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 Olwyn Mother of Magic, Eponine's NPC

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Olwyn Mother of Magic

The Source
Cate Blanchett

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There was nothing but the void. It was vast and yet small. Left and right, right and wrong, up and down, backward and forward, love and hate, chaos and peace, all existed in the Void. They were all one and yet they were separate. From this vast essence I sprang. Do I remember exactly how? No, for one moment I was not and then I was. My lungs filled with the essence as I took my first breath and my whole body pulsed with pure magic. Bright and shining I stood floating in the nothing. There was so much that could be done with what was there and yet was not and so I lifted my hand and pulled on a strand of the essence and as I did there was a subtle beating. It was rhythmic and steady. From this simple strand I created Time a very intelligent creature and my partner in almost all things.

Together with him at my side I created the other gods. From different pieces of the essence I wove together different gods and goddesses. Each of them was different from the other. They were male, female, tall, and short. All were beautiful and ageless. My children and I worked together to create the world that we now live in. Every mountain, valley, stone, grain or sand, leaf, tree, and animal had magic pulsing through it. It was an ancient and simple magic, but it sustained our creation with the help of the essence. The world was our play thing. We could create almost anything and do whatever we pleased. However, such an attitude leads to recklessness and greed. My children began to fight amongst themselves. They began to fight over different parts of our world. At first I thought to let them solve their differences themselves. I did not wish to lord over them, but it soon got out of hand.

I declared enough was enough and made each choose a dominion and made it law that no god or goddess could step on another’s dominion. This law which at the time was seen as a wise decision would prove to be the undoing of a dear daughter and eventually my imprisonment in Pandora’s box.

Peace came to the world and Ga’leah was like paradise. I found myself leaving my palace on Caelum to wander the earth and listen to the way all creation seemed to sing. At night I would lie underneath the stars in a meadow and let the stars overhead lull me to sleep with their sweet music. From them I drew the inspiration for another creation. I knew not what it was I wanted to create until Aethanryke brought back a young man from the future. He said nothing to me other than that he was to be the first of our new creation, the Fae. I made this being Fae and then gave him to the Greenman. With my son, the god of the earth, we created three other Fae and he gifted them with the power over the seasons. Many of my children aided me in the creation of the Fae and for a time everything was happy. The Fae worshiped us and we welcomed such adoration.

I walked among the Fae and considered them my children as well as the gods I had created. There magic was my gift to them and as such they thanked me. I took to taking many of them as lovers and bore more of their kind. The druids as they are now called were descended of these unions. I was carefree and in many ways careless. I did not see how arrogant they would grow and soon war broke out again. This war ended with my daughter Adora convincing us to spare our creation and cast them into Allutheria. Some of the gods believed this too light a punishment for the Fae, but Adora was right. I could not let such a beautiful thing be destroyed forever. The gods I had created could not die at least not how these creatures could. They bled and rotted into the earth. Their forms did not just fade into a oblivion and dissolve into the massive Void. Flesh and bone decayed and this hurt me. The Fae were arrogant, but so were we. So was I. I don’t know how long I had wept for the beauty that had left the world. My friend Aethanryke comforted me during the war and one evening we lay together. From this union came my daughter who I named Hope. She gave me the hope I needed to push forward even with my children gone. There was still so much to create, love, and do.

Humans were the next beings we gods created. I did not gift them with magic. I had seen what great power could do to one and there were enough gods in the world to be arrogant. We did not need man to become like the Fae. They would have to depend on their own strength. Life would end for them after a time. Their beauty would fade and age would take its toll. All these things we gave to them in an attempt to keep them humble. War still came, though and so did destruction. There was nothing I could do to prevent that. It was seemingly a natural course of life. Unless I wished to remove man’s free will there would always be room for darkness and darkness has such a power that it can corrupt even the most unlikely.

Adora…I cannot even begin to say the heart sorrow I feel over the loss of my daughter. Even as I float here in a void of nothingness, I still yearn for to understand. I did not agree with the council that stripped her bare of her godhood. It was in her nature to be kind and gentle. She had not stepped into Lyrielle’s domain to spite her or even to cause harm, but to do great good. The law was the law though and she paid for it. I could not stop it and it was then I saw how arrogant we all were. We all lived in these high and glorified castles. For the loss of my daughter I left behind my castle. I could not protect Adora and thus did not wish to live cloaked in a mantle of gold and glory. I built myself a small comfortable hut, but it still did not change what had happened. Adora was cast out and now we are all paying the price.

Eyes shut and grasping at nothing, floating endlessly in a void that would not let you breath, Olwyn was consumed. She could not think and could not know where she was at any given moment. All she had were her memories. Those small points of light in her mind that was trying to be consumed by nothing. He had come to her so long ago or at least it felt like so long ago. The sound of his feet creaking on the threshold of her small home even now echoed in her mind. Olwyn let the memory consume her. The bright warm light of Caelum swam around her as she watched her love enter the room. She could sense the flow of time around him was different. He was not the same one that had visited her early that morning. No he was different, but the same. There was something in his eyes that had frightened her. She hid her fright under a mask of annoyance.

He spoke before she could and Olwyn tried to reassure him that she understood. It was not safe for him to travel outside the confines of his time and mess with events. She had lectured him time and time again that sometimes you had to let things be, but part of her also knew that this meeting was different. He wasn’t here to warn her or perhaps he was, but knew he couldn’t. Was there something happening in the future that brought him running to her arms here in the past. Olwyn knew the answer now, but she only wished at this moment to float through this memory and let it play out.

Comfort was what he desired and she would allow that. If he needed to find her outside of his current timeline in order to feel her in his arms it meant that something bad was coming for her. Olwyn tried her best to hide her fear and managed to smile at him. Whatever it was she knew that there was no way to avoid it. It was best if she didn’t know. It was best if she forgot that there was a darkness in her future. He promised her to never visit her again outside of their timelines, but she knew this to be a lie. “Liar,” she whispered against his lips, but she was not about to push the issue. The memory of his lips against hers burned into her, but the darkness of the void surrounding her was pressing it away. This purgatory was cruel that way. It wasn't hell and it wasn't heaven, but right in between where you could catch memories in glimpses but only to have them torn away from you. This Blight had made every soul unable to move on and Olwyn's was no different.

When all of the beauty turns to pain When all of the madness falls like rain As long as we crash and we collide We will be gorgeous, you and I.

The Bard
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