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 The Midsummer Festival, Event 411

When all of the beauty turns to pain When all of the madness falls like rain As long as we crash and we collide We will be gorgeous, you and I.

The Bard
Oct 29 2017, 11:02 PM Quote

What to Expect
The Midsummer Festival occurs on the 21st of Mehefin and runs until the 25th. This is also sometimes called the Summer Solstice. The four days in this festival are the longest days of the year. Large bonfires are burned at night and much like all the other festivals of the year there are all sorts of activities for both children and adults alike. The biggest midsummer festival was always held in the city of Wyldgate in Calladahn before the Blight.

It has been six months since the undead were destroyed and the world of Ga’leah has been attempting to rebuild. Many still fear the lands that were once lost to the Blight, now merely called the Wastes. Others are eager to return to their normal lives and resume life as it was before the plague came.

Wyldgate has become a beacon of hope. One of the first establishments to be rebuilt and recolonized, the people of Wyldgate hoped to make their city an example to the rest of Ga’leah that the world can be as it once was. Unfortunately, they were wrong…

The first few days of the Midsummer Festival occurred without cause for major concern. There were reports of strange things like what appeared to be an increased incidence of theft at the marketplace or strange behavior blamed on too much alcohol. On the third day, however, everything went wrong…

On the final day of the Midsummer Festival, voices echoed from empty alleyways saying strange and vile things. Faces appeared where no faces should be, in the walls, in the wells, in the shadows themselves. As fear and uncertainty spread throughout the festival, everyone present merely blacked out. Upon waking, they discovered that some among them were inexplicably dead with looks of horror and silent screams frozen on their faces. Fearing some new horror or a return of the Blight, Wyldgate was evacuated and everyone present returned to Caerleon where they hoped they would be safe.

They weren’t.

No one would be safe again.

Important Info
You and your characters have many opportunities for plotting and threading in the Midsummer Festival. Feel free to enjoy the festivities for the first few days. It is up to you if your character experiences or hears about any of the tamer unexplained phenomenon.

On the last day of the festival, however, all of the horrors described are mandatory and similar haunting experiences are welcome. The mass blackout and waking to find non playing characters dead is a requirement for those characters who did not already leave to return home by the final day.

As always if you have questions, feel free to direct them to the staff.

If you want more information about possible haunting experiences, we encourage you to read up on the 'Hauntings' in the information section.

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