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 Bryoeny Valenth, Druidess

Bryoeny Valenth
Dec 20 2017, 12:03 AM / Post #: 37280 Quote

Bryoeny Valenth
The Yarrow

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Daria Milky

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Bryoeny Valenth:

Bryoeny has always thought that she was abandoned as a young child, but it has just been revealed that she was a sole survivor in a horrible attack which left her mother and twin brother dead, and her just barely hanging on. She was just an infant at the time which is why she doesn’t remember anything from that previous life. Nothing however is known about her father and after many years it has just been assumed that he had passed as well. Her family as she knows them now is a wonderful older druid couple that happened to come across the scene of the attack on that dreadful day and save her. They had a boy of their own who grew up and left the house and was happy to take her in.

Growing up with the Druids has been extremely interesting and challenging for her. She doesn’t quite fit in with them, in more ways than just her adoptive status. She is half druid and half fae, which wouldn’t have been such a big deal if she had her parents with her to guide and teach her. However, as a result of the fae blood in her she has the capability of powerful magic beyond that of the druids. A magic much stronger in intensity than the average druids, and with consequences to follow such use. Her lack of fae training causes her magic to be highly unreliable and completely connected to her emotions rather than it being a honed skill. Because of the connection to emotions her magic tends to be a hit or miss (unless in a dire situation) with no medium. It either doesn’t work, or works as complete overkill for the situation. She is able to do the elemental magic: air, earth, water, and fire, however unlike most druids she is most connected to water rather than earth. Water magic is her best bet on magical abilities that will not blow up in her face, and has a higher rate of success. Fire is just the worst. Just saying. You could want a minor campfire to be started, and she would cause a minor forest fire instead.

Bryoeny is compassionate, empathetic, and kind. Perhaps a bit too much as she also tends to be very gullible. Often, she appears to be in her own little world, not paying attention when she should, and tries to see only the good in others. People around her tend to view her as flighty, but she is okay with that and uses this as a coping device when bad seems to be closing in around her. Although she can seem scatterbrained, she’s just incredibly bad at multi-tasking. She never challenges this perception of herself, because it helps her fly under the radar in a lot of situations. Like most Druids, she prefers to live her life peacefully without any problems or issues.

With her druid half she has a slightly taller stance than an average human. However, the fae side of her keeps her shorter than the average druid. This same fae side of her is also the result of her maturing at a much slower rate than those around her. So, although she may be 10 she would not act or look like a 10-year-old druid kid. She would therefore be much better friends with someone much younger in age. Her eyes are the normal druid green that changes with the seasons. However, they tend to be a little brighter and intense than most. It is almost as if they are like her magic connected to her emotions. She has long wavy golden chestnut hair, and unlike her druid family and friends she has very pale skin that when looked at in certain light almost looks like a pale pink. This is something she gets from her fae blood. This is also something that she hates as it makes her extremely different.

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