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 let there be sand, [ tag: Bao ]

Aug 25 2017, 08:19 PM Quote

trapped spirits on frozen ground
The winds picked up, kicking up dust and sand. Kicking it up into her face, where she had long since pulled one of her scarfs to cover her nose and mouth. Beneath that, her dark hair peaked through, tied back so she did not have to worry about it. Her light eyes squinted against the hot desert sun, despite winter being near to settle in. This was why she preferred the mountains in her home kingdom, but this was not a time to complain. Gerda coughed into her scarf, eyes scanning the horizon. She was used to the winter cold of the Hyadies, boots scrunching into the snow. Now, it was like the whole world was fighting against this sickness, this Blight, and nature was not happy. A small part of her was almost glad that she did not see the state of her mountainous childhood home.

It had been couple months since she last returned to Solhara. It had been a while since she been anywhere. Despite not liking being confined in Caerleon, that seemed to be the case for a lot of people. She figured if she ever found Kai he will be where the majority of the population was. She hoped. It was better than thinking the worst case scenario- that her best friend was dead. She shivered and gritted her teeth. No, he was as much as a survivor as she was.

Then the news from Solhara arrived. She would like to say she never heard of dragons, but she heard legends of them. Legends. The wind buffeted more sand, and she hoped it was just that- wind. Of’ course, at that point everyone needed to evacuate. Gerda was not a heroic person. She would have loved to stay safe in Caerleon, but well, she was not that cold. Her job description was as a guide anywhere through Ga’leah. She needed something to do, to keep her mind busy. For her, that meant pulling herself out of her funk and the idea that this was the literal end of the world. She would get people to safety. That was the least that she could do. Now, she was just within the borders of Solhara after taking her first group back to Caerleon. That had been fun. Besides the fact that about half died on the trip. Gerda had twisted her ankle, fumbling in the sands the last time, but she quickly wrapped it and now she was stubborn and on the road again.

Her pace was slow, and she sent a silent vow to the sky that she will survive. She will, and so will anybody she got to join her. The problem, she had no one specific to help. Her goal was to find anyone, at any time, and bring them back to safety. She continued for what felt like another half an hour until she thought she spotted a group in the distance. Holding up her hand, she squinted through the light. Yep, there definitely was a group of people. It could be a mirage, yet she doubted it was hot enough for that. Adjusting her scarf so it won’t fall down, she raised her hand and then started a jog in that general direction. The best jog she could manage with the shifting sands and her injured foot. She kept her hands in the air, showing that, while she had a hunting knife in her belt, she had no weapons in her hand and no intent to cause any harm.

She caught her footing before she could trip and stood at attention. She turned to what appeared to be a slight young man in the front. “Gerda Frost. You guys heading into Caerleon. I can help with that – almost ran into a sink hole on the last stretch yesterday. And it will be great to have the company back.” Lately, her forwardness came more to the forefront.

654 words
Gerda's a bit more rambly than usual. Strange for her. Hope this works ^^
by panda for OUAN

Who is that girl I see, staring straight, back at me?

Sep 18 2017, 11:53 AM Quote

genderfluid warrior

tagged: Gerda Frost
notes: help would be greatly appreciated
The winds had picked up on their back to Caerleon from Solhara. This was their third or fourth trip to Solhara in the weeks since the Blight had started to destroy it. When they had first heard of the destruction Bao had gone to The High King and Queen to inform them of the situation and they had been more than willing to let them go and save as many as possible and had even been willing to help with the evacuations. Bao and Ling had been put in charge of one group and the evacuations had been going steadily and this last trip had been important for both of them as they were going to the Fa Oasis, their soon to be former home.

What had xir truly worried were the elderly that were in their group, including xir parents. Grandmother Fa had not survived but they had. Not only did they have to contend with the sand and dangerous conditions; but them outing xir. They were being kind for now, but xe wasn't sure how long that would last. Hopefully for as long as it took to get the group safely back to Caerleon and they were in a refugee camp.

Unfortunately with the wind picking up and the sand causing them to lose their way xe wasn't sure when that would be. Even Mushu was hidden safely in the bag on xir hip to avoid the sand. With his age it wasn't good for him to be out anyway. Xe looked around and through the sand xe thought xe saw a form walking towards them. Leaving Ling in charge xe moved over to the form. Greetings Gerda Frost. My name is Fa Bao and we are heading back to Caerleon. We lost our way with the storm and have several elderly with us. A guide would be most helpful. Thank you.


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