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 Robin Hood

Robin Hood

A Canon Tale of Calladahn

Robin Hood
Where it comes from

Locations:Deepwood, Wyldgate
Characters:'Friar' Tuck, Little John, 'Lord' John, 'Maid' Marian, Robin Hood, The Sheriff, Will Scarlet
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Robin Hood is an heroic figure from English folklore known for 'robbing from the rich and giving to the poor.' The folk tales gained popularity in medieval times and continue to inspire movies, animated features, and television shows.

Once Upon a Nightmare included this tale in the mythos of Calladahn, replacing Sherwood Forest with the enchanted woodland of the Yarrow and after the Blight, Deepwood. To capitalize on plots and allow for as much plotting between characters and stories as possible, Prince John was made a Lord instead and made the financier of one chapter of the Virginia Company led by 'the Sheriff'.

Canon Tale

Wyldgate was a small settlement in the early days of the Blight merely trying to survive the horror. When Lord John was denied entry into the protected city of Thrine, he used his considerable wealth to purchase the services of the Virginia Company. With the help of a man known as 'the Sheriff', the city of Wyldgate was subjected to his tyrannical rule with only a small group of outlaws in the Yarrow attempting to stop them.

Eventually Wyldgate fell to the Blight and most of the survivors were forced to take refuge in Caerleon. For a time, Lord John seemed content with his place in the Calladahn sector of the Five Corners, but soon he sought out the Virginia Company again, eager to claim the magic and riches of Deepwood for himself at any cost. But Lord John and the Sheriff were not the only survivors of Wyldgate, Robin, Marian, and the Merry Men survived as well and will not allow the Virginia Company to victimize Deepwood as they once did Wyldgate. Not without a fight. Wyldgate is a moderately sized city on the outskirts of the Yarrow, an uncharted, enchanted woodland which begins in Calladahn and ends in Dokrayth. The Sherriff of Wyldgate entreated the Evil Queen to allow him entrance into the capital city of Thrine, but was denied. Instead, he was told to hold Wyldgate for the Queen against the impending Infected hordes and quell the rebellion rumored to be building in the Yarrow.



  • 'Friar' Tuck - Once a deep part of Wyldgate's community, he now directs some of the spiritual and religious aspects of life in the refugee camps located around Deepwood.
  • Little John - Once known as Laird Angus Dunbroch, he assumed the name John Little when his Berserker curse sent him into hiding. He found a place to belong and a cause worth fighting for with the Merry Men.
  • 'Lord' John - While a respected lord in Calldahn's court, he only gained his position after his brother Richard died, and with his envy over others respect he orchestrated the events that lead to the arson of the Dee Wymond estate. He is now residing in the Calladahn sector of the Five Corners.
  • 'Maid' Marian - Robin's wife and partner.
  • Robin Hood (Robin Dee Wymond) - An ousted lord who has been vocal against the injustice in Calldahn since his parents died in a fire a decade ago and is now running the revolution and refugee camps in the Yarrow.
  • The Sheriff - 'The Sheriff', Radcliffe, is leader of one chapter of the Virginia Company which has been in the employ of Lord John for a number of years. During the Blight, he was used by John to keep the people of Wyldgate in line. Now that the Blight has ended, he has been sent to loot and conquer Deepwood by any means necessary.
  • Will Scarlet - A young outlaw and relative of Robin's, Robin only allowed him to join in the Yarrow within the last couple years.


things currently going on in the tale??? idk or updates since the canon tale was written

  • bullet plotlines inherent to only a few characters, plotlines for the whole tale go in paragraph form above.

Related Stories

Atlantis - The Virginia Company was the group of mercenaries that looted Atlantis.
Brave - Little John is Angus Dunbroch of Brave.
Ferngully - Robin and the Merry Men now find themselves going up against the Virginia Company who seek to loot Deepwood where the druids live.
Pocahontas - Robin and the Merry Men now find themselves going up against the Virginia Company who seek to loot Deepwood where the Powhatan are now living.

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