German fairy tale first recorded by the Brothers Grimm in their 1812 volume of Grimms' Fairy Tales. It is one of the most popular fairy tales in the world and was adapted into an animated feature film by Disney in 1937 as well as major motion pictures and television shows.

Once Upon a Nightmare took some liberties with the adaption of this tale. Fearing that the dwarves would not prove to be very popular characters in a role playing setting, we decided to combine Snow White with Peter Pan and make her 'dwarves' the Lost Boys instead. Snow White was also made not just a princess but also took the role of Wendy Darling as well. The Huntsman was also reinvented as Captain Hook, ally and former lover of the Evil Queen.

Canon Tale

Calladahn was once a kingdom of peace and prosperity. It was led by a King whose leadership was guided by his kind and wise Queen. Though the kingdom rejoiced when she gave birth to a lovely baby girl who was everything the Queen had desired and more, they also mourned beside the King and Princess when the Queen died tragically and unexpectedly. Few outside the court knew that the King was not wise enough to rule alone, but those who did understood how important it was that they find a Queen for their King quickly. Unfortunately, they did not choose well. The new Queen was not as kind as her predecessor and the King did not thrive at her side. When he too died, some say of a broken heart, the Princess was left alone with a woman who very much wanted her dead. Luckily, the Queen's former lover and perpetual co-conspirator, Captain Hook, did not carry through with the Queen’s commands to kill the Princess Snow White and instead let her go near a portal to the fairy world of Allutheria where he hoped the Queen would never find her.

Peter Pan was not always a Lost Boy. Once, not so long ago, he was a prince. The youngest son of the Vauclain family and the rulers of Dokrayth, Peter was Snow White’s betrothed from birth. His constant presence at the palace in Thrine and his closeness to the Princess were troublesome to the Queen, so she called on the Fae Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell was a well known mercenary, a powerful Fae who would do almost anything if the price was right. And the price had better be a human boy she could add to her collection in Allutheria, for Tinkerbell loved her pets, her Lost Boys, and when the Queen offered her a prince simply for getting the boy out of her hair, Tinkerbell could not refuse.

With his memories magically removed all quests to find the missing prince turned up nothing, and searches for the prince stopped abruptly upon the destruction of Dokrayth accompanying the deaths of the King and Queen. Tinkerbell was quite happy to live out her days playing in Neverwood in Allutheria with her pets…Until the day a girl showed up, a girl who was not welcome among the Lost Boys.

Snow White recognized her betrothed, the missing prince of Dokrayth, instantly but he did not seem to know her. Now pretending to be a common girl of Ga’leah displaced by the Blight, a girl named Wendy, Snow White struggles to find a way to reclaim her throne and help Peter Pan to regain his true identity while also avoiding Captain Hook who is on his own quest to claim the Pirate Throne and may not spare her life a second time...



  • The Prince - See the Peter Pan Canon Tale
  • The Dwarves - See the Peter Pan Canon Tale
  • The Evil Queen - Queen of the now decimated Calladahn and former lover of Captain Hook, she has taken up residence in Xehacora and found an ally in the King of Xehacora and the Cult of Veritas.
  • Captain Hook - See Treasure Island Canon Tale
  • Snow White - The Princess of Calladahn and heir to the throne, the Captain Hook spared her life and helped her cross over to Allutheria where she took to calling herself Wendy Darling and found shelter with the Lost Boys and her bewitched betrothed, the youngest prince of Dokrayth, Peter Pan.


Snow White is a story that is still being explored on OUAN.


Related Stories

Anastasia - The Dokraythian Princess in Anastasia is the older sister of the prince in Snow White.
Peter Pan - Peter Pan has been combined with Snow White to create a new, original tale. The Prince in Snow White is now Peter Pan and Snow White fulfills the role of Wendy.
Rumpelstilskin - The Prince in Rumpelstiltskin is the son of the Evil Queen and Captain Hook. The Queen was forced to trade her son to the Goblin King in exchange for her own throne.
Swan Lake - The Dokraythian Prince in Swan Lake is the older brother of the Dokraythian Prince in Snow White
Treasure Island - Captain Hook is Long John Silver of Treasure Island and also serves as the Queen's 'Huntsman' in Snow White.

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