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 Audience with the Dragon, Morgana, Melusina
 Posted: Jun 10 2017, 01:36 PM
It's alright... you can't know what I know. But you'll see, sooner or later... You'll see I was right.

Such a lovely
Morgana was still deciding what to make of Fynnon. The capital of Xehacora had its perks certainly, its relative lack of flesh-eating monsters certainly being a point in its favor, but there wasn't very much in the way of threat to her from most of them anyway. At least, not so long as she had such close connections to the one who held the key to the Blight in the first place. But even so, they were stupid creatures by and large. For someone as gifted with magic as she was, it would take a serious misstep for her to fall victim to their ravening hunger.

Morgana was not a woman who was prone to those sorts of mistakes.

That being said, while there were perks to remaining in Xehacora's relative safety, there was also little she could do in terms of pursuing her goals in this place. For that, she would have to venture back out into the world. But that didn't mean there was nothing to do here. There were, at the very least, a handful of people she still wanted to meet. One in particular was at the top of her list.

She took her time tracking the dragon down, using it as an opportunity to better learn the layout of the castle. Eventually though she did come across her... Well, she could never properly use the word prey in this sort of context, now could she? Morgana made almost no sound as she entered, perhaps a rustle of the simple, dark green dress she wore would announce her - though it was likely the dragon would smell her before anything else. That being the case, Morgana waited a moment for Melusina to acknowledge her before she dropped her head and curtsied, rising back up with a broad smile on her lips.

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you... Until now I had heard only stories. My name is Morgana. I hope you do not mind, but before I left Fynnon, I couldn't help but come to see the dragoness herself..."

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The Boogeyman
 Posted: Jun 14 2017, 12:06 AM
I am Fire, I am Fear.

I am fire. I am death.

Eyes closed as she let her mind drift. She saw her son. A perfect, dark haired boy with bright blue eyes. He looked like his father, a spitting image of glory. He was the perfect heir to the dragon throne and they would have taken this world for him. But then she saw him slain. His lifeless little boy, broken and bloodied, held by Maleficent as she hissed the name of the one who had taken his life ”Pendragon”. Melusina had never known rage such as she did that day, nor sorrow, nor pain, but her prince held her tight and vowed they would avenge their son’s death.

Now she sat alone, without him by her side. He had chosen a different path in life. Her name would yield no title to him, nor signifigance without the death of her father, Dagon. He had shunned her and taken the hand of another… and Melusina was cast aside once more. But not by all. Maleficent had extended her hand to her ward, for she knew the potential that laid beneath soft flesh and mere bone. There was a monster below the surface and the queen would release it. Darkfyrr would rise again.

Thunder clapped outside the window and lightening struck, but that was not what caused the dragon’s eyes to flicker. There was a scent upon the air she did not know. It was unlike any she’d breathed before, like the fresh scent of rain upon Autumn’s leaves, or the slightest hint of cinnamon, the faintest twinge of a smoky harthe on a chilly night. Teeth clenched together as the disguised dragon turned to look upon the intruder.

She was pleasantly surprised, however, at the figure before her. Quiet, petite, dressed in a wonderful cascade of green… Melusina raised a brow as her company gave her a curtsy and a smile. There was a crackle about her aura that sparked an energy within the monster. This was no mere lady of the court that had waltz, unafraid, into her chambers, no… she was something else. After her name was produced and her intent settled, Melusina’s eyes narrowed.

How did she know that?

Cold, blue eyes stared motionless for a moment, silence between them as if the dragon was deciding if she should devour or delve into conversation with her newest aquiantance. Slowly she stood, her own dress was a crimson color, the most delicate fabric stitched together and embroidered with the crest of the dragon – for the Marillac’s of course. She was, after all, their ‘keep’.

And what business do you have in Fynnon, Lady Morgana?” she said, stifling a growl. It was not the company that gruffed her so, it was circumstance. The thoughts of her former lover still brooded over her poor heart. She knew she should deny the existence of dragons, then again, it would no be long before the world knew. And, tell me, am I what you expected? Do your stories paint my portrait properly?” She couldn’t help herself, arrogant thing that she was, to invest a bit in the interests of those who reveled in the idea of a dragon. She was the last one left, the last of Dagon’s line.

She had a feeling Morgana would be disappointed. After all, she had no appearance of a monster in the slightest, not in this form, but perhaps, if she played her cards right, she might yet see the glorious, yet terrifying, beast within.

tag: Morgana! | words: cautious | notes: brave little princess, smart too...
robb stark

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