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All important news updates will find their way here. This is also where Activity Checks will be conducted through the first seven days of each month, and where you will find briefings on site events.

BY The Bard
ON Sep 16 2017, 04:24 AM
Everything you need to know about the world we have created can be found herein. We highly recommend that you take the time to familiarize yourself with anything that could pertain to your character. A great deal of time was spent creating this world, so we appreciate everyone who takes the time to become a part of it.
BY The Bard
ON Aug 1 2014, 12:35 PM
Full of all of the background information you will ever need to make yourself at home at OUAN and create the character of your dreams, the site Wiki is our compendium of canon information for our site. If you have a question about anything from kingdoms to species to canon tales, the answer will be found here.
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If you require any kind of assistance, please don't hesitate to ask for it here. The staff is here to help you understand the world we have created and make the character application process as painless as possible. If you're uncertain how a specific character might relate to our game, if a direction you wish to take with a character would be acceptable, or if you simply need a sounding board for ideas...we're here to help.
BY The Bard
ON Oct 7 2015, 02:16 AM
The current cast and characters of our game can be found outlined here. Organized by member group (or nation of their tale's origin), they range from gods to peasants to faeries and shapeshifters.
BY The Bard
ON Jul 27 2017, 10:01 AM
Our current character shipping debates are located here. Post a shipper, reply to others, and begin making the connections that will make threading in this game even more enjoyable for everyone.
BY The Bard
ON Apr 8 2014, 01:05 AM
Stake your claims here. Make your claims or reservations on play-bys and royal titles. and don't forget to fill out the who's who after you've been accepted.
BY Cinderella
ON Aug 7 2017, 09:21 PM
Fulfill the heart's desire of one of our current players, or post your own wanted ad for characters that will help you flesh out your own within our game.
BY Cheshire Cat
ON Jun 21 2017, 10:39 AM
This is an informational forum containing everything you need to know about the plots, including how they are presently impacting every area of the board. Please check it regularly. You can also use this forum for plotting Solhara Plots be registered within this forum in the Solhara Event Thread Registry.
BY Fa Bao
ON Yesterday at 11:53 am
Allutheria was created to be a prison for the arrogant Fae who dared rebel against the Gods, but since their imprisonment the Faeries used their own magic to create a place of wonder. With two courts, the Red and the White, vying for political control, some Fae seek independence in much smaller and less powerful freeholds.
BY Odette
ON Sep 12 2017, 02:06 PM
The Wastes are what many call the land once consumed by the Blight. Now, they are largely uninhabited and haunted by the deceased.

For more information on the Wastessee the Wiki

BY Nala
ON Sep 5 2017, 09:24 AM
The Hyadies within Calladahn's borders are much taller than those in Solhara and as such have much colder climates. It is said that the snow at their apex never melts, and that those who attempt to scale the peaks often get lost within deep crevasses or labyrinthine ice caves.
BY Jack Frost
ON Aug 20 2017, 12:46 AM
Caerleon is the capitol of Ga’leah.For a long time, it was a place of peace and utopia. That was before the King was betrayed and the Walking Starvation began. Now, the King and Queen have atone for their mistakes and joined together again stronger than ever before. Caerleon is under daily assault by hordes of the infected and the city’s resources have long been strained. Fields outside the city that once housed festivals and markets now serve as refugee camps.
BY Amelia Bonny
ON Sep 3 2017, 06:38 AM
Refugees from the towns and cities of Calladahn have taken up residence in the Yarrow. Although the magic of the Yarrow protected it for some time, it has since come under attack by the Blight and has become a dark and terrifying place full of monsters.
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Caelum was once the mountaintop home of the gods, protected by magic and a ring of volcanoes, the Pantheon believed that they were safe. The Blight came without warning, destroying Caelum and anyone who did not flee the mountain in time. Now, by day the mountain is covered in a shroud of impenetrable black clouds and by night it appears to glow with a strange green light.
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Although ruled by a just King for quite some time, Maleficent overthrew her husband and took control of the kingdom, imprisoning him in the dungeons below the castle. Now, no one in Xehacora, save Maleficent, has any memory of the King. To combat the Blight, Maleficent erected a magical barrier around most of the kingdom through which nothing infected can cross. The barrier must be fed with routine sacrifice, a small price to pay.
BY The Boogeyman
ON Sep 4 2017, 10:15 PM
The Shifting Silvers of Solhara are under careful guard to prevent the arrival of the infected. Refugees are permitted entrance into Solhara when they prove their health. Most, however, will find the inhospitable desert country to be just as dangerous and deadly as the kingdoms they have fled. It takes a special type of person to survive life in Solhara. Therefore, the Sultan does not worry about being over run by refugees seeking asylum.
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The possibilities are limitless. Explore all of the hare-brained schemes your muses inspire within.

However, all Alternate Reality posts are done for fun only. They cannot be used to validate your activity in the monthly Activity Checks, and nothing contained herein will be applied to site canon. That being said...have fun.

BY Gwenhwyfar Pendragon
ON Jul 30 2017, 11:18 PM
Introduce Yourself! Play a forum game! Post resources or links of interest for other members. This is your OOC and off topic playground, do with it what you will.
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Unfinished applications, abandoned characters and threads...all can be found here. The tombs of OUAN...enter at your own risk. And remember to aim for the head.
BY Bones
ON Jun 16 2017, 07:25 PM
If you're riding out to meet us, feel free to post here.
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Accepted sites will be found here. (The oldest ad is deleted when duplicates are posted. Ad Bumping is fine.)
BY owner
ON Aug 2 2017, 05:19 PM
Please follow the link to apply for an affiliation spot at the bottom of our site. We currently have NO static positions open. We will accept an unlimited number of scrolling affiliates, however. We will place your banner in either static or affiliate based upon whether ours is static or affiliate on your site.
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