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 08. Plot Opportunties

When all of the beauty turns to pain When all of the madness falls like rain As long as we crash and we collide We will be gorgeous, you and I.

The Bard
Aug 1 2014, 12:34 PM Quote

Plot Opportunities

Whether you’re looking to create an Original Character are attempting to determine where best to fit them into our game, or you are eying a Canon Character and wonder what you might able to garner for them beyond the realm of their Canon tale or role, this appendix should help you a great deal. The aim of this list is to provide you with an at-a-glance idea of what sorts of plots are going on within our game and what plotting opportunities are up for grabs for both Original and Canon Characters in our game. This list is composed primarily by the staff, but members are also welcome to add their own plots to it by using the code below and replying with a quick explanation of the plot and what it might have to offer new characters.

When all of the beauty turns to pain When all of the madness falls like rain As long as we crash and we collide We will be gorgeous, you and I.

The Bard
Aug 1 2014, 12:34 PM Quote

Come one, Come All!
Whether you want to play a strong woman who don’t need no man and enjoys fighting and killing and being awesome like Wonder Woman, or you want to play a Gladiator-like slave who has been at the whim of such women for a long time, the Amazons have a lot to offer. Although they were centered in Allutheria until very recently, the Queen’s deal with the Pantheon has seen them welcomed back to Ga’leah. The Amazons plots are wide open. They could be invited to join the Round Table or assist the White Court in Allutheria. They could go off on their own to rescue women in need. Sky is the limit.
Druids of Deepwood
The Druids are a very spiritual and sometimes secretive people that until the Blight had a tendency to stay to themselves. The only humans with magic, what they’ve learned was taught to them by the stones that encircle their settlement. Since the Blight, they have sought to help those in need both by providing help where it is needed and by finding refugees and bringing them back to the safety of Deepwood. Characters who call themselves Druids would have much to do in Caerleon where the need is likely the greatest (and where Deepwood is located) but would also have freedom to move about the board in search of those who needed their aid or in assistance to the Pantheon during their ongoing war against the Blight.
The Gods
Although we are no longer accepting created gods in our game, we are accepting characters that will ‘upgrade’ to new gods through the course of their plots. We have a god claim that outlines those godhoods that are up for grabs. Your character must have an affinity for ever aspect of the godhood you are eying, so keeping that in mind even during the creation process is a great idea. Once you’ve been active for a couple of months, you can even apply to take over the godhood and we will set it aside for you until your character is ready to ascend (provided of course that your character remains active and is not dropped, stored, or inactivated before godhood is achieved.)
The Lupin
The resident werewolves, the Lupin are the good guys, helping the Pantheon and battling the newly created Vampires. Lots of plots to be had here, from aiding the Pantheon in their fight against the Blight, to guarding individuals the Pantheon might want to keep safe, to fighting Vampires or assisting those at the mercy of the Blight. Think of them as the unofficial superheroes of OUAN…and remember that until very recently, these superheroes were widely feared and looked down upon. Fabulous plots to be had here.
The Maleficium
Bard’s OOC name for Maleficent’s cronies, these are the individuals who are helping her destroy the world. Make your reputation with her count and you could be killing gods or ruling over a part of the Blighted landscape in no time. All you need is a skill that is useful to her and a desire to cause some serious bloodshed.
The Merry Men
Robin Hood’s men who steal from the rich and give to the poor may have been driven out of their home, but make no mistake, their work is far from over. As much as Caerleon tries to assist everyone, there are always going to be those who have more than they need and unwilling to share with the less fortunate. Join the Merry Men to take part in some thieving good fun, eh?
The Round Table
The Round Table is composed of ‘Knights’ (male, female, and non-binary) who stand for truth and justice and all things chivalrous. They fight some incredible battles against some really exciting foes, and are currently recruiting those who can fight skillfully and have a mind to protect the defenseless. If your character is young and not yet very experienced, you can also become the Squire of one of our established Knights and get all kinds of adventures by joining the in the fun.
The Skinwalkers
With two sects to choose from, the Pride Lands and the more peaceful Yarrow Skinwalkers, our resident shapeshifters have the ability to take the shape of any animal whose skin they prepare properly. They have plots of their own in Bambi and Lion King that include power struggles and battles to be fought, but are also highly mobile characters with a lot of plotting potential whether it is helping those behind the Blight, helping those fighting it, or just adventuring around the countryside. Caerleon even boasts Skinwalkers at the Round Table.
The Virginia Company
Mercenaries are always fun. The Virginia Company is just such a band of lawless individuals who do whatever they are paid to do with few questions asked. Although they are set up to be aiding the Queen of Calladahn against the Druids and the Powhatan, their members could also run afoul of the Round Table or the Merrymen and could pick on all manner of characters throughout the site, if you’re looking to play a ‘bad guy or gal’.
The White Court
The ‘good guys’ in Allutheria, the White Court is the de facto leader of Allutheria following the fall of their rivals the Red Court. There are plots to be had by creating a Fae, Faemiliar, or Changeling that calls this Court home. OR you could create someone who has escaped the fall of the Red Court and is out for a little revenge against them.
A brand new species to Ga’leah, no one really knows what the Vampires are or what they can do. Yet. Trust me, they’ll learn soon enough. Vampires could be mercy killers or sadistic psychopaths, they could also easily fall into the Maleficium plot above if you wanted to go that direction. They are being hunted by the Lupin as well, so on top of causing mayhem, they could also have some epic battles with the wolves on our board.
© darren criss

When all of the beauty turns to pain When all of the madness falls like rain As long as we crash and we collide We will be gorgeous, you and I.

The Bard
Aug 1 2014, 12:35 PM Quote

Come One, Come All

Members are welcome to add plots to the above appendix. Simply use the code provided in a reply below, and please make sure that any plots you submit are plots for a group of individuals rather than s single character.
the codes
<div style="height: 20px"></div><div class="bgender">Group Plot Name</div><div style="height: 20px"></div><div class="btext1"><div style="width: 255px; height: 100px; padding-right: 5px; overflow: auto;" class="bapps"> One paragraph explanation of group plot </div></div>
© darren criss

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