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 red queen stuff i think or maybe not., from fox

Dec 7 2017, 09:50 PM / Post #: 37230 Quote

Posts referencing red queen:
He passed through the arch of the temple in his armor gifted to him by the Death Dealer with his greatsword strapped to his back. His hand ran along the edge of the stone, causing a vine to appear with those same white lilies as the one tucked in Sabel’s hair. It pleased him to see she had kept his gift, but the happiness did not stay for the question he had to ask. “Sabel,” he called gently, sparing Philia a quick nod and Ike a reluctant glance before he focused on his sister Death.

“I heard you parted with a soul not too long ago. She was yours to reap, but you gave her to Selene, of which we’re very grateful…” He took a breath to continue, finding it difficult to speak such words with mild emotion attached to them. He felt if he allowed it to come through, he might end up in tears like his Father currently was, and they didn’t need more than one crying god at a time.

“The soul is resting in the Yarrow now, waiting to bloom once she’s ready. But I have to ask...” And he was reluctant to do so, knowing how Selene might not have been so gentle with the demand to have her daughter-priestess back. “Why did you give her a second chance?”

Sabel response:
Tilting her head to the left she smiled at Sage and tried to catch his eye for a moment. She made a face at him trying to laugh before going back to her neutral expression. “I gave Selene back her priestess because she asked.” Sabel said it with a slight shrug like it didn’t matter, it didn’t she wasn’t worried about missing one soul it would be hers eventually she could wait. She had all the time in the world, because everything dies eventually. She decided to expand on her explanation just because she wanted to. “The priestess died recently and Selene made a good case for having the soul back. Reincarnation is something I allow if you have a good enough reason or you ask nicely. It helps. Politeness is always welcome when asking things of me. I also like presents… like your flower. I love it.” The flower almost glittered on her ear, and she hadn’t taken it off since she got it. In a day or so she might put it under glass to keep it hidden in a secret place. But it was her favorite present thus far. She didn’t know how long her lily would last but she hoped it be for a very long time. She’d have to ask if it hurt him to maintain it. She didn’t want it if it did.

“I’d prefer that the world not know that reincarnation is a possibility because it is rare and takes a lot out of me. If people knew about it they would beg to have their loved ones back… only they wouldn’t be their loved ones. It doesn’t work that way.” She was talking to the gossiper and hoping he would heed her request. Turning her face back to her father, she smiled at him too. That much talking had tired her out so she stopped and waited for people to react to her. The reaper that refused to leave hovered near a broken bench like they were sitting on it just watching quietly. If she needed them they could be summoned in an instant and Sabel felt them in the back of her mind, hoping she was okay.

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