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A Canon Tale of Caerleon

A Disney Animated Picture and Fairy Tale

Locations:Caerleon, Rapunzel's Tower
Characters:Eugene Marillac, Morgana, Rapunzel, Sir Percival
See Also:
Grail Maidens, Lupin
Rapunzel is a German Fairy Tale collected by the Brothers Grimm and published in 1812. It is an adaptation of Rapunzel by Friedrich Schulz published in 1790 which was in turn based upon Persinette by Charlotte-Rose de Caumont de La Force originally published in 1698. It also bears a striking resemblance to the Persian tales of Rudāba and the stories surrounding Saint Barbara. Rapunzel is a common Fairy Tale whose most frequently quoted line, 'Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair," can be heard in a variety of different media. Most recently, it can be seen in the Disney Animated feature Tangled and in the movie Into the Woods.

Once Upon a Nightmare chose to combine this tale with King Arthur to allow for a maximum amount of interaction between characters within both tales. The role of 'Mother Gothel' seemed to be easily interchangeable with Morgana Le Fay, and the Disney inspired aspect of Rapunzel's healing could be easily combined with an element of Arthurian Legend, 'the grail maiden'. Making Rapunzel a 'grail maiden' also allowed her to have a brother in King Arthur's court and further bind the two tales. Her healing abilities would also prove useful to Once Upon a Nightmare in finding a way to resurrect Lancelot after his death resulting from the Walking Starvation and the Blight.

Canon Tale

From the time of her birth, all knew that Rapunzel was important. The younger sister of Sir Percival, she bore the birthmark of a 'Grail Maiden', a mythical young woman whose blood was said to contain unparalleled healing properties. Because her family was beholden to the sorceress, Morgana Le Fay, Rapunzel was taken from them when she was still very small. Morgana locked her away in a tower where her healing blood could be used only by the sorceress for her own purposes.

But Morgana was not able to keep the secret forever. Rapunzel's identity was discovered by a prince of Xehacora, and then by the Lady of the Lake. The Prince was detained by the Lady of the Lake, and she assumed his form to 'rescue' Rapunzel from her tower only to use Rapunzel’s blood in a ritual to resurrect Sir Lancelot from death and heal him of the Walking Starvation. The ritual was successful, but left Rapunzel almost entirely drained of blood. Left for dead on the outskirts of Caerleon,she remained in a coma until shortly after the Blight ended. She awoke believing herself abandoned by her prince and afraid that if anyone knew she still possessed the magic of a Grail Maiden, that she would be tortured again and again.

Born of Xehacora, the Prince was the youngest son of Maleficent and the only son of both Maleficent and the King of Xehacora. With a demigod half sibling, Eugene was considered unremarkable by Maleficent. Lacking in any other use to his heartless mother, he was given to the Big Bad Wolf as a gift when the two villains struck up a partnership. Transformed into a Lycan by the Big Bad Wolf, the Prince found himself slipping into a world of vice and sin for months. He remained lost and completely devoid of his conscience through most of the Blight, until the new God of the Hunt found him and gave him a new purpose. He became one of the first of the reborn Lupin and was set the task of safeguarding the Grail Maiden Rapunzel from further injury…the same Rapunzel he had abandoned to the Lady of the Lake after he first fell to his lycanthropy. Awkward.



  • Morgana Le Fay - See King Arthur Canon Tale
  • Rapunzel - A Grail Maiden who was kidnapped a baby by Morgana and raised in a tower, she was abducted a second time by Nimue and drained of nearly all of her blood to ressurect Lancelot from death. She has been in a coma until just after the Blight ended.
  • Prince Marillac - He is the youngest Prince of Xehacora given to the Big Bad Wolf at the beginning of his mother's partnership with the Lycan, he is now a Lupin sworn to protect Rapunzel and serve the Pantheon as the first leader of the Lupin.
  • Sir Percival - See King Arthur Canon Tale


Rapunzel is still being explored.


Related Stories

Beauty and the Beast - Morgana Le Fay, the sorceress who kept Rapunzel locked in a tower, is also Mordred (the Beast's) mother.
Cinderella - The Xehacoran Prince in Rapunzel is the brother of the Xehacoran Prince in Cinderella.
Dracula -Rapunzel is Mina Harker in the Dracula Canon Tale and the Xehacoran Prince is Jonathon Harker.
Frog Prince - The Xehacoran Prince in Rapunzel is the brother of the Xehacoran Prince in Frog Prince.
King Arthur - Rapunzel is the younger sister of Sir Percival, a Knight of the Round Table, and Morgana Le Fay is the sorceress who locked Rapunzel in a tower.
Red RIding Hood - The Xehacoran Prince is the Pantheon-appointed leader of the Lupin who hunt the Vampires led by their Queen, a Red Riding Hood.
Sleeping Beauty- The Xehacoran Prince's mother is the evil 'faery' Maleficent who cursed Aurora to sleep for a hundred years.

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