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 07. The Canon List

When all of the beauty turns to pain When all of the madness falls like rain As long as we crash and we collide We will be gorgeous, you and I.

The Bard
Jan 7 2014, 03:40 AM Quote

canon list

There are a wide variety of tales available as subplots on our site, each of them with an adaption unique to OUAN. Not every character from every tale has been listed. If you would like to reserve a lesser known, unlisted canon, please fill out the code provided as you would for a listed canon and we will add your character to the canon tale upon acceptance. If you would like to add a tale that we have not yet adapted you are more than welcome to discuss this with a staff member, but only after you have officially been a member of our site with an active character through one Activity cycle.

We also provide a list of plotting opportunities for those seeking to create original characters. You can read all about these possible avenues for character creation in the Plot Opportunities thread here.

Please place a reservation if you intend to begin work on a character found in one of these tales. Reservations last for seven (7) days. However, the staff reserves the right to revoke reservations if the application has not been started within seventy-two (72) hours or three (3) days. Please try to reserve only one character at a time. If extra time is needed to make revisions to an application, the staff will make the necessary allowances. HOWEVER players are responsible for requesting their own reservation extensions. You can do this by replying to this thread with the request or by contacting The Mod Squad. Thank You.


Table of Contents

Your Alias is reserving (Character) from (Canon Tale) until (Seven days from today)

When all of the beauty turns to pain When all of the madness falls like rain As long as we crash and we collide We will be gorgeous, you and I.

The Bard
Jan 10 2014, 01:41 AM Quote

Although it took months for the Walking Starvation to reach the walls of Zabier, with the fall of the Maritanis the Blight made itself known in Solhara. The widespread famine that had begun with the suffering in the other kingdoms became even more widespread and death from starvation became as frequent as death from the Walking Starvation. The Sultan crumbled under the strain, refusing to abandon his kingdom even when he was sending his daughter to the Solharan Embassy in Caerleon where she might be able to survive with her Skinwalker bodyguard Rajah and the captain of the royal guard Razoul assigned to protect her. With her, he also sent his Grand Vizier, Jafar, to act as her chaperon and see to her best interests. Jafar, however, is more concerned with maneuvering himself into a marriage contract with the Princess so that he can be one step closer to the throne. After all, with the Blight running rampant through the land, there are so many ways for Jasmine’s older brother, the prince, to die… If only Jasmine wasn’t so headstrong and was content to hide in the safety of Caerleon without attempting to do whatever she can for her people, even if it includes escaping the safety of the embassy and taking to the streets of Caerleon.

Meanwhile, Aladdin didn’t think life could be worse for him than it was in Solhara before the Blight. He was wrong. With the Blight, Aladdin has learned just how long he can go without food and just how good he really is at surviving. It has become abundantly clear to him that the only way he’s going to live through the Blight is to leave Solhara. Getting out of Solhara and to Caerleon where he might be safe isn’t easy, and life in the refugee camps is only slightly better than life on the streets of Zabier. But at least he has food. And at least he’s made a friend who might prove to be more useful to him than he could ever imagine…

Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Aladdin Open Male
Jasmine Open Female
Jafar Open Male
Genie Open Open
Rajah Open Male
Abu Open Male
Iago Open Male
Carpet Open Open
Razoul Open Male
Mozenrath Open Male

Alice in Wonderland
Long have the wars between the Courts of Allutheria raged. Since the Fae were banished to their own world, they have done little more than squabble over who should rule. The Court of the Bull was the first to fall to the Red Court and their Goblins. But the menace which took down the Court of Hearts was another matter all together.

Not all of the Fae despise the gods. Not all of the Fae’s creations respect the Fae. Some flocked to the worship of the god of Chaos, creating one of the few centers of worship to the gods in all of Allutheria. Gifted with a collective conscience that allowed magical communication over great distances, the congregation called themselves the Mad Tea Party and termed their chapel ‘Wonderland’. With the mission of spreading chaos throughout the Fae lands, they were instrumental in the destruction of the Court of Hearts and are the reason the Queen now finds herself without a kingdom.

Alice was a traumatized and orphaned young girl, found by the Cheshire Cat, she was taken to the Red Court to foster, but the Cheshire Cat has great designs for her. If she has her way, young Alice will become the future priestess of their Mad Tea Party. After the denizens of Wonderland orchestrated the fall of the Red Court as well, Alice found herself in Wonderland for the first time, where everything is crazy and nothing is as it seems.

The White Court is now the premiere Court in Allutheria, the only Court that has not been destroyed by Blight or insanity. But that may not remain, for the White Rabbit is a former member of their court, now expelled and joining the Mad Tea Party, he is intent upon his revenge and hopeful to see the White Court fall with all the others.

Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Alice Taken Female
The Hatter Open Male
The Queen of Hearts Open Female See Hercules
The White Rabbit Open Open
The March Hare Open Open
The White Queen Taken Female
Cheshire Cat Taken Open
Dormouse Open Open
Jabberwocky Open Open
Knave of Hearts Open Male
Bandersnatch Open Open
Tweedle Dee Taken Male
Tweedle Dum Taken Male
Caterpillar Open Open See Labyrinth

& The 3 Musketeers
After Maleficent cursed the Princess of Dokrayth and she fell into an enchanted sleep, her heartbroken mother and father collected an elite group of soldiers and knights to stand as her sentries and protect her both day and night. Though they guarded her for many years, it was decided that these ‘Musketeers’ would be best served as the elite guard of the royal family and not protecting a young woman who was likely never going to awaken from her cursed slumber.

Richelieu was once the most trusted adviser of the Vauclain family and aided the King and Queen in most of their governing decisions, but he secretly craved their power and coveted their throne. When the Blight appeared at the castle gates, he seized his opportunity and slayed the King and Queen in cold blood, letting the Walking Starvation cover his tracks and erase any evidence of his crime. Only, unbeknownst to him, the Princess saw the treacherous act and escaped the carnage of the fall of Dokrayth, aided by young Musketeer in training. She was so effected by the horror that she witnessed, that her memory of the events have all but been erased and the young musketeer, D’Artagnan, who helped her escape mistakenly believes that she has succumbed to the Blight.

With the animosity towards the Vauclains, the Princess thought it best to conceal her identity and instead determined to find help for her people in one of the three remaining strongholds Xehacora, Allutheria, or Caerleon.

Will D’Artagnan ever find his way to the final surviving Musketeers, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, and convince them that Richelieu is a traitor to the fallen kingdom? Will he ever see his Princess again? Will the Princess ever recall the true events of the night of her parent’s death?

Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Anastasia Open Female
D'Artagnan Open Male
Richelieu Open Male
Stepmother Open Female
Athos Open Male
Porthos Open Male
Aramis Open Male

Beauty and the Beast
Mordred, the illegitimate son of the High King of Ga'leah was brought up by his mother, Morgana, to be consumed by his own desires. Selfish, treacherous, unkind, he ran afoul of one of the Pantheon just before the beginnings of the plagues that now run rampant throughout the kingdoms. Transformed into a beastly creature whose outward appearance directly reflects the monstrosity of his soul, he was been banished by his mother to the countryside of Dokrayth where the shame of his current condition would not be discovered by anyone in Caerleon. But Mordred was her son, and so Morgana provided him with an abandoned castle and a cursed staff who are beholden to her in one way or another.

Belle is an innocent young woman who lived in the one remaining settlement in Dokrayth, the town of Aeswick. The small community managed to survive the Walking Starvation by working together and protecting the town to the best of their ability. What food they managed to find was scavenged in the Yarrow located very near the village. Belle had been tasked with foraging for food and herbs in the surrounding countryside. Her explorations brought her closer and closer to the abandoned castle Mordred commandeered and shored up against attack. Taken prisoner by Mordred, she slowly found herself developing feelings for the lonely beast…only for the Ocean Blight to make their castle uninhabitable. Unable or unwilling to leave his side completely, she ventured out into the wastelands of the Blight at Mordred’s side, trying to find a safe place for herself, her beast, and any of the staff that might have survived the castle’s fall.

Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Mordred Open Male
Belle Taken Female
Gaston Open Male
Cogsworth Open Male
Mrs Potts Open Female
Lumiere Open Male
Chip Open Male
Fifi Open Open
Maurice Open Male

Black Cauldron
The Horned King was once the mighty Fae of Autumn until the Green Man ripped away his special powers and left him nothing more than any other Fae, banished to Allutheria to begin anew.

When he heard rumors of something called ‘the Blight’ that could destroy the Pantheon and all of Ga’leah with them, he volunteered to become the first one infected and joined Maleficent in her quest to undermine the gods. Since becoming Blighted, the Horned King learned that he could stave off the insanity by infecting others. So, the Horned King spread the Blight through Allutheria and continued seeking the Black Cauldron which would allow him to infect a wide area, perhaps even a whole Court or Kingdom.

Taran was nothing but a Changeling boy, found by Dalben and invited to remain with the High Priest of the lord of time to help the man live his life far from the influences and intrigues of Faery Courts. Dalben also had a secret, his pig Hen Wen was more than any mere pig…she was the first priestess of the Forebearer whose gifts of foresight were much too strong for her human mind to bear. To spare her insanity, the Forebearer transformed her into a pig to live out the remainder of her life in peace…but he failed to remove the gift of foresight. Dalben had been caring for the pig ever since. But the Blight which destroyed Caelum was weakening the powers of the Pantheon and also weakened the enchantment placed on Hen Wen. Without rhyme or reason, Hen Wen has begun to resume human form for sometimes hours or days at a time before she’s once more transformed into a pig. The Horned King has learned of Hen Wen’s presence in Allutheria and sent his men to retrieve the oracular pig, believing that she would lead him directly to the Black Cauldron.

Little does the Horned King know that within his dungeon there sits a young Fae who might very well be his undoing, for the Princess of the Court of the Bull, Eilonwy, was sent to the Horned King as an offering by the Red Court who had captured her on the outskirts of the Labyrinth. Unwilling to consider such things as marriage with the destruction of the Pantheon at hand but recognizing that there was something special about the girl, the Horned King bound her powers into a shining orb of light and cast her into his dungeons until he had time to deal with her properly. But Eilonwy has found a way to use her powers, even within the orb in which they are entombed, and she has found a way out of the Horned King’s dungeons, out into Allutheria…and she may know more about the Horned King’s plans than even he realizes…

Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Taran Open Male
Eilonwy Open Female
Horned King Open Male
Gurgi Open Open
Hen Wen Open Female
Fflewddur Fflam Open Male
The Prince Taken Male
Dalben Open Male
Coll Open Male

When all of the beauty turns to pain When all of the madness falls like rain As long as we crash and we collide We will be gorgeous, you and I.

The Bard
Jan 10 2014, 03:10 AM Quote

& Goldilocks
During the war with the Fae, the Huntress sought to contribute to the forces fighting on the front lines. So, she fashioned a curse that would transform a Fae into a mighty warrior of the Huntress, a Behrserker, a creature of fury who assumed the form of a bear when enraged. When in bear form, they could be controlled by the Huntress, and so the soldiers were used as infantry, fighting a war against their will in a form that had been forced upon them. When the war ended, only the Fae, Mor’du, escaped the Huntress by hiding himself in the Yarrow and entering into a magical hibernation, one that would last for nearly two thousand years.

When Mor’du awoke and stumbled out into the woodlands angry, hungry, and confused, he came upon a human hunter in the forest and a battle ensued, one that saw the hunter injuring his leg and contracting the curse that the Huntress had thought died out with the end of the War.

Fergus unknowingly brought the curse home to his family. The first time he grew angry after returning home, he accidentally infected his oldest triplet son with the curse. Though he tried to control his temper from that point forward, his son was just a boy and it was much more difficult.

Merida knew nothing of her father and brother’s condition, nor did she understand that they were anxious to marry her to another nobleman and send her away before news of their condition became known to others and they were hunted to extinction. After a fight with her mother, Merida left with her bow, desperate to find someone to help her escape her fate. When she returned home, she found it in a shambles and most of her family missing. Only two of her triplet brothers remained, both with the same story about bears attacking and their mother being injured and dragged away. For the last five years, Merida has sought any sign of her father, brother, and mother, but to no avail. Meanwhile, her other two brothers have made lives for themselves and seemingly given up on ever knowing the truth of what happened.

Goldilocks was a young woman in Aeswick, one of the last remaining settlements in Dokrayth. Tasked with helping to find food for her village, she ventured into the countryside, the Yarrow, and smaller, less enchanted forests quite frequently. On one such trip, she encountered a home in the woods where a strange, new family had taken up residence. The Dunbrochs had taken to hiding in the woods far from human civilization to protect their shameful secret until a cure for their condition could be found. They had thought their home a perfect hideaway…until Goldilocks stumbled upon it. Although Goldilocks thought she escaped them with nothing more than a scratch, she was wrong. That scratch had transferred their curse to her, and with each day that passed Goldilocks came closer to embracing her fate as one of the Berserkers…Now the Dunbrochs find themselves hunting her, both to save her and to spare them the shame of their secrets being realized…but with the Blight forcing them to re-enter human civilization, is their secret doomed to be discovered no matter what they do?

Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Merida Dunbroch Open Female
Goldielocks Open Female
Fergus Dunbroch Open Male
Elinor Dunbroch Open Female
Triplet 1 Open Male
Triplet 2 Open Male
Triplet 3 Open Male
Mor'du Open Male
Will o' the Wisp Open Open

& Frog Prince
One Upon a Nightmare, the kingdom of Xehacora was ruled by a vicious monarch whose only concern was for her own vile agenda. Even before the Blight swept the land, she sacrificed innocent souls to horrific experiments and enchantments to prepare herself for the nightmare she would soon unleash upon the land. But finding young, virginal women who would not be missed by society was not easy. So, Queen Maleficent began using social gatherings as a means of doing just that.

Percius Marillac was the middle son, one of two spares. He was privy to the horrific things his mother did behind closed doors and he had long ago sworn to stop her when he could. He knew that she was using his birthday celebration to find young women who would not be missed, but whether it was luck or something else that guided him to Cinderella one can only guess.

Cinderella was no stranger to cruelty and oppression. Long had she suffered under her own vile matron and she had mistakenly believed that the ‘fairy godmother’, Tinkerbell, who arrived to give her magic and send her to the ball was finally a stroke of good fortune. It was not. With the last stroke of midnight, Cinderella fled, leaving only a single glass slipper behind. Knowing that his mother was only steps behind him, Percius attempted to use the slipper to find and safeguard the young woman against his mother’s cruel intentions. For his trouble, he found himself cursed by the selfsame Fairy Godmother, forced to remain as a frog each day from the stroke of noon to the stroke of midnight.

Once more forced to return to her humdrum life, will Cinderella fall for the false hope that Maleficent offers, the lie that the Prince has fallen in love with a woman from his birthday celebration whom he is searching for high and low? Will she fall to Maleficent’s magic and will Cinderella’s soul feed her dark magic? Or will she find the frog who seeks to save her and along the way, perhaps, she can save him as well?

Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Cinderella Open Female
The Prince Taken Male
Tinkerbell Open Female See Snow White/Peter Pan
Stepmother Open Female
Stepsister 1 Open Female
Stepsister 2 Open Female

Before the Fae rebelled against their creators, the Fae of Spring was a gentle soul filled with innocence and love for all of creation. She was not as boastful and proud as her brethren, but when they were punished for their disobedience, she was punished with them. When her powers were ripped away, the Fae of Spring lost her sanity along with them. Eventually she found herself in Allutheria with the other Fae being cared for by a male who had always loved her. He built for her a court of her own and crowned her the Queen of Hearts, his Queen. But she had grown bitter and hateful and the King found that she was not the woman he loved. He found love elsewhere, in the arms of a young Changeling woman who served their Court. Their affair lasted for a quite some time until the Changeling became pregnant. Desperate to keep the child from his Queen, the King hid the Changeling away until she bore her son. The boy was marked as a Changeling, and his powers were bound by the King to keep the Queen from ever learning the truth….but the Queen was no fool. As the boy was made to grow magically and instilled with the knowledge he would need to serve the Court, he bore a remarkable resemblance to the King. At last, when the truth was discovered, the Queen’s jealousy knew no bounds.

In a blind rage, she demanded the child be put to death. Instead, the King banished him from Allutheria where the Queen would never have to look upon him again. But before he was sent away, the King sought to give him one small gift, he unbound just enough of Hercules’ powers to grant him a supernatural strength the likes of which no one in Ga’leah would have ever seen. This small gift did not go unnoticed by the Queen of Hearts, who similarly cursed Hercules and his strength. If he used it too often or for too long, it would be accompanied by a madness that would rob him of his self-control and sometimes even his memories of the events.

Hercules made his way to a cousin of his mother’s, a woman who had a son of her own, Jason, who was roughly Hercules’ own physical age. Hercules became a man whose strength was renowned. He even took a wife in the spirited and beautiful Megara, a woman who would later bear him children…but his happiness was to be short lived. The Queen of Hearts had never stopped spying on the bastard son of her husband, and when she discovered his joy she sought to destroy it. Using magic, she triggered the insanity she had planted within him, causing the mighty Hercules to seemingly slay his wife and children in cold blood.

Waking to find what he thought were their cold, dead bodies, Hercules fled his home in a panic. He sought help from the Order of Fate, beseeching them to help him unbind his powers so that he might seek vengeance against the Queen of Hearts who had robbed him of all that he held dear in the world. But the Order of Fate would not simply grant him his wish, instead they demanded that he fulfill twelve quests for them and retrieve twelve objects of power they had long sought to add to their sizable collection. If he succeeded in delivering all of them to the Order of Fate, his powers would be free.

Little did he know that he Queen of Hearts herself was about to be offered the return of her Springly powers in return for making a truce with the Pantheon and using her powers to help feed the masses…or that one of the tasks would take him to meet the former Fae of Summer, Hippolyta, who sheltered amongst her Court of Amazon warrior women, Megara, who was only just recovering from the trauma she had been forced to suffer at her husband’s hands…

Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Hercules Open Male
Megara Open Female
Queen of Hearts Open Female
Megara Open Female
Pegasus Open Male See Last Unicorn
Hippolyta Taken Female

Jason and the Argonauts
& Moana
When the first effects of the Blight began to take a toll upon Ga'leah, the King of Dokrayth commissioned the creation of a ship from wood harvested from the magical trees of the Yarrow. A special crew was handpicked by a mysterious young man named Jason who claimed to be distantly related to the Pirate King. Among their ranks was Hercules, a Half-Fae on a quest of his own; Orpheus, a gifted bard; Atalanta, a former Amazon; and the twins Castor and Pollux who were destined to be separated by inordinately unequal lifespans.

The Golden Fleece, according to legend, is a magical object whose creation remains largely unknown. Said to be able to cure any ailment or injury, the King feared that only the Fleece could stop the spread of the Walking Starvation and save Dokrayth. Sadly, it was not found in time to save the kingdom. Nor was it found before the Blight claimed the Maritanis. Now grounded in search of way to find the legendary Fleece, Jason and the Argonauts have not given up their impossible quest, not only to stop the Walking Starvation but also to determine where to find Treasure Island and help Jason take the throne of the Pirate Kingdom.

Maui was the demigod son of the Huntress, goddess of animals and the hunt. Born to her from a Powhatan father, the Huntress knew that the rest of the Pantheon would kill the child the moment he was discovered. So, she set him adrift on the open sea to be consumed by some animal not of her own creation, thinking it kinder than leaving him to the wrath of the gods. But he was found by the goddess of the sea, Lyrielle, and taken beneath the waves to be raised as her son. To protect him from the gods, Lyrielle confined his power within a magical fish hook. So long as it was within his possession, he could transform into any animal he wished with but a thought and the gods would never be the wiser. But Maui was not a seafaring soul by nature and soon found himself drawn to the land. When he left his adoptive mother behind, he broker her heart, and now that the Maritanis is gone he has sworn never to set foot on the sea again. However, he may be the only one with the knowledge to combat the Blighted monsters that now populate the ocean and stand between the Argonauts and the Fleece.

Moana was one of the Powhatan, a young woman who felt her destiny was not confined to the Oasis that her people called home. She longed to sail the open waters and was devastated by the loss of the Maritanis to the Blight. Just before the ocean was swallowed by darkness, a wave brought her a special gift. The glowing object is powerful. More powerful than she knows, for it is the Heart of Lyrielle, the now dead goddess of the sea. It may well have the power to restore the Maritanis to its former glory when the Blight is gone, but only if it is returned to her altar on Treasure Island. Desperate to find a way to the fabled Island, her destiny may well find her on the seas alongside Jason and the Argonauts.

Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Jason Open Male
Moana Open Female
Maui Open Male
Atalanta Open Female
Hercules Open Male Hercules
Orpheus Taken Male
Castor Open Male
Pollux Open Male

King Arthur
Once there was a man who sought to unite the kingdoms of Ga’leah. Uther raised an army and dominated each land until everyone recognized him as their ‘High King’. But peace won through violence is difficult to maintain, and so Uther was poisoned by an unknown enemy and it seemed the kingdoms would once again be free to rule themselves…until an enchanted sword revealed Uther’s heir, a young man destined to truly unite the lands. Arthur returned the capital of Caerleon to its former glory and ushered in a time of peace and utopia unlike anything Ga’leah had ever known. It was not to last.

When his wife’s affair with his champion and best friend came to light, Sir Lancelot was banished from Caerleon and Queen Gwenhwyfar was destined to burn at the stake. Everyone expected Lancelot to ride to her rescue, and so he did, but not as a man. Lancelot came at the helm of a horde of the undead who laid siege to Caerleon. King Arthur was unable to destroy the corpse of his best friend, and so the Queen took up Excalibur and did so herself…leading the charge against the infected.

After the horde had been driven back, Arthur was unable to face this new reality and fell to depression and alcoholism. Merlin had been exposed to the Walking Starvation during the battle and found that his grasp on sanity was becoming tenuous at best and that only by feeding on the flesh of the living could he hope to stave off full blown infection. Gwenhwyfar took up the title of High Queen and sought to lead the land against the coming darkness….but the Knights of the Round Table did not all trust the adulterous woman, and so Caerleon was in turmoil. Meanwhile, the Lady of the Lake, Nimue, who stole away an infant Lancelot as a Changeling and raised him as her own son, was driven mad upon learning of his death and scoured all of Ga’leah for his body, determined to return him to the land of the living whole and untouched. In her efforts, she kidnapped Rapunzel and drained her of her healing blood to use in a ritual to restore her son to her side.

In time, Arthur emerged from his self-imprisonment. The King and Queen forgave each other for their misdeeds. With that forgiveness, both their marriage and their Court became stronger. Nimue attempted to cure Merlin’s Blight by entombing him in a tree, but did not anticipate the cost of such an enchantment, unleashing the Blight and a host of new monsters upon the land. Lancelot, too, returned to be reunited with his first love, Elaine, to meet his son, Galahad, and to begin a quest for redemption that may be doomed before it even starts.

The High Court led by their King and Queen has taken up the task of saving all they can, providing shelter to all who need it, and waging war against the Blight. It is no easy task, and they need all the help they can get.

Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Arthur Taken Male
Gwenhwyfar Taken Female
Merlin Taken Male
Morgana Taken Female See Beauty & the Beast
Lancelot Open Taken
Nimue Taken Female
Mordred Open Male
Elaine Taken Female
Gawain Open Male
Galahad Open Male
Ragnelle Open Female
Kay Open Male
Tristan Open Male
Iseult Taken Female
Bedivere Open Male
Bors Open Male
Percival Open Male See Rapunzel
Gaheris Open Male
Questing Beast Open Open
Green Knight Open Male
Lionel Open Male

& Rumpelstiltskin
Sarah Williams was a desperate young woman who wanted to find a way to better her life. When she made the agreement with the Goblin King, she did understand the cost of his magical assistance. In return for spinning straw into gold, she would be sacrificing her stepbrother to a life of slavery as a Changeling in Allutheria. She did not understand this…until the night he was taken. Frightened and determined to rescue him, she set off on a mission to infiltrate to the Labyrinth and defy the Goblin King with the assistance of a knight, a goblin, and a cursed creature of the Labyrinth.

Ludo was once the son of the Evil Queen of Calladahn. Though his mother loved him, she sacrificed him to the Goblin King in exchange for the power she would need to crown herself Queen of Calladahn. Fathered by the Hunstman, his wolfen inheritance showed itself when he was marked as a Changeling and he transformed into a great beast. Now kept as a guard dog with his beastial form invoked at the Goblin King’s win, Ludo needs a miracle to save him from his nightmarish existence.

The Goblin King was not always called Jareth. Jareth was a name he selected for himself the day he crowned himself King of the Goblins. The Labyrinth was once the site of the mighty Court of the Bull, until the warring courts of Allutheria created the Goblins as a biological weapon that could level the court and perhaps destroy all of Allutheria as well. The Labyrinth was constructed to cage the Goblins. Everyone else had written off the creatures as useless now that their job was done, but not the Goblin King. He saw them as a force of power and destruction that he learned to control with promises of beauty bought with the youth of the babes and children he enslaved as Changelings. He was once Rumpelstiltskin, a Fae who made deals to acquire children he could use to increase his own power. But when a Fae is cursed to be controlled by anyone who knows his name, it is the Fae’s best interest to change his name, his appearance, perhaps his whole identity to avoid such unpleasantness. And thus, the Goblin King was born…

Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Jareth Open Male
Sarah Williams Open Female
Toby Williams Open Male
Hoggle Taken Male
Ludo Open Male
Sir Didymus Taken Male
The Worm Open Open See Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland
The Junk Lady Open Female
The Wiseman Taken Open See Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland

When all of the beauty turns to pain When all of the madness falls like rain As long as we crash and we collide We will be gorgeous, you and I.

The Bard
Jan 10 2014, 03:21 AM Quote

Last Unicorn
The Unicorns were created by the Horned King and a consortium of different Fae with masteries in all kinds of magic under the guise of crafting something with the ability to nullify Fae enchantments and safeguard Allutheria from the warring magicks of the fae. Spread out across the land, they did their jobs for millenia, until the Blight proved to be more than one unfortunate Unicorn, the last free Unicorn, could withstand.

When she learned from a passing butterfly of the disappearance of her fellow unicorns, she set out to find them, determined that the last of their kind should not be Blighted as she was. During her travels she was captured by an old witch and forced into her Blighted carnival until she was rescued by the carnival’s magician, Schemendrick. Together with a female former outlaw, the three set out to find the unicorns together…until the Red Bull, the abductor of her kind and slave to the Horned King, was once more sent out to find the missing unicorn. In order to protect her from the monster, Schmendrick was forced to transform the unicorn into a young woman he named Amalthea. Although she appears healthy now, the unicorn is still very much Blighted even in her human form…and much worse, the longer she remains human the more of her former self she seems to lose. The now human girl and her companions traveled much of Ga’leah seeking assistance in finding the unicorns until Amalthea watched her wizard being dragged away by Blighted Sea Monsters. Whether he is dead or not, she does not know and dare not guess, but feeling true grief for the first time has instilled Amalthea with more resolve to save her people or die trying.

Lir, the Horned King’s pet and prisoner was once known by another name in Ga’leah. Son of the Still Water, goddess of freshwater, he was called Pegasus and known best by the form he favored, that of a great winged horse. Captured in the war against the Gods, he was taken with the Horned King into Allutheria. Unable to return to Ga’leah for fear of what the gods do to Demigods, Lir does the Horned King’s bidding while desperately seeking a way to free himself. For both Lir and the Red Bull, the last unicorn may prove to be their only escape if they can find her before their master does.

Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Amalthea Taken Female
Lir Open Male
The Horned King Open Male See Black Cauldron
Schmendrick Open Male
Molly Grue Open Female
Red Bull Open Male
Cat Taken Open
Skeleton Open Open

Lion King
& Bambi
Skinwalkers were once the followers of the Huntress. Long before the alliance of the kingdoms under King Arthur, the Skinwalkers had grown tired of human society. They begged the Huntress to allow them to live as the animals did, free of the constraints of human existence. She gifted them with a new life and a new form in the wilds of Xehacora where they established their own society founded very much on the same principles that governed the animals.

Mufasa led the Skinwalkers without incident until the birth of his heir caused his brother Scar’s jealousy to become unbearable. With the help of outcast members of the Skinwalker society, Scar plotted the death of his brother and exile of his nephew, Simba. Without their interference, Scar was able to take control of the Skinwalkers’ lands and begin a tyrannical reign with seemingly no one strong enough to oppose him.

Controversy erupted shortly after Scar’s coup when a young man’s mother was murdered by one of Scar’s followers. When no justice was offered for Bambi or his mother, the boy’s father took many of the non-predatory Skinwalkers with him to the Yarrow to found a new Skinwalker society founded on principles of peace and justice.

Since the coming of the Blight, Scar has made an uneasy alliance with the Queen of Xehacora. In exchange for magical protection from the Blight by including the Skinwalkers’ land within the Queen’s magical shield, he and the Skinwalkers provide the Queen with bodyguards and henchmen. Maleficent’s patience with the Skinwalkers has worn thin, however, and her protections on the Pride Lands have been revoked. Instead, she has declared that if Scar and the other Skinwalkers want protection from the Blight, they must join her in the city.

Simba, meanwhile, left the Skinwalker society behind after he was convinced that he was the one responsible for the death of his father. Nala and others still loyal to Mufasa seek someone to lead them in taking back their society from the one who has ruined their idyllic existence. But is Simba the leader they need? Can he unite the Skinwalkers once more? Predator and prey living together in harmony once more.

With the recent death of the Huntress and the ascension of the Huntsman, the future of Skinwalker society is perilous at best. One thing is certain, they can no longer afford to live in the Pride Lands with the Blight slowly taking over their home. Some must seek out protection from Maleficent in return for doing her bidding, while others have been welcomed into Deepwood in Caerleon to take refuge with the Druids where an alliance of a different sort may well be possible.

Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Simba Taken Male
Nala Taken Female
Scar Open Male
Bambi Taken Male
Faline Open Female
Thumper Open Male
Flower Open Male
Timon Open Male
Pumba Open Male
Rafiki Open Male
Zazu Open Male
Ed Open Male
Banzai Open Male
Shenzi Open Female
Zira Open Female
Sarabi Open Female
Serafina Open Female

Little Mermaid
& Treasure Island
Eric was just an innkeeper’s son until one of the guests at the inn would change his life forever. After listening to the man’s tales of sailing with the Pirate King, he witnessed the man’s death at the hands of a man with a hook for one hand. Knowing the man sought the magical compass he had helped the guest to hide, Eric retrieved it and escaped, determined to find his way onto a ship where he could find Treasure Island himself using the magical compass and crown himself the Pirate King. But sailing the seas now is more dangerous than ever, and finding anyone willing to sail is difficult.

The Walking Starvation was not bound to the land only, soon it began to spread through the seas as well. Triton, the Sea King, waged an all out war against the menace beneath the waves, while the Sea Witch, Ursula, had promised merkind an escape, a way onto land and supposedly away from the Plague, where they would be safe. She would grant them legs in exchange for a simple oath of loyalty, one that accompanied a brand that left them a willing pawn to the Sea Witch’s nefarious plans.

It was time for Ariel’s ‘Breach’, a ritual that allowed the Merkind to spend a single month on land with legs amongst the humans. At the end of the Breach, the Merkind would choose whether return to the sea or remain on land for all time. Triton feared his daughter’s obsession with the land dwellers would cause her to forsake her people. So, he used the Blight as an excuse to cancel all upcoming Breaches and keep all Merkind confined to the sea. Angry over the decision, Ariel took the Sea Witch’s deal and ventured onto land. For Ariel, the first demand Ursula placed on her was the order to never to speak of her life as a mermaid, to tell no one of who she truly was, how she came to be on land, or the dangers at sea. Certainly, it would not be the last demand placed upon Ariel...

Desperate to find and save the princess, her dearest friends amongst the Merkind were granted human form by King Triton himself using the magical trident given to him by the Coming Tide. Sadly, before Ariel could be found and returned home, the Blight began an assault on the Oceans. In a final effort to save her beloved seas, the Coming Tide, goddess of the ocean, gave her life to create the mystical Sea of Lyrielle on land, to grant her Merkind the limited ability to walk on land, and to move the Merkind capital of Mahrielle into the Sea of Lyrielle now located next to the capital of Ga’leah, Caerleon. King Triton and his heir, the Princess Attina, are believed dead in the Ocean Blight, though no bodies have ever been recovered. The next in line for the Merkind throne is the Princess Alana whose unsavory opinions of Merkind society and the monarchy itself make her an unpopular successor to her father. Andrina, on the other hand, is a dutiful princess whose main concern is helping her people adjust to a new way of life. Meanhwile, the Princess Aquata who spent many years attempting to gain knighthood amongst the Merkind in an attempt to find the cause of the Blight and help those who seek to destroy it.

Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Ariel Open Female
Eric Open Male
Ursula Open Female
Sebastian Open Male
Flounder Open Male
Long John Silver Open Male See Captain Hook in Peter Pan
Aquata Open Female
Andrina Open Female
Arista Open Female
Adella Open Female
Alana Open Male
Smee Open Male
Scuttle Open Male
Flotsam Open Male
Jetsam Open Male
Sarabi Open Female
Serafina Open Female

Mulan was a member of one of the strongest tribes of Solhara. Strong enough to take possession of an oasis and keep it, even throughout the famine and anarchy that followed the beginnings of the Blight in Solhara. By decree of the Sultan a quota of able-bodied men were conscripted into military service. Some were to help guard Zabier against further revolt, while the rest would be sent to Caerleon to help defend the capital of Ga’leah from the Walking Starvation in the hope that they would somehow be rewarded with food from the capital to help feed their own people.

Though Mulan’s father was selected to join those sent to Caerleon, Mulan took his place. Masquerading as a man, she trained with the military and marched with them to Caerleon to battle the infected that still batter the capital every day. Though she proved to be a true warrior, Mulan still fears what might happen to herself or her family if her lies were ever discovered…even if the new High Queen seemed not only to revere warrior women but to be intent to surround herself with them.

Many in Solhara fear that they will be the next target of the Blight and some, including the Fa family and those they protect, have begun to evacuate some of the old and the young in preparation for what they fear will be the Blight to come. Some of the fit have also been sent to protect these individuals. The High Court has welcomed them and set them up with shelter outside the castle proper in a new Refugee camp in which they have begun erecting shelters, walls, and setting up a semblance of their former lives.

Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Mulan Taken Gender Fluid
Mushu Open Male
Li Shang Open Male
Yao Open Male
Ling Open Male
Chien-Po Open Male

& Fern Gully
The Druids are a private group who live in the sovereign society of Deepwood within the borders of Caerleon. Although they are not forced to recognize the authority of anyone aside from the gods, they choose to show respect and honor to the High Court that in turn respects and honors them. Descended from the magical Dryads that now protect their village in tree form, they are people who have learned some form of magic and live in harmony with the world around them. Led by a High Priest and Priestess, their seclusion has been sacrificed in favor of helping refugees of the Blight. Crysta, an apprentice of the High Priestess, Magi, was particularly active in rescuing those stranded outside of Deepwood with no protection against the Walking Starvation. This was how she first encountered, Zak, a young man working with the Virginia Company, a group of Mercenaries hired by the Evil Queen of Calladahn to find her food, resources, and a land to rule. The Virginia Company may have bitten off more than they could chew, however, for one of their missions into the Yarrow has woken the former High Priest of the Druids, now Blighted, Hexxus has joined Maleficent in her plot to undermine the Pantheon and remake the world in her own image.

The Druids aren’t the only ones who ran afoul of the Virginia Company. The Powhatan were a tribe whose loyalty and worship to the Green Man was rewarded with the creation of a special oasis in the Solharan desert. It is said that if one was to try to drive the Powhatan from the oasis; that it would dry up. Their oasis was vast with with ample woodland, animals, and food to forage saving them from the widespread famine and rioting taking place in most other areas of Solhara. But the Blight did not spare them forever. As their Oasis wilted and died, they salvaged cuttings of what plants they could and fled, seeking refuge with the Druids.

The Virginia Company was once hired to get access to the Powhatan oasis to gather resources for the Sultan and his family. They were forced to abandon their efforts with the advancing Blight, but they will not admit defeat again. Deepwood will be theirs.

Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Pocahontas Open Female
John Smith Open Male
Crysta Open Female
Zak Open Male
Kocoum Open Male
Meeko Open Open
Flit Open Open
Magi Lune Open Female
Grandmother Willow Open Female
Hexxus Open Male
Pips Open Male
Batty Koda Open Male
Powhatan Open Male
Nakoma Open Female

From the time of her birth, all knew that Rapunzel was important. The younger sister of Sir Percival, she bore the birthmark of a 'Grail Maiden', a mythical young woman whose blood was said to contain unparalleled healing properties. Because her family was beholden to the sorceress, Morgana Le Fay, Rapunzel was taken from them when she was still very small. Morgana locked her away in a tower where her healing blood could be used only by the sorceress for her own purposes.

But Morgana was not able to keep the secret forever. Rapunzel's identity was discovered by a the heir to the Xehacoran throne, and then by the Lady of the Lake. The Prince was detained by the Lady of the Lake, and she assumed his form to 'rescue' Rapunzel from her tower only to use Rapunzel’s blood in a ritual to resurrect Sir Lancelot from death and heal him of the Walking Starvation. The ritual was successful, but left Rapunzel almost entirely drained of blood. Left for dead on the outskirts of Caerleon,she believes herself abandoned by her prince and fears that if anyone knows she still possesses the magic of a Grail Maiden, that she will be tortured again and again…

Heir to the Xehacoran throne, Eugene, is the oldest of a set of a fraternal twins born to Queen Maleficent and two separate fathers. Misidentified as the son of a god, Eugene has had much to live up to in his mother’s eyes. Transformed into a Lycan by the Big Bad Wolf when a partnership was struck with Maleficent, Eugene found himself slipping into a world of vice and sin, until the new god of the hunt found him and gave him new purpose. He became one of the first of the reborn Lupin and was set the task of safeguarding the Grail Maiden Rapunzel from further injury…the same Rapunzel he had abandoned to the Lady of the Lake after he first fell to his Lycanthropy. Awkward.

Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Rapunzel Open Female
Eugene/Flynn Open Male
Morgana Taken Female See King Arthur & Beauty and the Beast
Pascal Open Open
Maximillian Open Male

Red Riding Hood
& Dracula
The Lycans were once a scourge upon the land of Ga’leah. Raping, pillaging, and killing wherever they went, they were even once responsible for the abduction and near death of the High Queen. In those times, it was only the legendary Red Riding Hood who stood between the Lycans and world domination. Descendants of a young woman who once prayed to the Huntress for the power to avenge the family she had lost to the wolves, there was a Red Riding Hood in every generation fighting the wolves and saving the people. Until now. Shortly after the Blight began, the last of the true Red Riding Hoods fell in love with the leader of the wolves. When he killed the great goddess of the hunt, he was punished with eternal imprisonment and she was forever sealed away with him as his guard. Red Riding Hood was gone, but the Lycans were not.

The Reapers are followers of the goddess of death, deceased souls who work as her servants helping the dead to pass from this world into the next, they had seen more horrors than most during the Blight. It was no wonder as gods died and godhoods were abandoned that they began to turn their backs upon the Pantheon. One among them, Dracula, was the first to learn that by drinking the blood of the living they could become something new, something ungodly, something free. And so, some of the Reapers turned from the gods to become Vampires. Dracula stood as their self-appointed king, and to his side he took a Queen, a Reaper who had once been a Red Riding Hood many years ago. Unwilling to see her line die with her traitorous descendant, the new Queen of the Vampires has begun to hunt more of her children’s children, determined to create a new breed of Red Riding Hood that are not bound to any god and who can destroy the Lycans once and for all...if Dracula does not become distracted by the legends of Grail Maidens and their magical blood...

But the Lycans are no more. Now led by a new god, one who was once a Lycan himself and the son of the Reaper-turned-Queen-of-the-Vampires, the Huntsman has been tasked with recreating the Lycans, transforming them from cursed monsters into something useful to the Pantheon, something that the world need not fear. With the sudden and unexpected rise of a new menace in the Vampires, the Huntsman has been given an obvious answer. The Lycans will be all but destroyed, reborn as new creatures blessed with the gifts of the Lupin and tasked with protecting mankind, serving the Pantheon, and killing the vampires.

Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Dracula Open Male
Jonathon Harker Open Male See Eugene/Flynn in Rapunzel
Bride #1 (Grandmother/Red Riding Hood) Open Female
Bride #2 (Red Riding Hood Heir) Open Female
Bride #3 (Red Riding Hood Heir) Open Female
The Woodcutter/Van Helsing Open Male
Renfield Open Mle
Mina Harker Open See Rapunzel in Rapunzel
The Huntsman Taken Male

Robin Hood
Wyldgate was a moderately sized city on the outskirts of the Yarrow, an uncharted, enchanted woodland. The Sheriff of Wyldgate entreated the Evil Queen to allow him entrance into the capital city of Thrine, but was denied. Instead, he was told to hold Wyldgate for the Queen against the impending Infected hordes and quell the rebellion rumored to be building in the Yarrow.

Robin Hood was the son of a nobleman who was loyal to the true king of Calldahn and paid the ultimate price for that loyalty. With no love loss for the Evil Queen or the oppressive way in which she was treating Calldahn's citizens, Robin and his Merrymen hid themselves away in the Yarrow and enacted out significant, though small acts of vengeance during their exile. As more refugees sought out the enchanted woodland for protection from the Infected, however, the Yarrow began to fail. First the Blight targeted the oceans and great losses were felt throughout Calladahn. Then, it targeted the Yarrow and all there were forced to flee for their lives.

With Wyldgate now abandoned and uninhabitable, the Sheriff has finally been taken into the Queen’s employ in the Five Corners of Caerleon where he has been placed in charge of seeing to the Calladahnian refugees’ treatment in Caerleon. Lord John has also been taken into the Five Corners Estate as a trusted adviser. Meanwhile, Robin Hood and his merry men have taken up an offer of immunity from the High Queen and joined the High Court in Caerleon where at last the Merry Men and the Knights of the Round Table may find it in their best interests to work together.

Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Robin Hood Taken Male
Maid Marian Taken Female
The Sheriff Open Male
Little John Open Male
Will Scarlet Open Male
Friar Tuck Open Male
Lord John Open Male

Sleeping Beauty
Cursed by a jealous dark fairy and fated to sleep for a hundred years, her castle, her people, and her land have fallen to the Walking Starvation during her centennial of slumber. But for some reason, Aurora herself remains untouched. During the beginning of her curse, Aurora was placed under heavy guard, but over the years she was all but forgotten, left in an unoccupied castle that quickly became overgrown with briars. It is said that her ghost can be seen walking within the castle, that some have even carried on conversations with the ghost of the forgotten princess as far away as the Dokraythian town of Aeswick outside the Yarrow.

According to the legends spun by some bards, Aurora was a fallen star, called down from the cosmos by Maleficent to serve as daughter and heir to the childless King and Queen. The magic that cursed her and the magic that sustains her may be the only things in the land which are immune to the Walking Starvation. That remains to be seen, because Maleficent returned to the mortal world thirty years ago to bewitch the King of Xehacora. When the Walking Starvation began and the kingdom was at its most vulnerable, she imprisoned the King, wiped his memory from even the minds of their own sons, and took the kingdom as her own. But can her magic protect them from the Walking Starvation, or will Xehacora's end come by a different path?

Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Aurora Open Female
Maleficent Taken Female
Solharan Prince Taken Male
Flora Open Female
Merriweater Open Female
Fauna Open Female

When all of the beauty turns to pain When all of the madness falls like rain As long as we crash and we collide We will be gorgeous, you and I.

The Bard
Jan 10 2014, 03:50 AM Quote

Snow Queen
When the gods first created the Fae, four in particular were chosen by the Greenman to be guardians or spirits of the season. He bestowed upon each of them powers over one of the four seasons. These four Fae aided the Greenman in ushering in the seasons and keeping balance in the world. In time, this power went to their heads and they began to think of themselves more like gods than mere creations. This arrogance grew inside them and soon they began ignoring the Greenman and taking it upon themselves to bring the seasons whenever they chose to do so. Some areas of the world experienced summer for a longer period of time, while others felt the nip of winter’s chill before it should have been expected. These four Fae had dominion over the seasons why should they listen to the god of the eart?.

Such arrogance spread to the other Fae and talk of war began to spread amongst them. In an effort to put an end to such a thing before it began, the Greenman hunted down the four fae he had favored and sought to strip them of their powers. He only found three of the four seasons. These three were stripped of their power with only a weak remnant of their original magic remaining. Winter, however, had eluded the Greenman. He remained hidden throughout the war that followed, even when the other fae were banished to Allutheria. Soon, Humans were created and allowed to populate the world. Thinking he was safe, Winter came out of hiding, but Greenman had not stopped searching for him and it was only a matter of time until he found Winter now that the war was no longer distracting him. So, in order to protect himself, the Fae transferred his powers over winter into a newborn human babe. The child’s hair turned from black to white, her brown eyes became crystal blue, and her skin pale as winter snow. The spirit of Winter disappeared and hoped to bide his time till he could take his power back.

Elsa, the girl who had given his powers grew and with her so did her power. The abilities she had, though, were frightening. She had no idea what they were or how to use them. Many of the villagers feared her and spoke of her as a monster. Her little sister, Anna, was the only friend she had, until one day Elsa hurt her by accident. Elsa fled the village she lived in and was not seen again for years. Anna grew up looking for her sister and trying to find where she went, but the years dragged on and Anna was unable to find her. It was not until she died and became a reaper that Anna found her sister. By that point, it was too late. Elsa had become as cold as her winter snows.

Centuries upon centuries have passed since then. The spirit of Winter having managed to regain his ability to control ice and snow due to much practice, sought Elsa out many times in attempts to take back his powers. Kai a descendent of Anna’s fell victim to a cursed mirror that was broken by Rumplstiltskin. The mirror, before it was broken, was only able to reflect darkness and evil. A shard of the glass became trapped in Kai’s eyes making him blind to all the good in the world. Elsa found him out in the snow and took pity on him as he reminded him of her sister and took him to her ice castle. Gerda a young girl near Kai’s age and his best friend has since taken it upon herself to find Kai with the help of her estranged brother, Kristoff.

Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Elsa Open Female
Jack Frost Taken Male
Anna Open Female
Gerda Taken Female
Kai Open Male
Kristoff Open Male

Snow White
& Peter Pan
Calladahn was once a kingdom of peace and prosperity. It was led by a King whose leadership was guided by his kind and wise Queen. Though the kingdom rejoiced when she gave birth to a lovely baby girl who was everything the Queen had desired and more, they also mourned beside the King and Princess when the Queen died tragically and unexpectedly.

Few outside the court knew that the King was not wise enough to rule alone, but those who did understood how important it was that they find a Queen for their King quickly. Unfortunately, they did not choose well. The new Queen was not as kind as her predecessor and the King did not thrive at her side. When he too died, some say of a broken heart, the Princess was left alone with a woman who very much wanted her dead. Luckily, the Huntsman did not carry through with the Queen’s commands to kill the Princess Snow White, and instead let her go near a portal to the fairy world of Allutheria where he hoped the Queen would never find her.

Peter Pan was not always a lost boy. Once, not so long ago, he was a prince. The youngest son of the Vauclain family and the rulers of Dokrayth, Peter was Snow White’s betrothed from birth. His constant presence at the palace in Thrine and his closeness to the Princess were troublesome to the Queen, so she called on the Fairy Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell was a well known mercenary, a powerful Fae who would do almost anything if the price was right. And the price had better be a human boy she could add to her collection in Allutheria, for Tinkerbell loved her pets, her Lost Boys, and when the Queen offered her a prince simply for getting the boy out of her hair, Tinkerbell could not refuse.

With his memories magically removed and the kingdom of Dokrayth ruined with no desire to find their missing prince, Tinkerbell was quite happy to live out her days playing in Neverwood in Allutheria with her pets…Until the day a girl showed up, a girl who was not welcome amongst the Lost Boys.

Snow White recognized her betrothed, the missing prince of Dokrayth, instantly. But he did not seem to know her. Now pretending to be a common girl of Ga’leah displaced by the Blight, a girl named Wendy, will Snow White ever muster the courage to reclaim her kingdom? Will Peter Pan ever remember who he truly is? Or will the Evil Queen and Tinkerbell remain victorious?

Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Snow White Open Female
Peter Pan Open Male
Evil Queen Open Female
Captain Hook Open Male See Long John Silver in Little Mermaid & Treasure Island
The Huntsman Taken Male
Tinkerbell Open Female Cinderella
Rufio Open Male
Tiger Lily Open Female Pocahontas
Slightly Open Male
Nibs Open Male
Cubby Open Male
Tootles Open Male
Twin (1) Open Male
Twin (2) Open Male

Swan Lake
Odette was once a fairy princess of the White Court of Allutheria, until one of the Advisers to the Red Court transformed both Odette and her handmaidens into a flock of perfect white swans and banished them to the mortal realm. There, they sought refuge in the land of Dokrayth in a small pond within the enchanted forest known as the Yarrow. During the daylight hours, they must remain swans, but during the hours of moonlight they are allowed to assume human form. They are, however, denied their true fairy forms and the magic that accompanies it.

The Fairy Adviser to the Red Court, Rothbart, tasked his own daughter with keeping the Princess under careful surveillance and thwarting any attempt she might make to break the spell. She was determined to do this by assuming Odette's appearance exactly and confusing anyone who might seek to undo the enchantment.

Meanwhile, a Prince of Dokrayth returned to his decimated kingdom following its destruction by the Walking Starvation and the tragic loss of his parents. He and a band of his most trusted knights and magical advisers began a desperate search for survivors and a battle to reclaim their kingdom from the Plague. This battle saw him crossing paths with the cursed Odette and falling in love with her. With the Blight becoming more and more of a menace with each passing day, he followed her and her handmaidens into Allutheria to meet with the White Court and entreat them for what assistance they could provide, not just to Dokrayth but to all of mankind.

Canon Role Status Gender See Also:
Odette Taken Female
Odile Open Female
Rothbart Open Male
Dokraythian Prince Open Male

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