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The Warrior Women of Allutheria

Originally found only in Themyscira in Allutheria, the Amazons have been freed from their captivity in Allutheria and are free to reside in Ga'leah once more...under a few conditions..

The Amazons are a group of warrior women founded by the former Fae of Summer, Hippolyta. After the murder of her first love, Hippolyta committed herself to training women to fight for themselves and to protect those women who were being victimized by men. The Amazons were key to the fighting in the Great War with the Gods and were exiled to Allutheria with their queen as a result.

The Amazons resided in the settlement of Themyscira with their Queen for nearly two thousand years before the Blight destroyed their home and forced them to flee. Desperate to see an end to the senseless deaths of women, Hippolyta struck a deal with the Pantheon which allows the Amazons to return to Ga'leah under the condition that they work with and for the Pantheon.


Originally affiliated with no one but themselves, after the Blight ravaged Ga'leah and Themyscira, Hippolyta struck an agreement with the Pantheon. She would work with them and protect humanity from the Blight and other threats, as long as she and her Amazons were allowed to remain in Ga'leah and were not requested to do anything that goes against their personal beliefs.


Originally founded after Hippolyta's first love was senselessly murdered by a man, the Amazons were created to teach women to fight for themselves and to protect one another from the oppressive and violent nature of men. It began with Fae who would later fight alongside Hippolyta in the Great War with the Gods. When they were exiled to Allutheria, Hippolyta changed some of her tactics to fit their new environment.

She traveled all over Ga’leah seeking out those women who were being verbally or physically abused by men and promised to give them not only safety and security but a means to protect themselves. And so Hippolyta set about creating her sanctuary for women, teaching them to fight, imparting upon them her own ideologies. Their home was called simply the Summer Country.

Soon, Hippolyta’s empire had grown. It was filled with women who were both recruited to join their ranks and those who had come on their own, eager to join Hippolyta and her group of warrior women in the Summer Country. As their numbers grew, so too did their power. Though she had not set about to create an army, an army was what she had, and she took that army to the battlefields to fight against the gods believing that the Fae needed to be free of them once and for all.

The Fae and the Amazons lost. Hippolyta was stripped of her powers and was placed in a magical girdle meant to hold her in Allutheria. As a sign of solidarity, the Amazons put silver vambraces on their wrists to symbolize the shackles the gods had placed on their queen. It was considered sacrilege to ever remove them.

Hippolyta led her Amazons to a distant corner of Allutheria, far from the other ‘Courts’ the Fae were setting up all over the newly minted land. She wanted nothing to do with their politics. She did not even deign to call her society a ‘Court’. They were Amazons. Her women may call her their queen, but above all she was their general and they were her army.

Their land became known as Themyscira, which in one of the old tongues meant simply ‘paradise’. It was still a haven for women who were abused or neglected or wanted only to take control of their lives. In addition to rigorous training, Hippolyta instituted a sort of Missionary sect who were never truly ‘sworn in’ to the Amazonian way of life so that they might travel through the portal at Affalohn to find human women to add to their ranks. These Missionaries were ‘Sent Forth’ to carry the beliefs of the Amazon to women all over Ga’leah, as well as to bring back anything they had learned about the Pantheon or one who might be worthy to remove the girdle which held Hippolyta prisoner.


There are no men among the Amazons so there were no children born to any of the Amazon women. When women expressed to Hippolyta the desire to become mothers, she set them with the task of finding a man strong enough to give them a daughter worthy of joining their ranks. If the babe born was a son, he was exiled from their lands, for no man was allowed in the Summer Country. Once sent to Allutheria, the Amazons were tasked with training gladiators to fight in the arena of the Amazons. The strongest and best fighter would then be given the right to father Amazon children. If the child was female, she was raised as an Amazon. If the child was male, he was drained of his magic and sold to the Goblin Court to do with as they wished. The gladiators of the Amazons were either men captured in battle or slaves purchased from the Goblin Court. It was considered great sport and an even greater honor to train a gladiator for the arena.

The children of the Amazons are raised by their mothers for approximately the first seven years of their lives. Most Amazons born now are Half-Fae and not subject to the millenia long childhood of the Fae. Once children turn seven, they are taken to a military barracks where they are housed with other children of their own age and trained in the art of warfare. The training continues until the girls are roughly twenty-one years old. Although daughters have contact with their mothers after the age of seven, they never truly live under their mother's care again.

Besides childbirth and sending out missionaries to find human women, the Amazons also recruit by forming deals with the Freeholds of Allutheria. In return for Amazon protection from any violence perpetrated by other courts, the Freeholds in question will provide the Amazons with a few young women to add to their ranks every few years.

Nobility and Rank

The Amazons are very much a military organization rather than a royal court and as such their titles and ranks are slightly different.

  • Supreme Commander Hippolyta is often still called Queen despite her title.
  • General Second in command and sometimes the royal consort.
  • Brigadier Princess and also the third in command.
  • Captain Equivalent to a Duchess in a royal court, oversees large squardons.
  • Battalion Leader Equivalent to a Lady. Oversees small battallions of soldiers.
  • Hoplite A basic soldier.

Current Leader

Hippolyta is the current queen of the Amazons and has been since their inception.

Members of Note



  • Bia (Deceased) - Hippolyta's youngest daughter, she was the daughter of the Storm god and was killed by the Horned King in the Blight.

  • Larnetya (deceased) - Royal consort and general of the Amazons, she was Hippolyta's long time lover and closest confidant until her death in the final battle with Maleficent.

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