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When all of the beauty turns to pain When all of the madness falls like rain As long as we crash and we collide We will be gorgeous, you and I.

The Bard
Mar 24 2014, 10:18 PM / Post #: 64 Quote

Do you have a word count?

No. Here we like to stress quality over quantity. That being said, some players spend a long time composing their posts and appreciate it when their posting partners spend an equal amount of time with their responses. As a rule of thumb, if someone puts a word count in their post…do your best to match that word count within at least 50 words. If there is no word count in the previous post, you are probably safe to respond with whatever you feel is appropriate.

We define a QUALITY POST as the following: a post that is well written, proofread, and advances the plot of the thread. This is most often done by reacting to any former posts and then providing your partners with a catalyst to which they can respond. It can be a question, action, or a statement…just try to avoid situations that are too simple. The gaming equivalent to a yes or no question is often boring and does little to advance a plotline. There are no real punishments for composing posts that are not considered ‘quality.’ However, those posts are often not inspiring to your posting partners, and if the other players in your thread are not inspired, you may find yourself waiting a very long time for a response…if you get one at all.

Why didn’t you include

“FAIRY TALE HERE” in your canon list?

Our canon list contains 27 unique tales with countless canon characters to choose from. If we failed to include a story, it is for a variety of reasons. A) We had already reached 27 stories and did not want to make the canon list too long. cool.gif We did not have an original concept for the story that we felt was unique enough to be included with the 27 we had already composed. C) We chose to include another story instead in order to better balance the stories with locations in our world and provide characters with as much interaction as possible.

But don’t be discouraged! If you want to recreate a Fairy Tale or Childhood Classic that we missed, we would be more than happy to work with you and eventually add it to our canon list. However, we do ask that you have a concept and not simple a request. Please do not contact the staff and request that we add Frozen to our lineup. Instead, think about how you would adapt the story of Frozen to make it better fit into our universe, and then contact us. We’re confident that in most cases, we can make everyone happy.

What timeframe are we allowed to post in?

The current setting of the board can be found in the Information section of our site. However, players are welcome to explore the past and past relationships of their character in any and all locations on the board. We do ask that you include some indication of its timing in the title or description, be it ‘past’, ‘prologue’, etc.

We do ask that you refrain from posting future threads since only the staff knows what the overall plot of the game may have in store for its characters. At this time, we are not encouraging Alternate Universe posts, either.

Can I genderswap a canon character?

The staff of OUAN will consider requests to genderswap canon characters on a case by case basis. Whether or not we approve this request will depend upon the current gender rations of the site and the canon tale in which said character can be found. If I tale is predominantly female, we will not likely accept a request to genderbend a male character into a female character. However, there may be a chance that we would allow one of the female characters to be genderbent into a male character. It does not hurt to ask, but we do recommend that you ask the staff and await their decision before working on your character.

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