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 09. Calendar

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The calendar of Ga’leah is divided up into twelve months. This calendar is a lunar with every month beginning and ending with a full moon. This makes each month either 29 or 30 days long. The calendar of Ga’leah begins in the month of Chwefror, the equivalent of February which is also the beginning of the Spring months.

The names and characteristics of the months are as follows:

Chwefror= February

The month of Chwefror was dedicated to Helios the Lightgiver. This is the beginning of spring and ushers in a new year. Winter has ended and so has the darkness and death that comes with winter. Light re-enters into the world. As the year ends with darkness it must begin with light.

Mawrth= March

Mawrth is dedicated to Philia the Matchmaker. As spring continues to warm the earth so does it the hearts of the world. The seeds are planted and the earth is tilled. As the land returns to its fertile state after winter's sleep Amor comes to awaken the hearts of not only the earth, but young lovers and even old ones.

Ebrill= April

Ebrill belongs to Sage the Green Man. As the last month of spring it seems only fitting to honor the Green Man for his generous renewal of the land to it's once formal glory.

Mai= May

Mai was given to the Stormbringer due to the heavy rains that water and refresh the earth preparing it for the hot summer months.

Mehefin= June

Mehefin the month is the Coming Tide. During this month the seas tend to be calmest. The sailors took this as blessing from goddess Lyrielle and so she was given dominion over this month.

Gorffennaf= July

Gorffenaf is the hottest month of the year. Thus it is only fitting it belong to the Living Flame.

Awst= August

Awst belongs to Alala the Death Dealer or War. This goddess was given Awst because of her warrior skills. It only seemed fitting that she should follow the flame of the year as it is passion that drives warriors oft times.

Medi= September

Medi is the month of the hunt. This month is given to Ceren the Huntress. During this month there are a series of competitions for hunters all over Ga'leah to prove their prowess in hunting and tracking.

Hydref= October

Hydref was dedicated to the Moon Maiden Selene. The Harvest moon that appears in the sky is what gave her this month. During this month is when the full moon appears the fullest and brightest.

Tachwedd= November

Tachwedd is the beginning of winter when everything starts to die. So it is only fitting that it should be given to Lasciel the Destroyer.

Rhagfyr= December

Rhagyfr is the month with the shortest days as well as the coldest month of the year. The month of Rhagyfr is dedicated to Sabel the goddess of Death.

Ionawr= January
The final month is Ionwar and originally it had been dedicated to the goddess of Mercy for the promise and hope of the new year's light. After her fall from grace the world dedicated the month to the Forebearer who originally had no month as time is not confined to one month. Before there was a festival that last two whole days dedicated to the Forebearer. It lasted from the last day of Ionwar and the entire first day of Chewfror.

There are four seasons in Ga'leah: Gwanwyn= Spring, Haf= Summer, Fomhar= Fall, and Gaeaf= Winter. The year is divided into three months for each season.

Gwanwyn or spring includes the months of Chwefror (February), Mawrth (March), and Ebrill (April). Haf belongs to the months of Mai (May), Mehefin (June), and Gorffennaf (July). The season of Fomhar includes Awst (August), Medi (September), and Hydref (October). Lastly the months of Tachwedd (November), Rhagyfr (December), and Ionwar (January).

The four main kingdoms of Ga’leah correspond to one of these four seasons. Xehacora is gwanwyn (spring), Calladahn is the haf (summer), Solhara the Fomhar (fall), and Dokrayth the gaeaf (winter).

Antea Vitae

Abbreviated AV, these are the years before life. It begins with the creation of the Forebearer and continues through the creation of the rest of the Pantheon. This era is before recorded history and only lasted for about 50 years. Time was not recorded as it is now and so this era is merely known as the Antea Vitae. Recorded history and the timeline starts at AF when the first fae were created.

Annis Fatales

Abbreviated AF, these are the years in which the Fae were the dominate species in Ga'leah. Annis Fatales ended when the Fae were cast into Allutheria by the gods. Annis Fatales counts down from 2000 to 1. Very few Fae were created in the first 100-200 year time span which begins Annis Fatales. Most elder Fae, aside from those special Fae created first, begin appearing around 1700 AF.

Annis Hominis

Abbreviated AH, these are the years in which the Humans are the dominate species in Ga'leah. Annis Hominis began with the creation of the first human and continues into present day. Annis Hominis counts upward from 0 and onward.

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