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 10. The Blight - a Timeline

When all of the beauty turns to pain When all of the madness falls like rain As long as we crash and we collide We will be gorgeous, you and I.

The Bard
Mar 24 2014, 09:57 PM Quote

Recent Timeline
The year was 2000 AH.

End of Mawrth-

  • The Queen is found guilty of treason for having an affair with Sir Lancelot. She is sentenced to be burned at the stake, but her execution is interrupted by an undead horde led by Sir Lancelot.
  • Caerleon is beseiged by the undead who are successfully turned away by Queen Gwenhwyfar and the guard.
  • The attack on Dokrayth begins as they are driven out of Caerleon.
  • Caelum falls to the Blight, the gods are displaced, and the Source is believed killed.
Ebrill -

  • Dokrayth falls. The King and Queen Vauclain are killed.
  • Calldahn locks down their cities allowing only their richest and most useful citizens entrance.
  • Xehacora erects a magical barrier over the kingdom which will allow no Blight to enter.
  • Solhara begins to notice a decline in trade including medicine and food.

  • Displaced citizens from Dokrayth and Calladahn are housed in refugee camps in Caerleon as the High Court attempts to provide shelter and essentials to all who need them.
  • King Arthur emerges from self-imposed imprisonment and the King and Queen reconcile, joining forces to lead the kingdoms and fight the Blight.

  • The Big Bad Wolf and the Lycans succeed in killing the Huntress in the weakened state brought on a Blight ridden world and rename one of their own the new god of the hunt, the Huntsman.
  • Attempts are made to salvage the Dokraythian capital of Soristine.

  • The Ocean Blight occurs. First the Blighted Ocean creatures attack at sea before slowly moving inward.
  • All major cities in Ga’leah were attacked.
  • The Maritanis was reduced to liquid Blight, and the Sea Goddess Lyrielle perished.
  • The Sea of Lyrielle, an inland sea where the Merkind capital of Mahrielle was magically relocated was erected in her honor outside of Caerleon.
  • Aeswick is burned to the ground and effort to rebuild Soristine are thwarted by the Ocean Blight once more rendering Dokrayth unlivable.

  • The Blight appears to be stagnate for the time being.

  • The Blight attacks the Yarrow, reducing the creatures there to savage monsters and laying waste to the kingdom of Calladahn. All flee for shelter in Caerleon or Xehacora.
  • Four Horseman rise from the Blighted Yarrow to attack locations in Allutheria and Ga'leah. One succeeds in defeating the Amazons of Themyscira in Allutheria and the Amazons flee to take refuge with the White Court of the Fae.
  • The Lightgiver is killed and the sun goes dark. Caerleon is now lit by Phoenixes, creations of the Lightgiver who sacrifice their lives in a neverending cycle of death and rebirth to provide light and warmth to the capital and those seeking shelter there.
  • Xehacora appears to have a magical sun whose origins are unexplained.

  • The Living Flame is dispatched to Solhara to help heat and light the kingdom.
  • The Powhatan evacuate all but a few people to join the Druids in Deepwood.

  • Solhara comes under attack by the Blight. The seas rise, sandstorms seek to swallow the land, and the Living Flame and Stormbringer are killed.
  • Dragons are returned to Ga'leah.

  • Aethanryke thrusts individuals into the Future of Ga'leah, some with missions to help end the Blight.
  • In the final battle to end the Blight, Maleficent is killed, Olwyn is recovered alive, and the Blight is eradicated.
Ionawr - Mehefin

  • Six Months have passed since the end of the Blight. The world is struggling to rebuild, but rumors of strange occurrences in the once Blighted lands prevail. There is something sinister haunting the land of Ga'leah and many fear that a new terror is about to be unleashed.
The year is now 2001 AH.

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