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 We Didn't Start the Fire, Tags Morgana

I'm not always like this It's something I've become A terrible weakness In my nature, in my blood Save me, oh save me Save me from myself Before I hurt somebody else again

Apr 10 2018, 12:29 AM / Post #: 37957 Quote

everybody's a victim
Tonight the sounds of her people’s screams would be momentarily silenced by the screams of the magical as they paid for their sins over the cleansing heat of fire. Amalthea, like all of the night’s revelers, was disguised. She wore a red veil over her face that obscured her features and a long red dress that moved in the wind like flames themselves. They were under the strictest of orders not to identify themselves or their mission amidst the victims. There were still some among them who moved about the world without ties to Veritas. They were moles who ferreted the magic users in their midst and offered them up as fitting sacrifices. It was best that such spies were not yet found out. Should any of the sinners escape retribution, they would not be able to identify their attackers beyond the disguises they wore…and even those varied from person to person and location to location.

Amalthea did not wield a severed unicorn horn. She did not need it. Lir and the others had slowly been helping her tap into the powers that lay dormant within her. It was not an easy feat and often proved more taxing than she liked to admit, but with concentration Amalthea could manage without another unicorn’s horn and instead wield the power of her own.

The sinners they had come to cleanse from the world were a small subsect of druids who had ventured beyond the protection of Deepwood in search of plants and animals that had survived the Blight. Five of them in total. One of them was quite old, two quite young. The three of moderate age would likely put up the most fight, but Amalthea was confident that they would all be taken. Five pyres were already being erected in the now haunted woodlands of the befouled Yarrow. It would be a crime if there were not five bodies to lash to the stakes when the time came. It was time for those who wielded magic to know the fear of those who had none. It was time that they felt vulnerable and weak and susceptible to those with more power than they. It was only the beginning of what Veritas had planned for Ga’leah, but it all gave Amalthea hope that someday the world would be at peace without Fae or God to pervert and destroy it again.

She looked upon her hunting party, the smallest hint of a smile hidden by the veil as she lifted her hand and signaled the beginning of their night’s adventure.

It's alright... you can't know what I know. But you'll see, sooner or later... You'll see I was right.

Morgana LeFay
Jul 9 2018, 09:10 AM / Post #: 38299 Quote

I hope they didn't expect better
of me
Morgana rode with the cult, though she largely kept to herself.

It had been best that she avoided revealing herself to them - she doubted very much that they would buy the story she had told Amalthea without the family connection angle that she had used to convince the unicorn. Some of them would... and as terrified as they were of magic users, some of them would be thrilled to have one on their side against the others - of that much she was certain. But then there would be those... more fundamentalist types who were opposed to her inclusion, and that could be the source of a schism.

Much as she might not actually believe that all magic users ought be eradicated herself of course, she continued to believe in the opportunity this situation presented. And that meant she was inclined to stay - and to avoid anything that might produce an end to the movement that might be considered premature.

If they all failed now, after all, they would hardly have done her much good, where it came to eliminating the competition.

So she accompanied the mob, dressed as they did, though it was for the most part just an act. The arrows in her quiver were not actually tipped in unicorn bone, but she had ways of compensating for that, naturally. Which was why, when the first caster tried to get away from them, he found his power failing him quite without explanation. She'd let the cultists handle it from there, and made her way back to Amalthea.

"Quite a party. I'm always amazed at how bloodthirsty people can be, while still considering themselves righteous."

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