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When all of the beauty turns to pain When all of the madness falls like rain As long as we crash and we collide We will be gorgeous, you and I.

The Bard
Jan 14 2014, 03:32 AM / Post #: 33 Quote

face claim
Once Upon a Nightmare

When posting your face claim please remember to include the character it is for in the post.

Please restrict all face claims to celebrities who can be easily recognized or verified and not unknown individuals from social media sites. Claims must be made upon character acceptance, and will be revoked if a player fails to respond to an activity check or is otherwise termed inactive.

Reservations for last for seven days. However, the staff reserves the right to revoke reservations if the application has not been started within the first three days. Please try to reserve only one character at a time. If extra time is needed to make revisions to an application, the staff will make the necessary allowances. HOWEVER players are responsible for requesting their own reservation extensions. You can do this by replying to this thread with the request or by contacting Miles through her staff account. The staff will no longer automatically extend your reservations for you.

Binary Disclaimer
The staff of OUAN recognizes that a binary system of division for our face claim is somewhat antiquated and does not provide an adequate representation of the many varied and beautiful people within our world. We are not trying to make any kind of social statement with our face claim, and neither do we wish to isolate anyone or make someone feel uncomfortable by the listed face claims provided here. This is merely a list of the celebrities currently in use by members of our site. To make sure that it is easily navigated by our current and prospective members, we believe that separating these claims by gender identity will allow people to look for and locate face claims in the fastest and simplest way possible.

We at the site welcome all manner of celebrities as possible face claims with no limits upon gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, or ethnicity. However we also recognize that this binary division may raise a few questions with our current and prospective members about how to claim more diverse individuals. For this reason, we have the following suggestions regarding gender-neutral and transgender face claims:

The staff recommends that you claim any transgender face claims by their gender identity and not the sex assigned to them at birth. If you are looking to verify the availability of a transgender face claim we highly recommend that you look under their gender identity.

We would also like to make it clear that you may list gender-neutral face claims in the method that feels most appropriate to you. It is our recommendation that they are listed under both male and female to avoid any confusion and to prevent our members from needing to label gender-neutral individuals as one gender over another.

At any time, but only upon request, the staff would be happy to provide our members with a gender-neutral tab to the face claim for member use. But, we do not wish to force any kind of inappropriate and unintentional spotlight upon gender-neutral claims and for this reason will not create a gender-neutral tab until requested.

As always if you have any questions or concerns about this or other site policies, please do not hesitate to contact us.


When all of the beauty turns to pain When all of the madness falls like rain As long as we crash and we collide We will be gorgeous, you and I.

The Bard
Sep 23 2014, 11:58 PM / Post #: 6824 Quote

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