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 An Enemy, and A...It's Complicated, Jareth and The Queen of Hearts

But you must believe in something, and sometimes that something is real. Sometimes our motivations are tied up in what we feel.

Oct 18 2017, 01:09 PM / Post #: 36597 Quote

Name: Jareth "The Goblin King"
Race: Fae
Last Known Location: Allutheria
Hobbies: Kidnapping children, bullying goblins, wearing really tight pants.
PB: Entirely up to you.

Dumas and Devon Tweed were only six years old when one of Jareth's agents lured them from their home. They were taken to Allutheria, where the Goblin King stole their youth to fuel his magic, transforming them into changelings. Then he spent the next few decades alternately ignoring or tormenting the twins, until eventually selling them as slaves to the Court of Hearts.

Dumas doesn't exactly hate Jareth. In a twisted way, he views him as a father figure. But he definitely wants to put a stop to the whole "stealing children" thing and is going to begin taking action on that front. Also, Dumas's infant daughter was kidnapped by her maternal grandmother, and I think it would be really interesting if she (the daughter) ends up in Jareth's hands. That could lead to a very epic confrontation.

More information on Jareth's general role at OUAN can be found HERE. Scroll down until you get to the image labeled "Labyrinth & Rumpelstiltskin" and click on the header labeled "Tale".

Name: Your Choice "The Queen of Hearts"
Race: Fae
Last Known Location: Allutheria? Maybe?
Hobbies: Swearing vengeance against the gods, beheading people, gardening.
Face Claim: Entirely up to you.

The Queen of Hearts was once the embodiment of Spring, one of the first four fae created by the gods. But when war broke out between the gods and the fae, her daughters were stolen from her, and she was eventually banished to Allutheria along with the rest of her kind. At first, she tried to make the best of her situation, taking a husband and forming the Court of Hearts. Unfortunately, centuries of imprisonment (along with her husband's infidelity) slowly took their toll, pushing her into madness.

Dumas first encountered her while he was serving as a gardener at the Court of Hearts. Enchanted by her beauty and filled with compassion for her suffering, he fell head over heels in love. But a changeling slave could never confess his true feelings to a fairy queen. So he simply did his best to help her, including saving her on the night that the Mad Tea Party slaughtered the Court of Hearts.

When someone else played this character, Dumas eventually worked up the nerve to tell his beloved how he felt, and the two became a romantic couple. But I'm not holding a new player to that. Dumas's memories got seriously scrambled the last time visited Allutheria, so there can be a huge gap between what he thinks happened and what actually happened. Also, Dumas has a daughter with another character (long story), so even if you decide to continue the romance, there will be complications.

Anyway, romance or not, Dumas cares a great deal about His Queen, and I'd really like for him to be able to meet her again. Where they go from there is entirely up to us.


Dec 7 2017, 10:04 PM / Post #: 37231 Quote

Hello! I was wondering if this ad is still active? I am interested in the Queen of Hearts, however, my queries kind of led me down a rabbit hole of sorts. I chatted with a few members in the cbox and there seemed to be confusion over whether or not the Queen is still alive and if she is needed. Any information you could provide would be wonderful! I've read all that I have access to as a guest. smile.gif Anyways, thanks for your time!

But you must believe in something, and sometimes that something is real. Sometimes our motivations are tied up in what we feel.

Dec 8 2017, 01:48 AM / Post #: 37232 Quote

Hello Len!

Yes, this ad is very much still active and wanted. I think some of the confusion you ran into is that some people aren't clear on the difference between the Red Queen (who is dead) and The Queen of Hearts (who is not).

This is a summary of what happened in game when she was being played by someone else:

After the Mad Tea party slaughtered most of her court, Dumas helped the Queen of Hearts escape from Allutheria (the realm of the Fae). They travelled around Ga'leah for awhile, finally finding sanctuary in Xehacora because QoH was on friendly terms with Maleficent. It's implied that QoH made some sort of deal with Mal, but the exact nature has never been stated, so that would be up to you.

After a brief stay in Xehacora, QoH and Dumas set off to find another old ally, Jack Frost. On their way to the Hyadies, they attended the party where they confessed their love for each other, if you want that to have actually happened. Maybe she just said what Dumas wanted to hear in order to manipulate him. Maybe she didn't say anything and he just remembers it wrong. Lots of leeway there.

Dumas remembers them getting into the mountains, but after that, things are blurry. Largely because that's when personal matters forced me to quit the site for awhile.

This last part has never been played out, but is my explanation for what happened with Dumas while I was gone. About four months ago (game time), Dumas and QoH went to Allutheria to look for Dumas's brother. They got separated and something happened to Dumas (he still doesn't know what) that scrambled his memories. You can decide what she's been up to since then.

Do you have any specific questions? I could give a lot more details, but most of them would just be telling you how the last person played her, and I don't necessarily want to confine you to that.

Thanks for your interest!


Dec 8 2017, 10:25 AM / Post #: 37235 Quote

Awesome thank you! I can't seem to open up the discord server in the app itself but my handle is Lennie
#2849 if you care to add me smile.gif

But you must believe in something, and sometimes that something is real. Sometimes our motivations are tied up in what we feel.

Dec 8 2017, 11:38 AM / Post #: 37236 Quote

Sent you a friend request! At least, I think I did. I'm just beginning to learn how to use Discord. Let me know if you don't get it.

I'm Falcon#7002

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