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A Canon Tale of Calladahn

A Fairy Tale

Locations: Calladahn, The Labyrinth, Thrine
Characters:Evil Queen, The Huntsman, The Prince, Rumpelstiltskin, Sarah Williams, Toby Williams
See Also:
Curses, The Goblin Court
Rumpelstiltskin is a four thousand year old tale collected by the Brother's Grimm.

In an effort to provide a new spin to the tale, Once Upon a Nightmare chose to combine this story with the Labyrinth. The characters of Jareth and Rumpelstiltskin, both male characters with a penchant for stealing children, were woven together into one character. Sarah Williams the hero of the Labyrinth was joined with the Miller's daughter, and rather than her son the imp took her baby brother. To provide a love interest and to provide more plotting opportunities for Calladahn, the Prince was declared to be the Evil Queen and the Huntsman's son and was combined with the character of Ludo from the Labyrinth to provide the Princely character with a fun plot of his own.

Canon Tale

Sarah Williams was a desperate young woman who wanted to find a way to better her life. When she made the agreement with the Goblin King, she didn't understand the cost of his magical assistance. In return for spinning straw into gold and bettering her life as a refugee following the destruction of Ga'leah by the Blight, she would be sacrificing her stepbrother to a life of slavery as a Changeling in Allutheria. She did not understand this…until the night he was taken. Frightened and determined to rescue him, she set off on a mission to infiltrate the Labyrinth and defy the Goblin King with the assistance of a knight, a goblin, and a cursed creature of the Labyrinth.

Ludo was once the son of the Evil Queen of Calladahn. Though his mother loved him, she sacrificed him to the Goblin King in exchange for the power she would need to crown herself Queen of Calladahn. Fathered by the Hunstman, his wolfen inheritance showed itself when he was marked as a Changeling and he transformed into a great beast. Now kept as a guard dog with his beastial form invoked at the Goblin King’s will, Ludo needs a miracle to save him from his nightmarish existence.

The Goblin King was not always called Jareth. Jareth was a name he selected for himself the day he crowned himself King of the Goblins. The Labyrinth was once the site of the mighty Court of the Bull, until the warring courts of Allutheria created the Goblins as a biological weapon that could level the court and perhaps destroy all of Allutheria as well. The Labyrinth was constructed to cage the Goblins. Everyone else had written off the creatures as useless now that their job was done, but not the Goblin King. He saw them as a force of power and destruction that he learned to control with promises of beauty bought with the youth of the adolescents he enslaved as Changelings. He was once Rumpelstiltskin, a Fae who made deals to acquire children he could use to increase his own power. But when a Fae is cursed to be controlled by anyone who knows his name, it is in the Fae’s best interest to change that name, his appearance, and perhaps his whole identity to avoid such unpleasantness. And thus, the Goblin King was born…



  • Evil Queen - Queen of the now decimated Calladahn, she has taken up residence in Xehacora and found an ally in the King of Xehacora and the cult Veritas. She is also the mother of the Prince trapped in the Labyrinth.
  • The Prince - The son of the Evil Queen of Calladahn, Ludo was given to Jareth in an attempt of the Queen's to become more powerful. He has been cursed by Jareth into a beast inspired by his father, the Huntsman's, wolfen nature.
  • Rumpelstiltskin - He reinvented himself as Jareth the Goblin King to escape a curse that allowed anyone who knew his real name to control him and continued his quest to use children to increase his power.
  • The Miller's Daughter - Sarah Williams traded her little brother to Jareth in exchange for the ability to spin straw into gold. Realizing the error of her ways too late, she ventured into the Labyrinth in an attempt to get him back..
  • Toby Williams - Sara's younger brother who was taken as a Changeling by Jareth.


Rumpelstiltskin is a story that is still being explored on OUAN.


Related Stories

Alice in Wonderland - Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum are Changelings captured and 'raised' by Jareth to become fitting servants for the fae. The Chesire Cat and the Caterpillar also play dual roles in this tale.
The Black Cauldron - Eilonwy is the Princess of the Court of the Bull, and the daughter of the Horned King who was driven mad by the Goblins and later 'rescued' by her father from the Labyrinth and Jareth.
The Last Unicorn - The Red Bull hunting the unicorns was once the Prince of the Court of the Bull which preceded the Goblin Court and Jareth. He betrayed them, allowing the goblins to destroy it.
Snow White - Ludo is the son of the Evil Queen and the Huntsman.

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