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 Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood

A Canon Tale of Caerleon

Red Riding Hood
Where it comes from

Locations:Caerleon, Deepwood
Characters:Grandmother, The Huntsman, Red Riding Hood Heir #1, Red Riding Hood Heir #2, The Wolf, The Woodcutter
See Also:
Lupins, Lycans, Red Riding Hood, Vampires
Red Riding Hood is a European tale first published by Charles Perrault but with versions which originate from several different countries. French peasants in the tenth century told it, while Italians in the fourteenth century knew it as La Finta Nonna (The False Grandmother). The story may have even originated from the Oriental tale, Grandaunt Tiger. The antagonist, though sometimes a wolf, has also been seen as a bzou (or werewolf) in some versions of the tale.

Once Upon a Nightmare sought to adapt this tale in a new way. Many sources use the 'Red Riding Hood is truly the wolf' twist and the old vampire vs. werewolf plotline has been recycled time and time again. Thus, we wanted to take both of these tropes and create something new and exciting. Our Red Riding Hood became something a bit more like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, one was born into a line of 'chosen' huntresses who could obliterate the werewolves. Then, we turned or story on its head, reinventing the murderous werewolves of old into humanity's defenders and taking or 'chosen' warrior women and making them murderous fiends, vampires. After that, combing it with Dracula seemed like a wise decision.

Canon Tale

The Lycans were once a scourge upon the land of Ga’leah. Raping, pillaging, and killing wherever they went, they were even once responsible for the abduction and near death of the High Queen. In those times, it was only the legendary Red Riding Hood who stood between the Lycans and world domination. Descendants of a young woman who once prayed to the Huntress for the power to avenge the family she had lost to the wolves, there was a Red Riding Hood in every generation fighting the wolves and saving the people. Until now. Shortly after the Blight began, the last of the true Red Riding Hoods fell in love with the leader of the wolves. When he killed the great goddess of the hunt, he was punished with eternal imprisonment and she was forever sealed away with him as his guard. Red Riding Hood was gone, but the Lycans were not.

The Reapers were followers of the goddess of death, deceased souls who worked as her servants helping the dead to pass from this world into the next. They had seen more horrors than most during the Blight. It was no wonder as gods died and godhoods were abandoned that they began to turn their backs upon the Pantheon. Even when the Blight was officially vanquished, it was not enough to restore their faith in the gods.

One among them, Dracula, was the first to learn that by drinking the blood of the living they could become something new, something ungodly, something free. And so, some of the Reapers turned from the gods to become Vampires. Dracula stood as their self-appointed king, and to his side he took a Queen, a Reaper who had once been a Red Riding Hood many years ago. Unwilling to see her line die with her traitorous descendant, the new Queen of the Vampires has begun to hunt more of her children’s children, determined to create a new breed of Red Riding Hood that are not bound to any god and who can destroy the Lycans once and for all...if Dracula does not become distracted by the legends of Grail Maidens and their magical blood...

But the Lycans are no more. Now led by a new god of the Hunt, one who was once a Lycan himself and the son of the Reaper-turned-Queen-of-the-Vampires, the Huntsman has been tasked with recreating the Lycans, transforming them from cursed monsters into something useful to the Pantheon, something that the world need not fear. With the sudden and unexpected rise of a new menace in the Vampires, the Huntsman has been given an obvious answer. The Lycans will be all but destroyed, reborn as new creatures blessed with the gifts of the Lupin and tasked with protecting mankind, serving the Pantheon, and killing the vampires.




  • Grandmother - Also known as the first bride of Dracula and Queen of the Vampires, she was Red Riding Hood long ago before she was killed and became a Reaper. While still alive, she gave birth to a single son who later grew to become the infamous 'Huntsman', the newest God of the Hunt.
  • The Huntsman - Former Lycan and follower of the now imprisoned Big Bad Wolf, he rediscovered his own humanity as a newly created God and helped the other Lycans to do the same, resurrecting them as 'Lupin' and setting before them the task of destroying the Vampires.
  • Red Riding Hood Heir #1 - A Descendant of the Red Riding Hood bloodline, she might have one day inherited the title and the supernatural gifts that come with it if they had not ended with her predecessor's traitorous love affair with the Big Bad Wolf. Now, with so much wasted potential, she is being stalked by her 'Grandmother' and the King of the Vampires, Dracula, both with desires to make her one of them.
  • Red Riding Hood Heir #2 - A Descendant of the Red Riding Hood bloodline, she might have one day inherited the title and the supernatural gifts that come with it if they had not ended with her predecessor's traitorous love affair with the Big Bad Wolf. Now, with so much wasted potential, she is being stalked by her 'Grandmother' and the King of the Vampires, Dracula, both with desires to make her one of them.
  • The Wolf - Now going by the name Flynn Rider, Eugene Marillac is the youngest Prince of Xehacora who transformed into a wolf against his will. Although he lost himself for some time, with the Huntsman's help he has rediscovered his humanity and now seeks to help the Pantheon and the Lupin destroy the Vampires.
  • The Woodcutter - Otherwise known as Van Helsing, the Woodcutter became rather infamous after he took up the task of fashioning all manner of weapons out of wood. Most think his warnings of Vampires are crazy, but only because the beasts have yet to truly make their presence known.


  • Gustavo Martinez - Former omega of lust, turned pirate aboard The Infinity.


  • The Alphas - Former followers of the Big Bad Wolf, all but the Huntsman are now dead.
  • The Big Bad Wolf - The first of the Lycans and their former leader, he led them in acts of rape, murder, and torture until the day he killed the Goddess of the Hunt. Imprisoned for his crime, he now finds himself in a jail within time from which he will never escape.
  • Red Riding Hood - The last of the true Red Riding Hood's, she fell in love with the Big Bad Wolf and was punished for her failure by the Gods who stationed her as his jailer in his impenetrable fortress within the fabric of time itself.


Although the last Red Riding Hood swore to help Caerleon fight the Blight and the encroaching army of the dead, she failed to perform her duties and instead fell into the arms of the Big Bad Wolf.

The Big Bad Wolf attempted to make a partnership with Maleficent but when his excitement over a promised godhood proved too much, he acted out of turn and took the Goddess of the Hunt's life before Maleficent instructed him to do so. As a result their bargain was nullified and there was no one to protect him from the wrath of the gods. He was locked away in a prison within time from which hew would never have the power to escape and the last Red Riding Hood was installed as his jailer.

Since then, and without his influence, the Huntsman has regained some of his lost humanity and sought to do the same for the Lycans by recreating them as a new species, the Lupin.


Related Stories

Dracula - Grandmother, the Reaper ancestor of the current line of Red Riding Hoods, serves as Dracula's Queen and wishes to create Vampires out of her descendants as well.

The Pantheon - Ceren the Huntress, former goddess of the hunt, cursed the Big Bad Wolf and thereby indirectly created the Lycans. Ceren was later killed by the Big Bad Wolf and The Hunstman, was made into the new god of the hunt.
Rapunzel - The Wolf is also the Prince in Rapunzel, Eugene 'Flynn' Marillac.
Snow White - The Huntsman who now serves as God of the Hunt was the same Huntsman who helped Snow White escape to Allutheria.

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