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Jan 17 2018, 08:05 PM / Post #: 37330 Quote

It had been a long time since Meg had been in Allutheria and she was having a strange time dealing with it. Especially with the attack from her husband. Hercules' attack had gotten to her core and she was deeply troubled by it still. It was disturbing and she wanted to cry. Her life had been turned upside down and nearly dying had shaken her. Her and her children both. They made an exception and allowed Megara to take the training to become an Amazon alongside her children.

While training was normally done as a child, Meg had not been among the Amazon's when she was younger and then had lived on Ga'leah for hundreds of years; but given the circumstances of her near death it was agreed that Meg needed to know how to defend herself if something like that were to happen again. She had tried to fight back against him, but he had been far too strong and she and their daughters had nearly died as a result. Ever since coming here she had been training non-stop and though her muscles ached every night it was worth it as she was getting stronger and more proficient every day.

When training was over she would busy herself with sewing to keep her skills in tact; though she was away she was still a member of the tailor's guild, and they expected nothing but the best. The skill had come in quite handy around the Amazons and it kept her mind blank so she wouldn't have to think about her husband.

Right now however, Meg had a free day while her children did not, and she was planning on using that to her advantage and going and exploring the area around Castle Evermore where she was currently living. Meg had lost three homes to the Blight and as such this would be her new home. At least now that the Blight was destroyed, perhaps she could keep this one for a while.

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