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 Taking back the Mountian, Open thread for all the gods

Oct 18 2017, 11:02 PM / Post #: 36601 Quote

Stepping from a shadow, Sabel arrived at their former home. With the darkness of the blight gone she felt her strength slowly returning. It was time for her family to take back the mountain that had been their home for centuries. All three members of her family left plus herself, it would allow her to set up memorials to her fallen siblings and summon the worthy to take their place. Even if she had to do it all herself, Caelum will be freed from the taint and the dark memories. Sliding in the grass Sabel sat down and sent souls calling to her remaining family to give them the opportunity to join her. She sent laughing children to tell everyone her family what she was planning to do.

Her translucent hands curled around her knees, Sabel rested her head on her knees and fell asleep waiting for a response to her summons. Her hooded figure dripped inky blackness, her hair blending with the browned grass. She spoke to her other self, she knew what happened in the alternate future. That version of her self was as real to her as her own self. If she focused she could merge her selves, she was present in all times as an ever present self. She existed in the past, present, and probably in the future but couldn't go back and forth between them like her father could. Her alternate selves and she existed together.

In that future her life was full and in this world she was alone. Her family was the only thing she had left, it was important to her to reclaim the mountain. Her mind sank into dreams the last time she was last in Caelum and the last of her sister's pretty Adora turned into the mad Maleficent who died sacrificing everything for power. Sabel was one of the last two goddesses. Dark power swirled around the sleeping form of death, her non beating heart was near to breaking. Her focus on claiming everything they had lost would help her heal. Finding the need to be there for her family required Sabel to respond quickly and delay her own loss and pain until everything was over.

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