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A Canon Tale of Allutheria

A Greek Myth

Locations:The Labyrinth
Characters:Sir Didymus
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Hercules is a central character in both Greek Mythology (as Heracles) and Roman Mythology. A divine hero, he was born of an affair between the god Jupiter (or Zeus) and a mortal woman. He is most famous for his twelve labors but was central in many tales which have continued to be told millennia after their creation.

Although Hercules is traditionally a demigod, it was decided that in adapting this tale for Once Upon a Nightmare, that he would instead be a Half-Fae. The Queen of Hearts had many characteristics similar to Juno (Hera) and the Half Fae of our game are usually quite powerful and easily translated into something similar to a mythological demigod.

Canon Tale

Before the Fae rebelled against their creators, the Fae of Spring was a gentle soul filled with innocence and love for all of creation. She was not as boastful and proud as her brethren, but when they were punished for their disobedience, she was punished with them. When her powers were ripped away, the Fae of Spring lost her sanity along with them. She found herself in Allutheria with the other Fae being cared for by a male who had always loved her. He built for her a court of her own and crowned her the Queen of Hearts, his Queen. But she had grown bitter and hateful and the King found that she was not the woman he loved. He found love elsewhere, in the arms of a young Changeling woman who served their Court. Their affair lasted for a quite some time until the Changeling became pregnant. Desperate to keep the child from his Queen, the King hid the Changeling away until she bore her son. The boy was marked as a Changeling, and his powers were bound by the King to keep the Queen from ever learning the truth….but the Queen was no fool. As the boy was made to grow magically and instilled with the knowledge he would need to serve the Court, he bore a remarkable resemblance to the King. At last, when the truth was discovered, the Queen’s jealousy knew no bounds.

In a blind rage, she demanded the child be put to death. Instead, the King banished him from Allutheria where the Queen would never have to look upon him again. But before he was sent away, the King sought to give him one small gift, he unbound just enough of Hercules’ powers to grant him a supernatural strength the likes of which no one in Ga’leah would have ever seen. This small gift did not go unnoticed by the Queen of Hearts, who similarly cursed Hercules and his strength. If he used it too often or for too long, it would be accompanied by a madness that would rob him of his self-control and sometimes even his memories of the events.

Hercules made his way to a cousin of his mother’s, a woman who had a son of her own, Jason, who was roughly Hercules’ own physical age. Hercules became a man whose strength was renowned. He even took a wife in the spirited and beautiful Megara, a woman who would later bear him children…but his happiness was to be short lived. The Queen of Hearts had never stopped spying on the bastard son of her husband, and when she discovered his joy she sought to destroy it. Using magic, she triggered the insanity she had planted within him, causing the mighty Hercules to seemingly slay his wife and children in cold blood.

Waking to find what he thought were their cold, dead bodies, Hercules fled his home in a panic. He sought help from the Order of Fate, beseeching them to help him unbind his powers so that he might seek vengeance against the Queen of Hearts who had robbed him of all that he held dear in the world. But the Order of Fate would not simply grant him his wish, instead they demanded that he fulfill twelve quests for them and retrieve twelve objects of power they had long sought to add to their sizable collection. If he succeeded in delivering all of them to the Order of Fate, his powers would be free.

Little did he know that he Queen of Hearts herself was about to be offered the return of her Springly powers in return for making a truce with the Pantheon and using her powers to help feed the masses…or that the former Fae of Summer, Hippolyta, had made a similar deal with the gods to free herself and her people from Allutheria in exchange for aiding the Pantheon to destroy the Blight and help restore the land. Hecules' labors would eventually take him straight to Hippolyta, who sheltered amongst her Court of Amazon warrior women, Megara, who was only just recovering from the trauma she had been forced to suffer at her husband’s hands…




  • Hercules - Half-Fae son of the King of Hearts and a Changeling woman, his powers were bound except for his magical strength which could only be accessed at penalty of losing his mind.
  • Hippolyta - The former Fae of Summer, she was a leader of the Fae during the Great War and for her part was sentenced to Allutheria with a magical girdle that would never let her leave until the prophesied one removed it.
  • Megara - Hercules' wife and the mother of his children, he left her for dead after losing his mind during one of his feats of strength and she found herself with the Amazons where she has remained.
  • Queen of Hearts - The jealous wife of the King of Hearts, she cursed Hercules to have moments of insanity when he used his strength out of anger at her husband's infidelity.


  • Larentya - Short one sentence description.
  • Nemesis - Short one sentence description.


The Amazon homeland of Themyscira was destroyed by the Blight and the Amazons were forced to evacuate to the Sugar Plum Forest with the help of the White Court. Afterwards, Hippolyta sought out the Pantheon to call a truce and offer her assistance and the assistance of the Amazons in the fight against the Blight. She was taken up on her offer, released from Allutheria and given her powers over Summer back, but as per the agreement must leave the girdle placed upon her by the gods during her initial exile after the War with the Fae or break her truce with the Gods and suffer the consequences.


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Alice in Wonderland - The King of Hearts is Hercules' father and the Queen of Hearts' husband.
Jason and the Argonauts - Hercules' mother was related to Jason's mother, making the two men cousins.
The Black Cauldron - The Queen of Hearts is the former Fae of Spring while Hippolyta is the former Fae of Summer. The Horned King was once their compatriot, the former Fae of Autumn.
Snow Queen - Jack Frost was once the former Fae of Winter to the Queen of Hearts' Fae of Spring and Hippolyta's Fae of Summer.

Little Mermaid - The Amazons have begun plotting with the mermaids to help them revolt against the patriarchy.
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