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 the time is upon us, black cauldron canons 3/3 open

Nov 22 2017, 10:00 PM / Post #: 37107 Quote

Once Upon a Nightmare, a young boy grew up on a ranch in Ga’leah, helping his family tend the farm. He was happy, but that did not last long. The boy, Taran, was captured by the goblins and brought to Allutheria. There in the Labyrinth, he joined other human children and became a changeling- a human cursed with eternal youth and made to be slaves to the fae. Taran was upset with his circumstance, and tried to escape; however, escape is near impossible from the Labyrinth. He kept his head high, and instead waited for the perfect opportunity to leave.

The chance of freedom was brought to him after he was originally sold to a fae. Taran never knew much of what this fae was like, all he knew was that he was apparently their first changeling, and taking a risk outside the Labyrinth walls, he fled. The pain brought by his Mark – what ties a changeling to their master – was unbearable, yet he did not return. He heard a warning called out that he would be captured again before losing consciousness. Taran kept on the run for a couple days when Dalben found him and took him in.

Unlike the other fae who treated their changelings harshly, Dalben was kind. At first, Taran had no trust shared for any of them. His goal was to find a time to escape, although he had long since lost track of how long it has passed since his capture. Over time, Taran learned that his old home was gone and respected Dalben as another father. His personality had been stripped at the Goblin Court as a changeling; he was hardened and cared only about finding a way to survive. With his time with Dalben, bits of his old self started to return. Taran grew back into his sense of adventure, as well as his care for animals, which he used to take care of Dalben’s pig Hen Wen. Nonetheless, some confidence issues of being held captive still remain.

Everything for Taran was as good as he could have it. He had a comfortable home, and his work kept him occupied. That changed around the time the Blight broke out over Ga’leah. The Horned King was on the hunt for Hen Wen, wanting the pig’s oracle powers to find the location of the Black Cauldron. While he was out, Taran lost track of her. He has made it his mission to find Hen Wen again and keep her away from the Horned King and to solve the riddle of the Black Cauldron.

This is my ad for Taran from the Black Cauldron. Everything about him is open: personality and history, etc. I just really want to see him taken and see what someone does with his character. I’m also open to his relationship with Eilonwy. It can turn romantic or stay as a friendship. If you want some past history, Taran could have first met Lonnie while she was being held in the Labyrinth dungeons, or else they can meet in the present for the first time. Suggested face claim is Elijah Wood because he just has that ageless quality about him. If you want to change it feel free. Taran can find plots with other changelings, or whoever has come in contact with the Forbearer’s priesthood while he was with Dalben, or people he came across while searching for Hen Wen. All sorts of plots- have fun with it.

Dalben is an old fae who remembers the War with the Fae. Unlike so many of his brethren though, he did not take part in the war and holds no bitterness toward the gods. After he reached maturity, he went into the priesthood for the Forbearer, and over the centuries has become trusted enough and has held the title of High Priest. He also holds a place on the Order of Fate. It is with both these positions that he was given the task to watch over Hen Wen, the original human priestess whose foresight powers were too strong for her human mind, and in an effort to soothe her suffering, the Forbearer turned her into a pig. Dalben has watched over her since.

Dalben holds himself in a professional manner, and most of those around him he treats with kindness, though he does enjoy a bit of mischief. This led him over the years to foil small plots of the fae when they become overtly malicious. One such time was when he took in the changeling Taran, who made a dangerous escape from his master. Dalben took it upon himself to aid the injured changeling and bring him back to health. He gave him work and a home, happy with the idea that one of the cursed humans could find peace. When he trusted Taran enough, Dalben let him take care of Hen Wen, with the young boy proving a natural around her.

Dalben handles many tasks in the priesthood and the Order of Fate. His closest relationship is with Aethanryke, Taran and the members of the priesthood. He hates the politics of the fae and stays away from it, living his life in peace apart from his kin. When the Blight came to Ga’leah and wiped it out, Hen Wen disappeared. Stricken by his fault, and the Horned King on her tail, Dalben is caught up in all his duties and cannot search for her full time. He trusts Taran to do so; however, he worries for both.

This is Dalben; he’s an old fae I was subconsciously basing him on Gandalf and other wise old wizards. As such, his suggested face is the amazing Ian Mckellen, feel free to change it if you want. I have it in my mind that he keeps an old glamor to seem important and match with Ike in the ‘other-wordly’ feel, but since he’s a fae you can ignore that and give him a younger face. Everything about him is open, with his status as High Priest given in the canon tale. I know Bard will love to have Dalben around as a friend to Ike, but I did not spew that relationship here because I’ll leave that in her capable hands. For Eilonwy, I imagine shortly after Lonnie escaped Thornhal she would have stumbled across him, and Dalben could have helped her. He has a number of connections to play with, as a fae who stayed loyal to the gods, so take him!

Gurgi's ad will go here soon!

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