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 King Arthur

King Arthur

A Canon Tale of Caerleon

King Arthur
A British Legend

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King Arthur is a figure from tales of British history circa the 5th and 6th centuries. His true existence is heavily disputed with many historians relegating him to that of a figure in folk tales and legends. He was supposedly the figure to unite Britain against Saxon invasion and usher in a time of peace and enlightenment prior to his death. Tales of the Holy Grail and figures such as Lancelot were added to the legend over the years as the stories grew and evolved.

King Arthur is one of the central tales of Once Upon a Nightmare, for it is amidst the drama of the High Court that the Walking Starvation was first encountered and it is during the unrest in the High Court that many of the kingdoms splintered or fell to the Blight. Even now the Blight has ended, it is the High Court that the newest threat to Ga'leah, the cult Veritas, seeks to destroy first.

Canon Tale

Once there was a man who sought to unite the kingdoms of Ga’leah. Uther raised an army and one by one dominated each land until all of the Kingdoms recognized him as their ‘High King’. But peace won through violence is difficult to maintain, and so Uther was poisoned by an unknown enemy and it seemed the kingdoms would once again be free to rule themselves.

But an enchanted sword revealed Uther’s heir, a young man destined to truly unite the lands. Arthur founded the capital of Caerleon and ushered in a time of peace and utopia unlike anything Ga’leah had ever known. It was not to last.

When his wife’s affair with his champion and best friend came to light, Sir Lancelot was banished from Caerleon and Queen Gwenhwyfar was destined to burn at the stake. Everyone expected Lancelot to ride to her rescue, and so he did, but not as a man. Lancelot came at the helm of a horde of the undead who laid siege to Caerleon. King Arthur was unable to destroy the corpse of his best friend, and so the Queen took up Excalibur and did so herself…leading the charge against the infected.

Nimue was not content to see her adoptive son die and abducted a Grail Maiden, Rapunzel, whose blood she could drain to resurrect her son. Lancelot rose from the dead but found it difficult to deal with both the sins he had committed and the sins that had been committed in his name. Meanwhile, Merlin had been infected by the Blight and after months of struggling to fight it, nearly succumbed. It was only Nimue's efforts to save him as well that saw him rise from the dead, this time as a man she did not recognize.

After months of wallowing in alcohol and his own self pity, the great King Arthur emerged to find his wife still fighting his battles. Surprisingly, both were able to forgive each other for their transgressions and together forged a kingdom strong enough to support the refugees of the Blight and even, in time, strong enough to work together with heroes from all over Ga'leah and Allutheria to destroy the Blight and save the world.

In the months since the Blight, the High Court has been attempting to help Ga'leah rebuild and recover from all that they endured. But a new enemy has already set sights upon them and the 'truth' will not set them free...




  • Arthur Pendragon - King of the High Court, Gwenhwyfar's husband and partner in all aspects of ruling. His reign foretold to be one of the greatest the world had known, he is trying to do that to the best of his ability and is providing as much physical and financial aid to the rebuilding effort as he can.
  • Bedivere- A Knight of the Round Table.
  • Bors- The middle triplet son of the DunBroch family who was abandoned when his parents were infected by the Berhserker curse. He is now using the name Sir Bors and has become a well known knight of the Round Table.
  • Elaine Corbin - Short one sentence description.
  • Gaheris- Gawain's younger brother and a Knight of the Round Table.
  • Galahad- Lancelot's illegitimate son by Elaine Corbin, his purity and skill were foretold in prophecy and after being separated from his mother during the Blight he became squire to the Pendragons.
  • Gawain - Gaheris' older brother and one of the greatest of the Knights of the Round Table.
  • Gwenhwyfar Pendragon- Queen of the High Court, she is Arthur's wife and partner in both governing and battle. Together with her husband and heroes from all over Ga'leah, she helped to defeat the Blight and has been helping the kingdoms rebuild...as much as her pregnancy would allow.
  • Lancelot - Former Knight of the Round Table, father of Galahad, and lover of Elaine Corbin, he had an affair with the High Queen and was the first one infected with the Walking Starvation. He attacked the High Court as one of the undead and was slain by Gwenhwyfar only to be resurrected by Nimue using the blood of a Grail Maiden, Rapunzel.
  • Kay-Arthur's adoptive, brutish older brother who was a knight of little renown before coming to Caerleon.
  • Iseult - The daughter of Viktor the mad scientist/dragon fae. A half fae with shapeshifting and self-healing powers, she is a hunter and an assassin turned friendly.
  • Merlin - The half-fae Grand Vizer of Caerleon, Arthur's best friend and lover of Nimue. He was also infected with the Blight and when cured did not recover as expected.
  • Mordred -Arthur's illegitimate son with Morgana, he was cursed into the form of a beast for his ill behavior and was forced to leave his family home in the countryside of Dokrayth to take shelter in one of Morgana's homes in Xehacora.
  • Morgana Le Fay-Short one sentence description.
  • Nimue-Short one sentence description.
  • Percival- Rapunzel's older brother and a Templaer, he became a Knight of Caerleon in an effort to find his sister, but since her return has dedicated himself to protecting and avenging her.
  • Ragnelle- A young woman under a witch's curse.
  • Tristan- Short one sentence description.


  • Amelia Bonny - Short one sentence description.


things currently going on in the tale??? idk or updates since the canon tale was written

  • bullet plotlines inherent to only a few characters, plotlines for the whole tale go in paragraph form above.
  • Merlin has been locked away in a tree by a spell cast by Nimue. If she can find a way to cure his blighted body then he will be fully restored, otherwise she has promised to end his suffering and send him into the afterlife.

Related Stories

Beauty and the Beast - Mordred, the Beast, is the illegitimate son of Arthur and Morgana.
The Black Cauldron - Morgana is the daughter of the Horned King.
Cinderella - Cinderella's fairy godmother, while possibly on Maleficent's payroll, is a member of the Order of Fate of which Nimue is also a member.
Lion King - Nala is an aspiring candidate for the Knights of the Round Table.
Mulan - Mulan is an aspiring candidate for the Knights of the Round Table.
The Pantheon - The Green Knight is actually the Green Man. The High Court has been visited by numerous other gods as well.
Pinocchio - The Blue Faery is a member of the Order of Fate of which Nimue is also a part.
Pocahontas - Pocahontas is an aspiring candidate for the Knights of the Round Table.
Rapunzel - Morgana is the woman who took a young Rapunzel from her home and kept her locked in a tower for much of her life. Sir Percival is also Rapunzel's brother.
The Three Musketeers - Constance Bonacieux is an aspiring candidate for the Knights of the Round Table.

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