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 03. The Species

When all of the beauty turns to pain When all of the madness falls like rain As long as we crash and we collide We will be gorgeous, you and I.

The Bard
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the gods
Once long ago, before even time, a single entity took shape in the void. Known as the Source, from this being sprang magic itself. In her loneliness, she created a companion, and so time came into being. Together, they created and sired a host of gods and goddesses who helped them craft a world for themselves out of the darkness in which they had been formed.

In the early days, many were the battles and wars waged by the young deities over their creations until the Source and her companion determined that it would best for each deity to claim one aspect of the world for themselves. It would be theirs alone to craft as they saw fit, and no god would venture to trespass upon another for fear of the swift justice to be meted out by the whole of the Pantheon in retaliation. And so, each of the gods claimed a part of the world for themselves: the Source claimed magic since she was its very life in the universe; the Forebearer, who had fathered many of the gods, chose time itself; and so each of the gods in turn made their choice and peace was once more established.

Still, the gods were unhappy. Their works required something sentient to both worship and be grateful for all that the gods had created in the fine land of Ga’leah. So, the gods joined together to create the Fae, a beautiful race of long-lived creatures with an inherent ability for magic. For a time, they were pleased with their creations and their creations were, in turn, grateful to the gods for all they had been given. But as time passed, the Fae grew jealous of the gods and enamored with their own magic. It was not long before the Fae determined that they no longer needed the gods…and peace became a distant memory

After a great war, the victorious Pantheon interred the Fae in a newly created void where they would never again be allowed to enjoy the beauty of Ga’leah or the favor of the gods. Instead, the Pantheon crafted a new race of creatures to worship and revere them…man. This time, the Pantheon learned from their mistakes. They gave humanity a much shorter life span and no inherent ability to use magic. Like children, humanity would always be dependent upon the gods, and so the Pantheon was pleased.

The gods themselves are ruled by the Counsel of Twelve, a counsel of the twelve original gods of Ga’leah who make decisions that affect all of existence. The Source herself is not a part of the Counsel and takes part only in matters of debate or stalemate. Though there are only twelve gods on the Pantheon’s Counsel, there are many other smaller, younger, or less powerful deities within the land of Ga’leah, each with their own purpose and desires.

The gods and goddesses of Ga’leah are many and varied. Some appear similar to humans or the Fae, while others have strange appearances that they must conceal when they walk amongst humanity. Most maintain a rather youthful appearance, although some prefer to appear older and wiser or younger and more innocent to appeal to their human followers.

The gods are the most powerful creatures in the world. Their grasp of magic is absolute and their power, until recently, was infinite. However, to keep the peace, each god took a mastery that would be only theirs and could not be encroached upon by another. If another god were to be caught dealing in matters of the heart by the Matchmaker, for instance, she could take her grievance to the Counsel of Twelve and great would be the punishment of the trespasser. Only once has this error been made. As her punishment, the goddess in question was stripped of her deity and cast down to Ga’leah to live among their creations in shame.

While some of the gods of Ga’leah spend a great deal of time among humanity, many more remained aloof and distant on their mountain home until it’s terrible destruction. This distance from humanity has left much of the Pantheon completely ignorant of their own creation and often results in unforeseen reaction to their magic. In many instances, a curse meant to be a punishment to an offending human has resulted in the creation of a monster with abilities and grievances that the god in question would have never anticipated. To the same end, some ‘gifts’ bestowed by the gods upon their most loyal followers have actually resulted in their absolute misery and loss of faith.

When the Blight came to Caelum, the mountaintop home of the gods, the Counsel of Twelve fled the destruction. In the mayhem one of the greatest among them was left behind. The Source was believed to have remained in her home on Caelum when the sweeping darkness came. Caelum is now seemingly impossible to access and those who remained on Caelum are believed lost.

As the power of the Pantheon flickers and fades, many of the gods fear that the destruction of the Source could lead to the loss of magic not just to the gods but to all of Ga’leah. Or, perhaps worse…the destruction of the world itself.

Demigods are children born of one godly parent and one non-godly parent. Gods can, technically, breed with all other species in Ga’leah if they so choose, but the Pantheon has strict rules against the creation of demigods. Those in the Pantheon are forbidden to have children with others who are not also of the Pantheon. In the past, it has been necessary for the Forebearer or others to end the existence of such Demigods for the safety of the world in general.

Because of the sanctions against them, Demigods are extremely rare. Those that exist must be kept carefully guarded from the rest of the Pantheon to ensure that they are not removed from the world, and once discovered, it is often rare for the upper echelon of the Pantheon to turn a blind eye upon their existence because of the ramifications they could have for the rest of Ga’leah. For example: For much of her life, Ursula (the Demigod child of the Coming Tide and one of the first mermen), lived beneath the sea where the rest of the Pantheon was not often welcome. Hence, it is unlikely that any but a select few even knew of her existence. ‘Charming’ or the Prince of Cinderella’s tale, is the Demigod child of a now human god of Vengeance and the former Bleeding Heart (now Maleficent). He has been kept hidden by Maleficent’s magics which have made him appear merely Half-Fae.

In addition, it seems that whether because of the sanctions placed against their creation or simply by a natural fluke, that every Demigod created comes with a sense of ‘wrongness’. They are often ill adjusted to the world in which they live, where their very existence is forbidden and they must spend much of their lives in hiding or denying what they truly are. This ‘wrongness’ also displays itself in physical abnormalities that can be hidden with magic, but never removed from their natural form completely, even by their godly parent. Example: Ursula, rather than appearing God or Merkind like, was born with the lower quarters of a cephalopod, considered to be an abomination by the Coming Tide herself. Charming, rather than appearing human or Godlike, was born with scaled skin which much be concealed with Maleficent’s magic for him to remain human. These physical normalities often manifest themselves as species which the Godly parent had a hand in creating: the Coming Tide created the oceanic creatures while Vengeance was the Father of Dragons.

Demigods do manifest a magical ability which varies from Demigod to Demigod. While their magic is often more powerful than the Fae, it is less powerful than Pantheon themselves and is highly specialized in its very nature. Demigods also possess partial magic resistance. They cannot dispel magic cast at them, but it will take a higher magic output with more force to do damage to them than it would to a Fae. Example: Ursula is a Seawitch and specializes in the creation of potions, spells, and magical accoutrements. Charming is pyrokinetic in nature with magical abilities relating to the creation and utilization of fire (much like the dragons whose features he shares.)

It is possible for a Demigod to have offspring and breed normally, though the children of a Demigod will usually carry the same abnormality as their Demigod parent while only manifesting a magical ability roughly equivalent to that of a Half Fae. To date, no Demigod has lived long enough to parent offspring for these theories to be observed, however.

When all of the beauty turns to pain When all of the madness falls like rain As long as we crash and we collide We will be gorgeous, you and I.

The Bard
Jan 7 2014, 03:51 AM Quote

the fae
The Fae were the first sentient inhabitants of Ga’leah, created by the Pantheon, they were blessed by the gods with long life spans, great beauty, and supernatural abilities that made them formidable creatures. But it was these gifts which, over time, corrupted the Fae. They grew enamored with their own power and turned their backs upon the gods. When their treachery was realized, the Pantheon declared war upon their favorite children and a great battle was fought. The Fae lost and were driven into a void they named Allutheria.

Within the void, the Fae created their land of wonders, a place where their powers shaped everything into a paradise…but they were greedy creatures, and they hungered for more than Allutheria could give them. They longed to return to Ga’leah. So, many among them began to work on the barriers that held them within Allutheria, until they had worn away a doorway into Ga’leah, a portal that opened onto the Isle of Affalohn. Unknown to the gods, there the Fae began to influence the Pantheon’s newest children, humanity.

All Fae are capable of glamour, or a supernatural ability that allows them to cloud the minds of humans to see only what they want them to see, allowing a young Faery to hide their wings or appear as a human’s friend or loved one for the purpose of trickery. In their natural form, they can have any skin, eye, or hair color, but all share an unnatural beauty.

The Fae can live for thousands of years. Most reach maturity at roughly a millennia in age. As youths, a fairy is roughly the size of a human hand with iridescent wings which can be utilized for sustained flight. It is only when a Fae reaches the onset of puberty, at roughly four hundred years of age, that they are able to assume normal human size for short periods of time. When a Faery is about one thousand years old, they shed their wings and remain the same size as a human for the rest of their unnaturally long existence. However, some believe that certain plants or springs in Allutheria allow anything, even adult Fae, to change size simply by ingesting them. Since Fae do not reach full maturity until one thousand years of age and are a long-lived species, they are not capable of reproduction until this age either.

Next to the Gods, the Fae are the most powerful creatures in the universe. They can wield a great deal of magic, but it always comes at a great price. They can be immortal, and even grant immortality to others, but they must feed upon the life force of another in one capacity or another. A Faery like Tinkerbell can engineer a ‘pixie dust’ capable of allowing human beings to fly, but it must be fueled by a happy thought that is slowly eaten, distorted, and eventually completely erased by the very flight it is enabling. No magic the Fae perform comes without payment or consequence that is not always foreseen and is inescapable.

This is true even of the creatures and objects within Allutheria. It is why the Order of Fate has united the White and Red Courts in their efforts to keep the magical objects of Allutheria out of the hands of unwitting humans who might cause more harm than good with them. What magical artifacts are allowed out of the Order’s careful control are most often used to the benefit of the Fae, creating human beings of power who might one day repay the ‘kindness’ of the Fae against even the gods they once worshipped.

Although the boundary between Allutheria and Ga’leah has seemed nearly impenetrable, there is a carefully regulated gateway on the Isle of Affalohn through which some Fae are allowed to travel. Since the Blight came to Ga’leah, other portals between the land of the Fae and Ga’leah have also begun to open in unexpected locations, including the Yarrow. Travel through these portals maybe accidental and is often only possible in one direction.

While the magic of the Gods appears to be unreliable, the powers of the Fae have remained relatively unaffected by the earliest days of the Blight. Although, some Fae seem to have noted that the price of their magic seems to be growing as the effects of each spell, each blessing, and each curse seem to grow more and more serious with each passing day.

When all of the beauty turns to pain When all of the madness falls like rain As long as we crash and we collide We will be gorgeous, you and I.

The Bard
Jan 7 2014, 03:51 AM Quote

Humanity was the Pantheon’s second attempt to create a race of lesser beings to populate the world they had created. Because of the errors made with their predecessors, the Fae, humanity’s life span was made much shorter and they were given no inherent ability to control magic. They live for a maximum of a hundred years and vary greatly in physical appearance dependent upon region and family line.

The Humans were placed upon the land of Ga’leah and allowed to make their own homes. Clusters of humans made settlements in various regions, soon banding together into tribes, then cities, and finally kingdoms. The strongest and smartest became nobility, while the rest were made to fill more menial roles in the new society. It all pleased the Gods, because each caste of humans, each town, each kingdom, each profession and familial unit chose different members of the Pantheon to pay homage to.

Over time, temples were erected in all of the major cities and some among the humans swore their lives in service to the deity they worshipped. These humans, made priests and priestesses of various gods, were some of the few among their race given the ability to wield magic. Granted only limited powers, the priests and priestesses of each god were given abilities to use to placate their worshipers and free the Gods of the time that would have needed to spend answering so many prayers and rewarding others for offerings. Each priest, however, was given only powers that related to that specific deity. A priest of the Forebearer, god of time, might be given the ability of Foresight or Hindsight, but could not be given the ability to create light. A priestess of the Matchmaker might be able to help someone find their soulmate, but would be incapable of helping a fishermen bring back a bountiful catch from the sea.

After the gateway to Allutheria was opened on the Isle of Affalohn, the Fae began to have more and more contact with humanity. This contact led to a small population of ‘Halflings’. Although they still appear very much human, aging and dying at a human rate, these Halflings have a diluted ability to create magic…but at a great cost similar to that paid by the Fae. They are not capable of such grand works as the Fae themselves, but they are also not bound to a specific type of magic as a priest or priestess would be.

For the most part, the Pantheon exists separate from humanity, viewing them much as a farmer might view his sheep. However, there have been a few instances where a deity has had a child with a human. These Demigods are extremely rare. By all accounts, in the entire history of Ga'leah, there have been only a handful. Demigods appear not to age at the rate of the Fae or Humanity and have an often unpredictable ability to use magic with strengths and weaknesses that could be a far cry from their godly parent.

The only other hope of wielding magic for a human being, comes in the form of a magic artifact. Most artifacts were created by the Fae and are kept under careful guard by the Order of Fate on the Isle of Affalohn. Some do find their way into the black market that exists in each major city in Ga’leah. Most objects of power wielded by human beings in Ga’leah were, however, given to their wielder by a member of the Order of Fate to serve some greater purpose for the Fae. This most often comes in the form of a debt to be repaid at a later time. Just like the magic of the Fae themselves, the magical objects created by the Fae can only be used at great cost to the wielder. This price is not always exacted precisely at the time of use, and can change in type and severity without warning. Those who wield an object of power are often warned to do so with great caution.

Humanity is perhaps the race that has suffered the most greatly at the hands of the Blight. Infected by the Walking Starvation and prey to its afflicted, they struggle to survive in a world gone mad where the Gods who once cared for them appear to be losing their powers and the Fae who once feigned friendship show their true colors as fear of their own destruction beckons. But Humanity has grown strong in the time since their creation, and unlike even the more powerful races of Ga’leah, they will fight for their lives and their land until the last human being falls…which may be sooner than even they know.

Half Fae are part Human and part Fae. Half Fae are a result of the union between a Human and a Faery and can reproduce just as a Human or a Faery does.

The Half Fae are gifted with great beauty. While it is not as refined as that of their Fae parents it is still quite more so than a regular human. They can come in any size and shape much like their Fae and human parents.

Half Fae due to their Faery blood have the gift of magic. However, it is not as strong as that of their Faery parent or other Faeries. The strength of their magic is usually dependent on how strong their Fae parent's magic was. Typically Fae with less magic are more likely to mingle amongst humans, while most Fae with stronger magic see humans as inferior and are not as likely to sire Half Fae offspring. However, there are some cases of a strong Fae mating with or even falling in love with a human. These unions result in particularly strong Half Fae but are incredibly rare.

Half Fae can be as outgoing or as introverted as any human or Fae and depends on their personality. However, there is somewhat of a stigma about Half Fae amongst the Faeries. It is somewhat present amongst humans, as well, but is even more prevalent among the Fae. They are often seen as being inferior to other Fae. Most Half Fae are raised among humans and thus develop a stronger connection with the human world than with the Fae one.

They live much longer lives than humans but not as long as the Fae. Because of their Faery blood Half Fae age at a much slower rate than humans. A Half Fae typically ages at roughly the same rae as a human does until they reach the end of puberty. At that point, their bodies start to age and grow much more slowly. Female Half Fae typically finish puberty around 15, but they can finish as late as 17. Male Half Fae typically finish puberty between 16 and 18. Due to this slow aging process, it is hard to say exactly when a Half Fae will die. However, no Half Fae has been known to live longer than a 1000 years. As a Half Fae reaches death, there is no way of escaping it until they are given a choice. They can choose to be healed and remain alive as a full Fae or to perish as a human. Usually Half Fae choose to die since most grew up among humans and have no desire to continue to outlive friends and family as they have for their unnaturally long lives, but if one does choose to become a full Fae then their bodies are healed of all ailments. Their beauty, grace, agility, etc. is restored to perfection. Not only that, but they reach the full potential of a full Fae. So the strength of their Fae parent will determine how powerful they will be as a full blooded Fae.

The Half Fae have a wide variety of weaknesses ranging from simple character flaws, to fears, to lack of skill in certain areas. The strength of their magic is comparable to the strength of their Fae parent’s magic, though diluted because of their human parentage as well.

Witches are part of an ancient line of humans that were able to tap into the essence of the natural world and therefore able to learn magic. Humans were originally created by Aethanryke and Olwyn to inhabit the world after the Fae were cast into Allutheria. They had no knowledge of how to tap into the essence, the energy that flowed through all things, like the faeries and the gods. Therefore humans were unable to perform magic. A group of humans, however, discovered ancient writings of the faeries and of Olwyn the Mother Magic. They began to study these runes and found that they were able to tap into the natural energies through incantations and mixing certain herbs together. There numbers began to grow and Aethanryke not wanting another magic war put a stop to it by cutting off the humans ability to tap into the essence of the natural world. Olwyn convinced him to allow the humans that had been able to learn magic to keep their abilities as the witches were not strong enough to cause a real problem and even in large groups were still nowhere near possessing the power of even the weakest Fae.

Witches come in all shapes and sizes just as humans do. Witches have a very base form of magic that is weak in comparison to fae or half-fae. Witches like the Druids are only able to use natural magic, which means they can only tap into the energy of the natural world. Unlike Druids though Witches must use an incantation of some kind in order to cast a spell, make a potion, etc. Witches can use herbs, crystals, and other natural items to boost their magic. Some objects such as the moon and the sun are able to be used as an energy source for spells and potions. However, due to the amount of magical energy it takes to use lunar or solar energy witches can only channel the moon or sun's power in large groups called covens.

Witches are social beings amongst themselves. They tend to be rather wary of society and do not broadcast what they are publicly. This comes from a bit of a stigma placed on all witches due to particular black covens. They also tend to remain with their own as only witch and witch can produce another witch. It is due to this they are rather greedy with their numbers. Witches gather together in covens. A coven is a group of witches that are of a like minded philosophy. During the solstices and other key days of the year covens from all over Ga'leah will gather in the Yarrow for a special celebration known as a Sabbat. These Sabbat's usually involve a large pyre being burned, a feast of some kind, music, dancing, and herbs being thrown into the pyre that are said to cause visions.

Witches reproduce the same way that humans do. However, because of Aethanryke removing a humans ability to tap into the earth's essence only witches can reproduce more witches. It is because of this reason that witches are low in numbers and are often very xenophobic. Witches live the same length that humans do and can be killed as easily as a human.

A witches' weaknesses are as varied as humans. One thing to note though is the price that a witch pays when he or she uses dark magic. When a witch uses dark magic it taints their soul and thus the repercussions are great. The repercussions will first start out as a non-physical sign, but as time goes on the tainted ugly soul will start to appear on the outside. A dark witch who is only twenty-five may look as old as 80 years old. Dark witches will often use other means to hiding their ugliness. Some examples are virginal blood and hearts of stars. However, if you were to place a mirror in front of a dark witch that was masking their true face the mirror would show you what they truly looked like.

Druids are the children of the dryads and their male human partners.

Because the dryads were from all over Ga’leah and had been many different kinds of trees the Druids are a mixture of dark and light skinned individuals. Druids tend to be slightly taller than the average human and their limbs are slightly longer as well, but proportionate to their tall figures. All Druids have bright brilliant green eyes that change with the seasons much like the trees. In spring they are a light or fresh green growing darker in the summer. In autumn their eyes are amber in color with flecks of brown, gold, or red. Then in the winter a Druids eyes become grey.

Druids are only able to use nature magic. They are able to manipulate water, earth, fire, and air. Druids are strongest with earth based magics and weaker at the other four especially fire. They are able to draw energy from these four elements but if given the choice a Druid will favor the earth before all others. Druids unlike Witches are able to conjure and use magic without speaking an incantation. They are great herbalists and create a great deal of salves, ointments, unguents, and potions.

Druids keep to their own and live in a large tribe in Deepwood. Rarely do they venture out into the outside world and therefore are considered to be isolated and secluded. The leader of the Druids is a co-partnership between the High Priest and Priestess. While it is typical it is not required that the High Priest and Priestess marry one another. However, there have been very few instances where this has occurred as the two are often chosen because of their soul compatibility as the Druids say. The two each have an apprentice that will take their place. The apprentices are chosen from among the ten-year old Druid children. These children will leave their family and go to live with the High priest and priestess in their hut.

Druids reproduce the same as humans, however, it is more common for Druids to have twins or triplets. Druids have been known to reproduce with outsiders as they call them, but generally the outsider is out of the picture or is brought into the tribe. If a Druid mates with a regular human the child will have very weak magic. However, this child if raised in the Druid tribe were to grow up and mate with another Druid their offspring would be stronger than them as the human blood would be further diluted.

Gaia was part of the four elemental fae who were part of the original fifteen faeries to be created. When the faeries lost the war against the gods and were being placed in Allutheria three of these four fae ran off. Etain the elemental fae of water was the only of the four to go into Allutheria willingly. Ashbel of fire ran and finally disintegrated into a salamanders to escape the Greenman forever. Aeolus became the four winds to escape imprisonment. Gaia managed to escape the Greenman for a time planting seeds throughout Ga’leah. She came to a part of the Yarrow where she etched into stones Olwyn’s (the Mother of Magic) ancient language and it served as extra protection for that part of the forest. These seeds she planted grew into trees and out of these trees sprung the dryads. The dryads were eventually hunted by humans and so they all came to live in the protected part of Deepwood. Here they lived till they desired to have children of their own and so went out into Ga’leah and found men with whom left the world behind to come live with them in the Yarrow. These dryads married and had children. These children were called the Druids. Eventually these dryads having seen so many lovers and children pass took to the perimeter of Deepwood where they returned back to trees and served as added protection for Deepwood. The Druids have lived in Deepwood for centuries now outside of typical Ga’leahan society.

A Druid can live no longer than 200 years.

Druids weaknesses range as vastly as any humans and are only limited by the Druid themselves.

When all of the beauty turns to pain When all of the madness falls like rain As long as we crash and we collide We will be gorgeous, you and I.

The Bard
Jan 7 2014, 03:52 AM Quote

supernatural creatures
Although Humanity and the Fae were the two most prominent races created by the Gods to populate the world of Ga’leah, other less populous species have sprung up through various methods.

All of the Supernatural Creatures of Ga’leah were created by either the Gods. Some were intentionally fashioned to take guardianship of specific landscapes, just as Merkind were created by the Coming Tide to care for the world beneath the sea. While others were created accidentally just as the Lycans were created by the Huntress when a curse she placed upon a human male went awry and fashioned a creature even she had not anticipated…a creature capable of creating more like himself.

The Fae themselves have crafted some Supernatural Creatures in their self-fashioned home of Allutheria in manners very similar to those of the Gods. While some were intentional, others were not.

Supernatural Creatures, just as humans, have no inherent ability to control magic. However, most of them were given magical abilities upon their creation. These abilities vary from species to species but usually come akin to a supernatural weakness.

While, in theory, some Supernatural Creatures might be able to wield the magical objects of the Fae, most do not have the courage to try. The magic of the Fae comes at great cost, and many fear that the cost of their magic might come at too steep a price for a creature created by magic itself. Still, some are brave enough to attempt it. A few even survive the attempt.

For the sake of player creativity, we have chosen not to limit the Supernatural Creatures available for play in this game. For all intents and purposes, any creature from myth, legend, fiction, or your own imagination could exist either in Ga’leah or Allutheria as a direct result of the Fae or the Gods. We do, however, wish to keep some level of continuity within the game. So, when a new species is created by a player, we will ask that player to help us fill out an information sheet for said species which will then be placed in our site Bestiary. Other players who wish to create a member of that species are asked to abide by that description or craft an entirely new, and different, species for use in our game. All species are listed in the Bestiary Master List for easy access. (Players will also be given full credit for any species they craft for our game.)

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