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 07. The Canon List

When all of the beauty turns to pain When all of the madness falls like rain As long as we crash and we collide We will be gorgeous, you and I.

The Bard
Jan 7 2014, 03:40 AM Quote

canon list

There are a wide variety of tales available as subplots on our site, each of them with an adaption unique to OUAN. Not every character from every tale has been listed. If you would like to reserve a lesser known, unlisted canon, please fill out the code provided as you would for a listed canon and we will add your character to the canon tale upon acceptance. If you would like to add a tale that we have not yet adapted you are more than welcome to discuss this with a staff member, but only after you have officially been a member of our site with an active character through one Activity cycle.

We also provide a list of plotting opportunities for those seeking to create original characters. You can read all about these possible avenues for character creation in the Plot Opportunities thread here.

Please place a reservation if you intend to begin work on a character found in one of these tales. Reservations last for seven (7) days. However, the staff reserves the right to revoke reservations if the application has not been started within seventy-two (72) hours or three (3) days. Please try to reserve only one character at a time. If extra time is needed to make revisions to an application, the staff will make the necessary allowances. HOWEVER players are responsible for requesting their own reservation extensions. You can do this by replying to this thread with the request or by contacting The Mod Squad. Thank You.


Table of Contents

Your Alias is reserving (Character) from (Canon Tale) until (Seven days from today)

When all of the beauty turns to pain When all of the madness falls like rain As long as we crash and we collide We will be gorgeous, you and I.

The Bard
Jan 10 2014, 01:41 AM Quote

The desert nation of Solhara was once a proud kingdom of great wealth with a long and storied history. All of this came to an end with the Blight that consumed Solhara and left its surviving residents fleeing to Caerleon and Xehacora.

With the Sultan dead in the Blight, Jasmine has taken up residence in the Solharan sector of the Five Corners with her shapeshifting personal guard, Rajah, and the Grand Vizier of Solhara, Jafar, who desires to force her into marrying him to give him a claim to the Solharan throne. She frequents the kingdom of Caerleon in disguise, preparing to run away before Jafar can carry through with his plan.

Aladdin had no idea that he was the son of Cassim, the 'King of Thieves' in the Black Sands. He was only a beggar in Solhara but he managed to escape the Blight and join the refugees in Caerleon. If only it had been an improvement on his life, sadly he was only a beggar in Caerleon as well. He is desperate to find a way to improve his place in life whether it's in Solhara or Caerleon or somewhere else entirely. Though the rest of the world seems to be distrusting magic more and more by the day, Aladdin finds himself coming to the realization that it may be his only way out of the life he's always known....

See the Wiki For More
Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Abu Open Male Skinwalkers
Aladdin Open Male The Black Sands
Carpet Open Open Tsukumogami
Cassim Open Male The Black Sands
Genie Open Open Jinn
Iago Open Male Skinwalkers
Jafar Open Male The Five Corners
Jasmine Open Female House Nejem, The Five Corners
Mozenrath Open Male The Black Sands
Rajah Open Male Skinwalkers

Alice in Wonderland
Long have the wars between the Courts of Allutheria raged. Since the Fae were banished to their own world, they have done little more than squabble over who should rule. The Court of the Bull was the first to fall to the Red Court and their Goblins. But the menace which took down the Court of Hearts was another matter all together.

Not all of the Fae despise the gods. Not all of the Fae’s creations respect the Fae. Some flocked to the worship of the god of Chaos, creating one of the few centers of worship to the gods in all of Allutheria. Gifted with a collective conscience that allowed magical communication over great distances, the congregation called themselves the Mad Tea Party and termed their chapel ‘Wonderland’. With the mission of spreading chaos throughout the Fae lands, they were instrumental in the destruction of the Court of Hearts and are the reason the Queen now finds herself without a kingdom.

Alice was a traumatized and orphaned young girl, found by the Cheshire Cat, she was taken to the Red Court to foster, but the Cheshire Cat had great designs for her. If she has her way, young Alice will become the future priestess of their Mad Tea Party. After the denizens of Wonderland orchestrated the fall of the Red Court as well, Alice found herself in their temple, Wonderland, for the first time, where everything is crazy and nothing is as it seems.

The White Court is now the premiere Court in Allutheria, the only Court that has not been destroyed by Blight or insanity or relocated to Ga'leah with the aid of the gods. But that may not remain, for the White Rabbit is a former member of their court, now expelled and joining the Mad Tea Party, he is intent upon his revenge and hopeful to see the White Court fall with all the others.

See the Wiki For More
Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Alice Open Female Mad Tea Party, Red Court
Bandersnatch Open Open Faemiliars, Mad Tea Party
Caterpillar Open Open Faemiliars, Mad Tea Party
Cheshire Cat Taken Open Faemiliars, Mad Tea Party
Dormouse Open Open Faemiliars, Mad Tea Party
The Hatter Open Male Mad Tea Party
Jabberwocky Open Open Faemiliars, Mad Tea Party
Knave of Hearts Open Open Court of Hearts, Mad Tea Party
The March Hare Open Open Faemiliars, Mad Tea Party
The Queen of Hearts Open Female See Hercules Canon Tale
Tweedle Dee Open Male
Tweedle Dum Taken Male
The White Queen Taken Female White Court
The White Rabbit Open Open Mad Tea Party, White Court

& The 3 Musketeers
After Maleficent cursed the Princess of Dokrayth and she fell into an enchanted sleep, her heartbroken mother and father collected an elite group of soldiers and knights to stand as her sentries and protect her both day and night. Though they guarded her for many years, it was decided that these ‘Musketeers’ would be best served as the elite guard of the royal family and not protecting a young woman who was likely never going to awaken from her cursed slumber.

Richelieu was once the most trusted adviser of the Vauclain family and aided the King and Queen in most of their governing decisions, but he secretly craved their power and coveted their throne. When the Blight appeared at the castle gates, he seized his opportunity and slayed the King and Queen in cold blood, letting the Walking Starvation cover his tracks and erase any evidence of his crime. Only, unbeknownst to him, the Princess saw the treacherous act and escaped the carnage of the fall of Dokrayth, aided by a childhood friend and young Musketeer in training. She was so effected by the horror that she witnessed, that her memory of the events have all but been erased and the young Musketeer, D’Artagnan, who helped her escape, mistakenly believes that she has succumbed to the Blight.

With the animosity towards the Vauclains and the widely held belief that the heirs of the royal family abandoned their people, the Princess thought it best to conceal her identity and instead determined to find help for her people. With the Blight defeated, she is now equally determined to find a way to make Dokrayth habitable again so that her people can return to their homes and lives even if they no longer recognize her as their princess.

Richelieu, however, is attempting to take advantage of the Vauclain family's absence to instill himself as the new King of Dokrayth with the support of the new formed Cult of Veritas. Only the remaining Musketeers seem to recognize what a threat he is to the kingdom and its people. They are determined to stop him even if they do not yet know that their Princes and Princess are alive and that Richelieu himself is responsible for the murder of the King and Queen.

See the Wiki For More
Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Anastasia Open Female House Vauclain, Soristine
Aramis Open Male Musketeers
Athos Open Male Musketeers
D'Artagnan Open Male Musketeers, Soristine
Porthos Open Male House DunBroch, Musketeers
Richelieu Open Male Cult of Veritas, Soristine

Beauty and the Beast
Mordred, the illegitimate son of the High King of Ga'leah was brought up by his mother, Morgana, to be consumed by his own desires. Selfish, treacherous, unkind, he ran afoul of one of the Pantheon just before the beginnings of the plagues that now run rampant throughout the kingdoms. Transformed into a beastly creature whose outward appearance directly reflects the monstrosity of his soul, he was abandoned by his mother to their countryside home in Dokrayth where the shame of his current condition would not be discovered by anyone in Caerleon. But Mordred was her son, and so Morgana provided him with a cursed staff whose often shocking conditions were caused by her experimentation with magic.

Belle was a young woman who lived in the one remaining settlement in Dokrayth, the town of Aeswick. The small community managed to survive the Walking Starvation by working together and protecting the town to the best of their ability. What food they managed to find was scavenged in the Yarrow located very near the village. Belle had been tasked with foraging for food and herbs in the surrounding countryside. Her explorations brought her closer and closer to the abandoned castle Mordred commandeered and shored up against attack. Taken prisoner by Mordred, she was forced to remain by his side even after the Beast's castle was destroyed by the Blight.

Forced to relocate, the Beast kept Belle his prisoner, leading her away from the Blight ravaged land of Dokrayth to the kingdom of Xehacora where he and his mother once had a home he frequented when human. Bound by the magic worked upon them by Morgana, his servants too found themselves drawn to follow their master to Xehacora and continue serving whatever dastardly plans the man may have in mind.

See the Wiki For More
Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
The Beast Open Male Curses
Belle Taken Female
Chip Open Male
Cogsworth Open Male
Fifi Open Open
Gaston Open Male Cult of Veritas
Lumiere Open Male
Maurice Open Male
Mrs Potts Open Female

Black Cauldron
The Horned King was once the mighty Fae of Autumn until the Green Man ripped away his special powers and left him nothing more than any other Fae, banished to Allutheria to begin anew. He reinvented himself and built a court called the Court of the Bull. In time, his court was targeted by a powerful rival, the Red Court, who with the help of his own son, Lir, were able to release the Gobins as a weapon to bring them all down. The Horned King fled the wreckage of his kingdom with those he could save, including his son, Lir, who he punished severely for his transgressions by cursing him with the form of an enslaved, great, flaming, Red Bull.

Unable to find the mythical Black Cauldron, a lost weapon of the war with the gods, he instead forced his son to round up the unicorns to sacrifice in the hopes that their ability to nullify magic would make him impervious to other's enchantments. When Amalthea, the last unicorn, turned herself over to them, she believed she could still save them. Instead, she was forced to watch them slaughtered one by one. Furious over their death, she helped Lir to kill his father and assume his title as the Horned King.

Lir was not as willing to forget the legend of the Black Cauldron, the weapon forged during the war with the gods that could amplify any magic into something godlike and unstoppable. The newly crowned Horned King with his Horned Queen, Amalthea, by his side were determined to locate the Black Cauldron by any means necessary so that they could use it to destroy magic once and for all.

Taran was nothing but a Changeling boy, found by Dalben and invited to remain with the High Priest of the lord of time to help the man live his life far from the influences and intrigues of Fae Courts. Dalben also had a secret, his pig Hen Wen was more than any mere pig…she was the first priestess of the Forebearer whose gifts of foresight were much too strong for her human mind to bear. To spare her sanity, the Forebearer transformed her into a pig to live out the remainder of her life in peace…but he failed to remove the gift of foresight. Dalben had been caring for the pig ever since. But the Blight which destroyed Caelum weakened the powers of the Pantheon and also weakened the enchantment placed on Hen Wen. Without rhyme or reason, Hen Wen has begun to resume human form for sometimes hours or days at a time before she’s once more transformed into a pig. Now, she hides in the Neverwood Forest with a Freehold of thieves and ruffians calling herself Molly Grue. The new Horned King has learned of Hen Wen’s presence in Allutheria and become determined to retrieve the oracular pig, believing that she would lead him directly to the Black Cauldron.

Little does the new Horned King know that within his dungeon there sits a Fae who was once Amalthea's only friend, Schemendrick who is pretending to be a bard named Fflewddur Fflam to get get close to her and a young Fae who might very well be his undoing, for the Princess of the Court of the Bull, his sister, Eilonwy, was saved from the labyrinth by her father, the first Horned King. Unsure how to be a father to her after all he had suffered, the Horned King bound her powers into a shining orb of light and cast her into his dungeons until he had time to deal with her properly. But Eilonwy has found a way to use her powers, even within the orb in which they are entombed, and she has found a way out of the Horned King’s dungeons, out into Allutheria…and she may know more about the Horned King’s plans than even he realizes…

See the Wiki For More
Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Amalthea Taken Female Unicorns
Cat Taken Female
Dalben Open Male Priesthood
Eilonwy Open Female Court of the Bull
Gurgi Open Open
Hen Wen Open Female Priesthood
Lir Open Male Court of the Bull
Schmendrick Open Male
Skeleton Open Male Ghoul
Taran Open Male Changeling

When all of the beauty turns to pain When all of the madness falls like rain As long as we crash and we collide We will be gorgeous, you and I.

The Bard
Jan 10 2014, 03:10 AM Quote

& Goldilocks
During the war with the Fae, the Huntress sought to contribute to the forces fighting on the front lines. So, she fashioned a curse that would transform a Fae into a mighty warrior of the Huntress, a Berserker, a creature of fury who assumed the form of a bear when enraged. When in bear form, they could be controlled by the Huntress, and so the soldiers were used as infantry, fighting a war against their will in a form that had been forced upon them. When the war ended, only the Fae, Mor’du, escaped the Huntress by hiding himself in the Yarrow and entering into a magical hibernation, one that would last for nearly two thousand years.

When Mor’du awoke and stumbled out into the woodlands angry, hungry, and confused, he came upon a human hunter in the forest and a battle ensued, one that saw the hunter injuring his leg and contracting the curse that the Huntress had thought died out with the end of the War.

Fergus unknowingly brought the curse home to his family. The first time he grew angry after returning home, he accidentally infected his oldest triplet son with the curse. Though he tried to control his temper from that point forward, his son was just a boy and it was much more difficult.

Merida knew nothing of her father and brother’s condition, nor did she understand that they were anxious to marry her to another nobleman and send her away before news of their condition became known to others and they were hunted to extinction. After a fight with her mother, Merida left with her bow, desperate to find someone to help her escape her fate as a wife. When she returned home, she found it in a shambles and most of her family missing. Only two of her triplet brothers remained, both with the same story about bears attacking and their mother being injured and dragged away. For the last five years, Merida has sought any sign of her father, brother, and mother, but to no avail. Meanwhile, her other two brothers have made lives for themselves under aliases as a Musketeer and a Knight of the Round Table and seemingly gave up on ever knowing the truth of what happened to the rest of their family. Meanwhile, Fergus, Elinor and their infected son fled to the Yarrow where they hoped to hide until a cure for their condition could be found. Unfortunately, this did not prove possible. Calling himself John Little, Fergus nonetheless found an ally in Robin Hood.

Goldie Locke was a young woman in Aeswick tasked with helping to find food for her village, she ventured into the countryside, the Yarrow, and smaller, less enchanted forests quite frequently. On one such trip, she encountered a home in the woods where a strange, new family had taken up residence. The Dunbrochs had taken to hiding in the woods far from human civilization to protect their shameful secret until a cure for their condition could be found. They had thought their home a perfect hideaway…until Goldie stumbled upon it. Although Goldie thought she escaped them with nothing more than a scratch, she was wrong. That scratch had transferred their curse to her, and with each day that passed Goldilocks came closer to embracing her fate as one of the Berserkers…Now the Dunbrochs find themselves hunting her, both to save her and to spare them the shame of their secrets being realized…but with the Blight destroying much of Ga'leah, they were forced to re-enter human civilization. Now, between the concentrated population of refugees in Caerleon and Goldie's infection with the Berserker curse, they fear that their secret will not remain so for much longer.

See the Brave Wiki For More
See the Goldilocks Wiki For More
Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Elinor Dunbroch Open Female Berserkers, House DunBroch
Fergus Dunbroch Open Male Berserkers, House DunBroch, Merry Men
Goldielocks Open Female Aeswick, Berserkers
Hamish DunBroch Open Male Berserkers, House DunBroch
Harris DunBroch Open Male House DunBroch, Knights of the Round Table
Hubert DunBroch Open Male House DunBroch, Musketeers
Merida Dunbroch Open Female House DunBroch
Mor'du Open Male Berserkers

& Frog Prince
There once was a Fae man who volunteered to serve the Fae in the Order of Fate, an organization of Fae from every Court and Freehold in Allutheria dedicated to safeguarding magic in Ga’leah by patrolling the only known portal between the lands and by collecting any magic objects which strayed into the wrong, human hands. Through his service he met and and fell in love with a beautiful human woman who in time bore him a beautiful Half Fae daughter. The Half Fae were not smiled upon by the Order of Fate, so he kept the child and her mother a secret. Even after the little girl’s mortal mother died of an isolated incidence of Dokyth Fever, he merely paid a human staff to care for the girl. Until the day he met and fell in love with a beautiful Fae Woman on the Allutherian side of the portal.

She was a woman dedicated to enhancing her own power by any means necessary and believed that by marrying an upstanding member of the Order of Fate that she would gain some of the prestige she had always wanted. Instead, she found herself and her two daughters whisked from Allutheria to the human land of Ga’leah and placed in the home where he had hidden away his Half Fae daughter. Shortly thereafter, the Fae man died, leaving his new wife a widow and his daughter an orphan. Unable to gain prestige through her marriage, the Stepmother set her sights on the Half Fae whose parentage had granted her a fair amount of power, more power than she or her daughters possessed even as full Fae. Jealous of the girl’s power, she set about draining them, using it to supplement their own power with the foolish little Half Fae none the wiser.

It was not until the family was invited to a royal ball under the pretense of finding the newly crowned heir to the Xehacoran throne a suitable bride that the Stepmother’s hopes or herself and her children were reignited. Though she tried to forbid her enslaved stepdaughter from attending, one of the Order of Fate, a friend of her father’s, took pity on the girl and gave her the means to attend the ball…an unfortunate thing indeed, for the ball was all a ruse to round up any magic wielding woman in Xehacora so that they could be ‘freed’ of their magic in a great purge…

The Prince had never intended to become King of Xehacora. He was the spare and was quite content to remain the spare, but upon his brother’s disappearance, he found himself thrust into a role he did not covet for himself. He went through great pains to make others believe that he was nothing more than a fop, a superficial nitwit, when the heart that truly beat within him was one of a hero. Caught causing trouble for the Xehacoran Court with his insatiable appetite or beautiful women, one of the Fae advisers to his mother cursed him into the form of a frog until he learned to properly control his libido. Now, everytime he finds himself enjoying a beautiful woman, he transforms into a frog for several hours.

As if this was not bad enough, the growing unrest in Xehacora and the animosity towards all things magical left him uneasy and fearing for the well being of so many in Ga’leah. When he caught wind of the plans for the ball being thrown in his honor, he was determined to save those that he could. Those that he was certain would not use their magic with ill intent. The lovely Half Fae was one of them, a young woman that bewitched him with her beauty and whom he was determined to help escape the ball with her life. For his effort, he was granted only a glass slipper by which to locate her, and locate her he must before those that wish to liberate her find her first…

See the Cinderella Wiki For More

See the Frog Prince Wiki For More
Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Cinderella Open Female Half Fae, The Order of Fate
The King Open Male House Marillac
The Prince Taken Male Curses, Demigod
Stepmother Open Female Cult of Veritas
Stepsister 1 Open Female Cult of Veritas
Stepsister 2 Open Female Cult of Veritas

Before the Fae rebelled against their creators, the Fae of Spring was a gentle soul filled with innocence and love for all of creation. She was not as boastful and proud as her brethren, but when they were punished for their disobedience, she was punished with them. When her powers were ripped away, the Fae of Spring lost her sanity along with them. She found herself in Allutheria with the other Fae being cared for by a male who had always loved her. He built for her a court of her own and crowned her the Queen of Hearts, his Queen. But she had grown bitter and hateful and the King found that she was not the woman he loved. He found love elsewhere, in the arms of a young Changeling woman who served their Court. Their affair lasted for a quite some time until the Changeling became pregnant. Desperate to keep the child from his Queen, the King hid the Changeling away until she bore her son. The boy was marked as a Changeling, and his powers were bound by the King to keep the Queen from ever learning the truth….but the Queen was no fool. As the boy was made to grow magically and instilled with the knowledge he would need to serve the Court, he bore a remarkable resemblance to the King. At last, when the truth was discovered, the Queen’s jealousy knew no bounds.

In a blind rage, she demanded the child be put to death. Instead, the King banished him from Allutheria where the Queen would never have to look upon him again. But before he was sent away, the King sought to give him one small gift, he unbound just enough of Hercules’ powers to grant him a supernatural strength the likes of which no one in Ga’leah would have ever seen. This small gift did not go unnoticed by the Queen of Hearts, who similarly cursed Hercules and his strength. If he used it too often or for too long, it would be accompanied by a madness that would rob him of his self-control and sometimes even his memories of the events.

Hercules made his way to a cousin of his mother’s, a woman who had a son of her own, Jason, who was roughly Hercules’ own physical age. Hercules became a man whose strength was renowned. He even took a wife in the spirited and beautiful Megara, a woman who would later bear him children…but his happiness was to be short lived. The Queen of Hearts had never stopped spying on the bastard son of her husband, and when she discovered his joy she sought to destroy it. Using magic, she triggered the insanity she had planted within him, causing the mighty Hercules to seemingly slay his wife and children in cold blood.

Waking to find what he thought were their cold, dead bodies, Hercules fled his home in a panic. He sought help from the Order of Fate, beseeching them to help him unbind his powers so that he might seek vengeance against the Queen of Hearts who had robbed him of all that he held dear in the world. But the Order of Fate would not simply grant him his wish, instead they demanded that he fulfill twelve quests for them and retrieve twelve objects of power they had long sought to add to their sizable collection. If he succeeded in delivering all of them to the Order of Fate, his powers would be free.

Little did he know that the Queen of Hearts herself was about to be offered the return of her Springly powers in return for making a truce with the Pantheon and using her powers to help feed the masses…or that the former Fae of Summer, Hippolyta, had made a similar deal with the gods to free herself and her people from Allutheria in exchange for aiding the Pantheon to destroy the Blight and help restore the land. Hecules' labors would eventually take him straight to Hippolyta, who sheltered amongst her Court of Amazon warrior women, Megara, who was only just recovering from the trauma she had been forced to suffer at her husband’s hands…

See the Wiki For More
Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Hercules Open Male Jason & The Argonauts, Curses, Half Fae, Order of Fate
Hippolyta Taken Female Amazons, Seasons
Megara Open Female Amazons
Queen of Hearts Open Female Court of Hearts, Mad Tea Party

Jason and the Argonauts
& Moana
When the first effects of the Blight began to take a toll upon Ga'leah, the King of Dokrayth commissioned the creation of a ship from wood harvested from the magical trees of the Yarrow. A special crew was handpicked by a mysterious young man named Jason who claimed to be distantly related to the Pirate King. Among their ranks was Hercules, a Half-Fae on a quest of his own; Orpheus, a gifted bard; Atalanta, a former Amazon; and the twins Castor and Pollux who were destined to be separated by inordinately unequal lifespans.

The Golden Fleece, according to legend, was a magical object whose creation remains largely unknown. Said to be able to cure any ailment or injury, the King feared that only the Fleece could stop the spread of the Walking Starvation and save Dokrayth. Sadly, it was not found in time to save the kingdom. Nor was it found before the Blight claimed the Maritanis and the Argonauts were grounded. Though the plague was defeated, the land was far from healed. With the former Kingdom of Dokrayth and the Maritanis now haunted by the souls of those lost in the Blight, the Argonauts once more took up their quest to find the Golden Fleece in the hopes that it could exorcise the spirits and allow the land and sea to be free at last.

Maui was the demigod son of the Huntress, goddess of animals and the hunt. Born to her from a Powhatan father, the Huntress knew that the rest of the Pantheon would kill the child the moment he was discovered. So, she set him adrift on the open sea to be consumed by some animal not of her own creation, thinking it kinder than leaving him to the wrath of the gods. But he was found by the goddess of the sea, Lyrielle, and taken beneath the waves to be raised as her son. To protect him from the gods, Lyrielle confined his power within a magical fish hook. So long as it was within his possession, he could transform into any animal he wished with but a thought and the gods would never be the wiser. But Maui was not a seafaring soul by nature and soon found himself drawn to the land. When he left his adoptive mother behind, he broke her heart, and now that the Maritanis is gone he has sworn never to set foot on the sea again. However, he may be the only one with the knowledge to combat the spectral monsters that now populate the ocean and stand between the Argonauts and the Fleece.

Moana was one of the Powhatan, a young woman who felt her destiny was not confined to the Oasis that her people called home. She longed to sail the open waters and was devastated by the loss of the Maritanis and her own Oasis to the Blight. Just as the ocean was cured of the Blight, a wave brought her a special gift. The glowing object is powerful, more powerful than she knows, for it is the Heart of Lyrielle, the now dead goddess of the sea. It may well have the power to restore the Maritanis to its former glory by repopulating the sea with living, breathing creatures, but only if it is returned to her altar on Treasure Island. Desperate to find a way to the fabled Island, her destiny may well find her on the seas alongside Jason and the Argonauts.

See the Moana Wiki For More

See the Argonauts Wiki For More
Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Atalanta Open Female Amazons
Castor Open Male
Hercules Open Male See Hercules
Jason Open Male Pirates
Maui Open Male Demigod, Maui's Fishhook
Moana Open Female Heart of Lyrielle, Powhatan
Orpheus Taken Male
Pollux Open Male Half Fae

King Arthur
Once there was a man who sought to unite the kingdoms of Ga’leah. Uther raised an army and one by one dominated each land until all of the Kingdoms recognized him as their ‘High King’. But peace won through violence is difficult to maintain, and so Uther was poisoned by an unknown enemy and it seemed the kingdoms would once again be free to rule themselves. But an enchanted sword revealed Uther’s heir, a young man destined to truly unite the lands. Arthur ushered in a time of peace and utopia unlike anything Ga’leah had ever known. It was not to last. When his wife’s affair with his champion and best friend came to light, Sir Lancelot was banished from Caerleon and Queen Gwenhwyfar was destined to burn at the stake. Everyone expected Lancelot to ride to her rescue, and so he did, but not as a man. Lancelot came at the helm of a horde of the undead who laid siege to Caerleon. King Arthur was unable to destroy the corpse of his best friend, and so the Queen took up Excalibur and did so herself…leading the charge against the infected.

Nimue was not content to see her adoptive son die and abducted a Grail Maiden, Rapunzel, whose blood she could drain to resurrect her son. Lancelot rose from the dead but found it difficult to deal with both the sins he had committed and the sins that had been committed in his name. Meanwhile, Merlin had been infected by the Blight and after months of struggling to fight it, nearly succumbed. It was only Nimue's efforts to save him as well that saw him rise from the dead, this time as a man she did not recognize.

After months of wallowing in alcohol and his own self pity, the great King Arthur emerged to find his wife still fighting his battles. Surprisingly, both were able to forgive each other for their transgressions and together forged a kingdom strong enough to support the refugees of the Blight and even, in time, strong enough to work together with heroes from all over Ga'leah and Allutheria to destroy the Blight and save the world.

In the months since the Blight, the High Court has been attempting to help Ga'leah rebuild and recover from all that they endured. But a new enemy has already set sights upon them and the 'truth' will not set them free...

Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Arthur Taken Male House Pendragon
Bedivere Open Male Knighs of the Round Table
Bors Open Male House DunBroch, Knights of the Round Table
Elaine Taken Female Grail Maiden
Gaheris Open Male Knights of the Round Table
Galahad Open Male Knights of the Round Table
Gawain Open Male Knights of the Round Table
Gwenhwyfar Taken Female House Pendragon
Iseult Taken Female
Kay Open Male Knights of the Round Table
Lancelot Open Male Knights of the Round Table
Merlin Taken Male
Mordred Open Male See Beauty & the Beast
Morgana Taken Female See Beauty & the Beast
Nimue Taken Female Half Fae, Order of Fate
Percival Open Male Knights of the Round Table
Ragnelle Open Female
Tristan Open Male Knights of the Round Table

& Rumpelstiltskin
Sarah Williams was a desperate young woman who wanted to find a way to better her life. When she made the agreement with the Goblin King, she didn't understand the cost of his magical assistance. In return for spinning straw into gold and bettering her life as a refugee following the destruction of Ga'leah by the Blight, she would be sacrificing her stepbrother to a life of slavery as a Changeling in Allutheria. She did not understand this…until the night he was taken. Frightened and determined to rescue him, she set off on a mission to infiltrate the Labyrinth and defy the Goblin King with the assistance of a knight, a goblin, and a cursed creature of the Labyrinth.

Ludo was once the son of the Evil Queen of Calladahn. Though his mother loved him, she sacrificed him to the Goblin King in exchange for the power she would need to crown herself Queen of Calladahn. Fathered by the Hunstman, his wolfen inheritance showed itself when he was marked as a Changeling and he transformed into a great beast. Now kept as a guard dog with his beastial form invoked at the Goblin King’s will, Ludo needs a miracle to save him from his nightmarish existence.

The Goblin King was not always called Jareth. Jareth was a name he selected for himself the day he crowned himself King of the Goblins. The Labyrinth was once the site of the mighty Court of the Bull, until the warring courts of Allutheria created the Goblins as a biological weapon that could level the court and perhaps destroy all of Allutheria as well. The Labyrinth was constructed to cage the Goblins. Everyone else had written off the creatures as useless now that their job was done, but not the Goblin King. He saw them as a force of power and destruction that he learned to control with promises of beauty bought with the youth of the adolescents he enslaved as Changelings. He was once Rumpelstiltskin, a Fae who made deals to acquire children he could use to increase his own power. But when a Fae is cursed to be controlled by anyone who knows his name, it is in the Fae’s best interest to change that name, his appearance, and perhaps his whole identity to avoid such unpleasantness. And thus, the Goblin King was born…

Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Jareth Open Male Goblin Cout
Sarah Williams Open Female
Toby Williams Open Male Changeling
Hoggle Open Male Goblin
Ludo Open Male Curses
Sir Didymus Taken Male
The Worm Open Open See Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland
The Junk Lady Open Female
The Wiseman Taken Open See Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland

When all of the beauty turns to pain When all of the madness falls like rain As long as we crash and we collide We will be gorgeous, you and I.

The Bard
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Lion King
& Bambi
Canon Tale Here
Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Simba Taken Male
Nala Taken Female
Scar Open Male
Bambi Taken Male
Faline Open Female
Thumper Open Male
Flower Open Male
Timon Open Male
Pumba Open Male
Rafiki Open Male
Zazu Open Male
Ed Open Male
Banzai Open Male
Shenzi Open Female
Zira Open Female
Sarabi Open Female
Serafina Open Female

Little Mermaid
& Treasure Island
Canon Tale Here
Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Ariel Open Female
Eric Open Male
Ursula Open Female
Sebastian Open Male
Flounder Open Male
Long John Silver Open Male See Captain Hook in Peter Pan
Aquata Open Female
Andrina Open Female
Arista Open Female
Adella Open Female
Alana Open Male
Smee Open Male
Scuttle Open Male
Flotsam Open Male
Jetsam Open Male
Sarabi Open Female
Serafina Open Female

Canon Tale Here
Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Mulan Taken Gender Fluid
Mushu Open Male
Li Shang Open Male
Yao Open Male
Ling Open Male
Chien-Po Open Male

& Fern Gully
Canon Tale Here
Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Pocahontas Open Female
John Smith Open Male
Crysta Open Female
Zak Open Male
Kocoum Open Male
Meeko Open Open
Flit Open Open
Magi Lune Open Female
Grandmother Willow Open Female
Hexxus Open Male
Pips Open Male
Batty Koda Open Male
Powhatan Open Male
Nakoma Open Female

Canon Tale Here
Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Rapunzel Open Female
Eugene/Flynn Open Male
Morgana Taken Female See King Arthur & Beauty and the Beast
Pascal Open Open
Maximillian Open Male

Red Riding Hood
& Dracula
Canon Tale Here
Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Dracula Open Male
Jonathon Harker Open Male See Eugene/Flynn in Rapunzel
Bride #1 (Grandmother/Red Riding Hood) Open Female
Bride #2 (Red Riding Hood Heir) Open Female
Bride #3 (Red Riding Hood Heir) Open Female
The Woodcutter/Van Helsing Open Male
Renfield Open Mle
Mina Harker Open See Rapunzel in Rapunzel
The Huntsman Taken Male

Robin Hood
Canon Tale Here
Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Robin Hood Taken Male
Maid Marian Taken Female
The Sheriff Open Male
Little John Open Male
Will Scarlet Open Male
Friar Tuck Open Male
Lord John Open Male

Sleeping Beauty
Canon Tale Here
Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Aurora Open Female
Maleficent Taken Female
Solharan Prince Taken Male
Flora Open Female
Merriweater Open Female
Fauna Open Female

When all of the beauty turns to pain When all of the madness falls like rain As long as we crash and we collide We will be gorgeous, you and I.

The Bard
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Snow Queen
Canon Tale Here
Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Elsa Open Female
Jack Frost Taken Male
Anna Open Female
Gerda Taken Female
Kai Open Male
Kristoff Open Male

Snow White
& Peter Pan
Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Snow White Open Female
Peter Pan Open Male
Evil Queen Open Female
Captain Hook Open Male See Long John Silver in Little Mermaid & Treasure Island
The Huntsman Taken Male
Tinkerbell Open Female Cinderella
Rufio Open Male
Tiger Lily Open Female Pocahontas
Slightly Open Male
Nibs Open Male
Cubby Open Male
Tootles Open Male
Twin (1) Open Male
Twin (2) Open Male

Swan Lake
Canon Tale Here
Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Odette Taken Female
Odile Open Female
Rothbart Open Male
Dokraythian Prince Open Male

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